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I could give a fuck... I just don't... You understand, right?


Twilight and her friends have been sent on a trip to Trottingham to oversee preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. On said trip, Twilight Sparkle will learn something interesting about Rainbow Dash, who will learn a few things about Twilight in return. Emotions fly, and every time something seems to go right, it turns around and goes quite wrong. The true question here is, will they have time for the Celebration?

Rainbow Sparkle fic with potential for other pairings later. A commentary on the awkward beginnings of a relationship and learning about each other. Based loosely on experience, sans ponies and trains.

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Let me know what you think! Will be writing more, so suggestions are welcome :pinkiesmile:

dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-Hrrk!-"Someone get the paddles! We have 'dawww' induced cardiac arrest!"

Being friends with a princess will get you the nicest thing.

Nicest things, plural.
Nice start! I'd like to see where things go from here. :eeyup:

The idea here is that they're in that awkward stage of fitting the pieces together. I know I for one say some stupid things when I'm in that situation. But yes, I agree, Twilight is a bamf

I'm so happy that you got the reference :rainbowkiss:

“Says you! I don’t need anypony telling me what I am, and am not wearing!”

Best line :rainbowlaugh:
And Spike :derpytongue2:

It was....cute.:yay: There is no better word for that.

A blanket that smells like frosting ? Me want.:pinkiehappy:
Oh! And totally awesome chapter by the way.

Not sure how well the song goes with the story, but any excuse to listen to the song is a good excuse.

Yeah, it doesn't quite go with the theme, but I'm a huge Dio fan and the title just worked. I wasn't going to name the chapters like that originally, but my inner metal head begged me to do it

Came here because of the Dio song.

Stayed for the great writing.

Rock on and keep writing.

Lol for I second I thought somepony had added my fic to the wrong shipping folder.

Thank you! Rock on :yay:

Whoa I just noticed that :pinkiegasp: Thanks bunches!

Oh, yeah I guess I didn't notice that this title was already taken. Either way, I shall have to give yours a read!

1419964 Lol I bet there's at least one more pre-dating mine, so don't sweat it. I shall too look at yours after I finish some shit.

1419952 Yes, that is mine. And that ending is still possibly the best thing I have on this site.

Oh that subconscious, why must it be so persistent! Somethings just shouldn't be associated.

I get that. My story is named after a metal song, and all of the chapter title are, as well. It started being that the chapter had a reference to the song. Example: the prologue is called Dance of Death, and it includes the line, "rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight, gazing up at the stars" from the epic Iron Maiden song. After a bit, I just said screw it and used songs where the title has something to do with the chapter. Too pretentious?

Anywho, I usually hate inter-Mane Six shipping and lesbian Dash in general, but this was kinda cute. And the Dio thing sold me completely!

Not pretentious at all, I've always loved creative naming like that.

And I'm not a big shipper in general, but I'll admit I have a big soft spot for Twi/Dash. As far as the gay/straight thing, I have no real preference.


Maybe the author meant that if you're friends with the princess, she will find the nicest item in the entire world and give it to you. :rainbowwild:

Honestly, me neither. I have NOTHING against homosexuality, it's just been done to death in this fandom. Plus, as the little brother of a bigger tomboy than Dash, I just don't see it. I'm a Mac/Dash fan myself. :rainbowkiss::heart::eeyup:

Congrats on feature! I saw this added to the TwiDash group a few hours before it was featured, and put it on my Read Later list. I'll be reading this soon! :twilightsmile:

To be honest, Mac/Dash is pretty adorbs. Also, sorry if it sounded like I was accusing you of anything, I wasnt :twilightblush: And I can totally see why living with your own personal Rainbow Dash would give you more opinions on it, I can only imagine watching the show and seeing any of my siblings as a character :rainbowwild:

Thank you! I didn't even notice it was added to that group, but cool deal!

Dude amazing story im a writer myself I must say this was awesome bro "True story.":pinkiecrazy:

1420145 ... Commencing quest for the nicest item in the world. This expedition better not have a cheesy ending, but knowing Trollestia... :trollestia:


Awesome song drew me in - and as a bonus, I found a great story.

BTW, if you name every chapter with nothing but lyrics from the song, I'll award you 10 intarwebz. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow just .... wow as I said before I write fanfic/clopfic to and you my friend are amazing at this.:ajbemused: I tip my hat in respect for you good sir.:ajsleepy:

*breathes a deep, satisfied sigh* Ah, scardy-cat Dashie is best Dashie, even better when combined with love-sick Dashie!:rainbowkiss:

Hats off to you, sir; I cannot wait to read more!

D'aww, y'all are too sweet :twilightblush: I tried my best :pinkiesmile:

Heh. The best part is that Crazy Twi would be serious about castrating Spike.




Hey, hey! I was going to be the first to make the refer--


Oh, son of a Pinkie. Well, maybe it's not too la--



Sorry I was stage 3 in your breakdown.

I recognize all acknowledgement of the reference, big and small. As long as we can all agree that Dio was, and always shall be, awesome. :coolphoto:

“I’m not tired... I just-” Rainbow explained, until the train passed into a tunnel. All light from the moon was officially snuffed out and all was pitch black. She let out a terrified squeal and wrapped her hooves around Twilight’s body. Her shivers overtook her once more as she snuggled up as close to her guardian as possible.

“And d-don’t get any w-weird ideas...”


1420745 Lol, mine weren't. I honestly thought it was the cheesiest shit ever with spicy vocabulary and style. I guess you readers really like nachos.

And you think Rainbow dying is sad? Just wait for who dies in the last fic I plan to write. If you aren't on the ground sobbing your eyes out, I will have failed.

*Spike comes in all like :derpytongue2:*
I KNEW IT I BUCKING KNEW IT....... But I thought it would be Pinkie or Rarity

:rainbowhuh: Haven't read anything more than synapsis and chapter titles... Liking and faving immediately. :rainbowlaugh: I approve of tags as well.

People beat me to it but I will still say it
Like a rainbow in the dark

R.i.p. dio

Holy cow! I can't find anything negative to say about this!

I actually like it! Great job!

*BAM!!* Right in the feels!!

Sorry for the inconvenience Nightwatch is Currently being revived by our hospital staff he will be with you shortly... by the way his last words was DAWWWWW.

Nightwatch back. I was in cardiac Arrest for 4 minutes my heart blew out thanks to this story and I had to get a transplant.. Luckily they keep hearts for Daw blowouts in stock. Now if this keeps up I might have to get a upgrade. Great story.

“It’s Spike, if he says anything I’ll have him castrated.” Oh god lord I died at that one :rainbowlaugh:

Thumbs up and a gold star for you! No brakes on the shipping train, as they say... Sucker for good TwiDash, I am.

Incredible, you actually got me hooked, and on the first chapter!:pinkiegasp: usually,a story hooks me in the second or third chapter, but you got me on the first try. The final tug that won me over was the part where it was Rainbow that came in;i totally wasn't expecting that:derpytongue2:.

youuu... you you you. your fic made me sad as well, but what can i say, i love nachos!

ANYWAYYYYY this fic seemed to pick up rather quickly. i mean it doesn't seem wrong in it's pacing, i'm just not used to them happening this fast. diggin' it so far, can't wait to see where it goes next:twilightsmile:.
oh and two words; MORE CUDDLES:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:!!!!!


I'm so happy that so many people are enjoying this! :pinkiehappy: I actually have chapter 3 ready to go after a little editing, and working on chapter 4. As for the pacing, it's just another nudge towards the realistic aspect of this. Love strikes at the weirdest times, and in the weirdest places. :heart:

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