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I could give a fuck... I just don't... You understand, right?


Hearts and Hooves day, a day rather infamous in Cheerilee's classroom. Apple Bloom needs to help out at the farm since Big Mac has plans, leaving Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to figure out what to do with their time. An off-hoof suggestion points them in the direction of a date, given the holiday. From there, they try to figure out the rest.

Chapters (3)
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Hope you enjoy. Trying my hooves at romance again, so if you enjoyed Rainbow In The Dark then perhaps you will appreciate this one! :scootangel:

Love me some Sweetie Belle/Scootaloo :pinkiehappy:
Sweetie Belle is so oblivious, and that's why we love her.
Can't wait to see where this goes.

Oh, Sweetie Bello, never change. Stay your adorable, oblivious self.

id love to see thos contenued,or are you working on next chapter,IM HOOKED:trollestia:

Saw tags. Came here hoping for some ScootalooxCheerilee action. Read story.

I can live with this.

1981928 1981914
It's so fun writing her as a romantic interest! She's such a troll and she doesn't even know it.

I plan to, and I have the second chapter mostly done already. :ajsmug:


Have you joined the Scootabelle empire? I'm compiling all stories I can.

On the other hoof, great job, FeignedSincerity! I'd just italicize the thought sequences. instead of 'The world is ending today! consider The world is ending today! Okay? :scootangel: Then again, that'd just how most authors here do it, and it may be personal preference.

Alright, on to something else. Are you sure that you didn't read Dominant Ideal? It did something kind've similar to this story with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Even though it got cloppy, and it was canon age, it was featured with more than 200 upthumbs and about 15 downthumbs. You can tell though the whole thing that they're new to it, innocent, and adorable, and that does a lot with the good grammar, actual story, etc etc. Don't hate me for mentioning it.

Either way, I like your style. :rainbowdetermined2:

by the voluminous flank of Celestia I will not lose the war!

Oh god this was cute.

Actually, I've never read it. :rainbowderp: Though I will have to now that you've mentioned it, I am intrigued.

I do the thought lines with apostrophies around them simply because of an old habit from school. I used to do it just to separate something I would simulate saying but wasn't actually said, while I couldn't write in italics.

And I do not hate you for saying anything :pinkiesmile: Hate is bad.

I'll admit, this was one of my favorite lines while writing it :rainbowlaugh:

It is very worth your time, I assure you. Hate is bad. :fluttershysad:

I see. Well, it must've been my preference then. I'm tracking this one by hoof. Also, thanks for adding to the small ScootaBelle stock! :pinkiehappy:

That was really good, looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

Hey, Shoeshine. Hey, whatcha doin there? Hey, why ya looking at Sweetie Belle like that?

Yeah, she's not creepin' at all. I think Sweetie Belle might need an adult.

Suddenly Shoeshine! Anyway, now all you need is Applebloom to make it more complicated.

sweetie belle is so cute its not even funny

What can I say, I love me some Shoeshine. :derpytongue2:

Isn't she just? :rainbowkiss:

Well... I don't ship Scootabelle, but this is just so cute, I have to fave! :pinkiehappy:

:facehoof: But the title of this chapter has made that stupid Jennifer Lopez song get stuck in my head.



While it isn't official official, it's as close to official as we have so far. That was Scootaloo's mark from previous generations. Also, this picture was made by a fan who was later hired as an artist for the show, and later Hasbro posted this image on their site. I can't explain it either, but hey, that's what we have.

Shoeshine? Interesting.

I think you'll find this relevant

Kisses for everypony except :applecry:

Scootaloo, I think you need help. Your sense of smell is going to get you into trouble. :pinkiesick:


Because you really need more help getting into trouble. :trollestia:

So... they're solution is to go around kissing everypony? Seems legit.

It is only chapter three. Scootaloo follows her lips wherever they go, so who knows? :scootangel:


I mean... Yeah?

damn scoots, didn't know she was this ignorant of love.

This is delightfully awkward. Hope it carries on shortly.

Relevant? No.
Necessary? Yes.

2064200 dude when will the next chap be out cause I really want to keep reading


I refuse to aknowledge that "scootering" is an actual thing. As far as I'm concerned, Scootaloo's talent is acrobatics/aerobatics.


Hm, quite...

Never really thought of that...

GAHHHHHHHHHHH it's rainbow in the dark all over again, a great romance fic, it's daww inducing (dies of daww induced heart attack) and the anticipation for each chapter is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
difficult to cope with

PLEASE HURRY UP!... PLEASE. :raritydespair:

Sorry bro, but I write when I can. Inspiration hits me sporadically.

4141337 ok I understand that , and to be honest it would be unfair of me to attempt to rush you and besides if I do try to rush you it wouldn't end up in the quality I have grown to expect from storys from you.

I know you Say the same: no "inspiration". But much time has passed, and still nothing.
If you can't have any idea right now, how to continue, then you're a terrible author :rainbowlaugh:
Still I think this can turn out well, But I think you Just ignore this story or completely forgot your password for this account :rainbowwild:
I think this would be a great story, but I think you should start write soon or you lose all your readers... Or close it and leave the site if you are not sure you can do it.
Don't misunderstand me, this is a good idea you came up with, Just please finish it already :pinkiehappy:

Jeeze, harsh breh.

No "Inspiration" means that I can't get the motivation to write the story, because I have other things to do that are, undoubtedly, more important than writing horse fiction. Seriously, though? I didn't finish writing a story, so you think I should close my account and leave the site? I don't really care if I lose all of my readers, the story isn't going to continue anyway. I just keep this account to track stories I'm reading at this point. I can change the stories status to cancelled at least, if that's what you want.

And of course, noting that your account has nothing on it and was created on August 10th, I can pretty well assume that you're either a troll trying to get my jimmies all a-rustled, or you're an already existing member who doesn't have the balls to be a dick on your actual account. Either way, you gave me a good laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

PS: Yes, I am a terrible author. Thanks for noticing! :pinkiehappy:

First things First, yes, I started reading stories here since a month, but don't get me wrong, I wasn't writing to be a troll or the other one you mentioned.
Maybe I am the only one to think so, but if I would start writing a story and would be determined to upload somewhere, I think I don't Really want to upload it if it's incomplete. But of course, life is first I know that well.
Ok maybe I was a bit rude when I wrote my last comment, I want to apologise, I didn't mean no offense. Still, I'm looking forward to see this story completed (maybe not 1-2 years after), because the idea is good and the story so far is well written. :)

Heh, no offense taken, I promise. It'll take a lot more than that to actually upset me.

But sorry to say that I don't have any intention of finishing the story. I've gone back and tried a few times, but I just don't know where I want to take it now. Back when I started on this site, I was moreso determined to just put anything out there, because I wanted to be a part of it. Turns out, writing wasn't really my thing, but now I have this and the other story that I wrote that are prime examples of why I just shouldn't have started in the first place xD

Ok you know what you want, but I will be persistent in hoping you will finish it sometime ;)
Anyway best wishes for you :ajsmug:

I noticed you are a terrible author. I noticed that. You're welcome.:pinkiehappy:


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