• Published 14th Dec 2017
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Lightning Dust lost her dreams and her parents, but she still has a daughter. Can this filly bring hope to the broken life of an Ex Wonderbolt trainee? Or will her stubborn nature ruin her life even further?

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Gathering the Pieces

4 years after the tragedy

Lightning Dust was making the short flight to what had once been her family home from her day job. Shortly after her discharge she had to make due with a everyday weather job like any other Pegasus. It wasn't as annoying to her since she knew it was a way to provide for her filly back home, whom she managed to get Vapor Trail to take care of while she was away. Sky was never available anymore for his own reasons but that wasn't her business to put herself into. She knocked on the entrance door and was greeted by the cream white, respectful mare who led her to Viral. The filly in question had just woken up from her nap, however Lightning did not expect Sky Stinger to be present in the room as well. While she was confused to see her elder brother in the house she embraced him regardless. It wasn't every day that she would see him now that he held the family Wonderbolt title.

"Sky, I didn't expect you home at this time. What's the occasion?" Lightning Inquired. Sky took a second glance at Vapor who willingly picked up the conversation for him.

"Sky is performing with the rest of the Bolts, just out of town actually. He was stopping by to ask if we wanted to see him and bring Viral with us." She answered. Lightning took a double take and nearly walked out of the house altogether. She managed to compose herself before asking another more important question.

"Is Dash going to be there?"

It had been four years, and Lightning Dust still had not forgotten what happened that day. As much as she would have loved to watch her older brother live a dream the risk of seeing Rainbow again, especially now that she was good friends with Sky and Vapor after an incident they had experienced at the academy, was too high to warrant it.

"Lightning, she is a main attraction and a high ranking officer, of course she is performing. The public might cry out if she didn't."

"Ah yes, the popular one. Stealing the spotlight wasn't enough wasn't it, she wanted all the attention." Lightning was on the border of furious. At the same time, she had realized something. She couldn't take away this chance from her daughter, Viral would have loved to see her Uncle flying with the rest of the Wonderbolts. Maybe she would even be encouraged herself to pursue a dream of her own. After weighing her options she spoke up again. "If Viral wants to go though, I won't say no to her. Just let her know I won't be able to come. I'll have dinner ready when you three get back."

Sky wanted to protest, but it was likely the best outcome to this situation as it was. He figured Lightning wouldn't come but the fact that she let Viral go with them was a win in his book. It took some convincing from both Vapor and Lightning to get Viral to go without her mother but once she was satisfied that she would see her before the end of the day she went without resistance.

The construction of the temporary show stage had been stationed in a remote but safe location while the Wonderbolts arrived to begin their warm ups before the show. Sky had to be early to the show, as to make sure he was prepared for warm ups and the eventual performance. As he sought after Captain Spitfire to find out his responsibilities Vapor took Viral to the stands to find a seat. After being given clearance by security she made her way into the performance arena to find a seat. While doing so she managed to run into a particular rainbow maned pony. Rainbow Dash waved her over after finishing stretches.

"Vapor Trail, nice to see you here. I assume Sky is getting his assignment from Captain Spitfire?"

"Yeah, he may be oblivious sometimes but he is a sucker to authority. Probably how Twilight got to him that time at the academy. Thanks for the support again by the way." Vapor thanked her. Dash gave a disappointing look towards her.

"Well, guess it didn't amount to much regardless. Shame, you are a great flier. You could have been flying with Sky, after you resigned they had to pull Thunderlane from the reserves. Not to mention you never told me why you left."

"As much as it would be both mine and Sky's dreams, especially doing it together, I have been holding responsibilities at home. Taking care of this little one..." She gave a wink to Viral who was resting on her back between her wings. "Is sometimes a hoof full."

Rainbow gave a proud smile at the slumbering crimson red pegasus. Her mane seemed to be of a similar style to her's when she was her age if only with far less color.

"So your a mother now?"

"Celestia no Dash, Sky and I aren't quite that far yet. More of an aunt really, she is Sky's blood relative." She nuzzled the filly, causing her to stir and reveal the bright golden orange eyes. "Viral, this is Rainbow Dash. She is a close friend of the family and a Wonderbolt just like your uncle." Viral had been reluctantly shy at first, but a confident smile from Rainbow quickly flooded away that thought and replaced it with interest.

"Hey champ, your uncle is quite the flier. I'm glad to know him personally." She once again returned her attention to Vapor Trail. "Blood related? So, brother or sister?"

"Sister, Sky has many relatives though as you remember. This little one was living at the house during the..." Vapor paused, unsure on how to deliver that line of news.

"I already know well enough about that Vapor, he has spoken about his parents in his own time. There's no need for that right now."

"Right, as for which sister... i'm not exactly sure. None of his relatives were red in color, in fact most of the family has green or blue in their coats. So who she belongs too I have no idea. She hasn't stopped by yet so i don't know what to assume."

All that was a lie and Vapor knew it, and she knew how well Dash could see through her. She had done it back at the academy when she and Sky had attended. She also knew very well who Dash was but that didn't stop her from remembering how Lightning felt about her, it was likely that feeling was mutual so she had agreed to keep her a secret for the time being. Luckily this time, Dash did not barge in on her explanation. She had believed in Vapor's words, for now. She further explained that the reason she had resigned was that so she could act as Viral's caretaker until her mother was ready to takeover for her once again, at least that that was a whole truth. Without much time left Dash had to quickly make haste back to the rest of the team. Vapor escorted Viral to her VIP seat and waited as the crowds began to pour in before showtime.

After several minutes the show began without delay. Viral watched in awe with her aunt holding her up as she viewed the spectacle that was the Wonderbolts performance. She had spotted Sky numerous times as he and the others seemed to dance in the sky with precise maneuvers such as rolls, sharp turns, and extreme dives. Rainbow has been the center of attention, her bright multicolored mane zooming about with her frame as she effortlessly crossed the sky leaving a rainbow in her wake. While the rest of the performers seemed to have smoke trails, Dash was seemingly unique in both appearance and ability right down to her solo moves during the performance. Whenever she flew with other ponies she would be in the center as to align the smoke trails with her own prismatic trail. As the show concluded, Viral had been in silent awe at the absolutely inspiring ability of the pony her aunt and uncle knew so well to be called a friend. If she could speak, her voice would be at war with the cheering pink pony that also happened to be sitting a few feet beneath the pair of pegasi.

However, one thing did come to mind in the filly's thoughts, a simple musical tone. It wasn't much just simply a beat that rang through her head. She came up with it all her own, and loved every second of it as much as the show she was watching. It felt natural to her, all of it came from inside and she simply did not argue with the positive energy it provided her. Eventually the performance had to end, and with it so too did the rhythm that had filled the filly's mind.

Sky and Rainbow had left the arena together along with Vapor and Viral, the former congratulating Sky while the latter smiled in such a way at Rainbow it reminded her of a certain orange filly back home. She was glad to have another adoring fan, especially so as it had pleased her as well as Sky and Vapor. They said their goodbyes and parted ways, Sky rejoining the two he had arrived with while Rainbow joined her close group of friends that had been sitting close to Vapor.

While they were happy they had made a good impression on Rainbow and that Viral had enjoyed watching the performance, they were well aware Lightning Dust would not be happy about her daughter continuously idolizing the one pony she hated the most.

Author's Note:

The beginning of the first major conflict of this story. Viral has also found the first parts of her special kind of magic, a magic that has connections to music. It will be explained later, just know that it functions similar to that of unicorn magic but will be vary specific in what it can do and will be related to her special talent. More of that another time, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I am enjoying the process of writing again. :twilightsmile: