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Good Night


Rainbow Dash keeps a short diary after she returns to Ponyville.

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I can't say I understand the title. Or the final words, for that matter. Still, it feels very much like Rainbow Dash's voice.

This was a very nice story. I'm not sure if it should have ended so abruptly, but hey, sequel fodder, right? Lol. Nice work.

As someone who has lived away from home so so long, this is a very touching chapter.

A short, cute, and interesting little exploration into Rainbow Dash's mind. I think that the ending there may have been a little abrupt, but it was an enjoyable read nonetheless! It was simple in a lot of ways, but that made it all the better.

Like this line:

She drives me nuts in all the right ways

I adore this line. It's so simple, and not necessarily that special, but it's perfect. Very well done!

4783178 The ending is a reference to the beginning when she said she had asked her father not to read to her anymore because she was ashamed.

I liked it.

Fuck it, I loved it. I especially loved the ending. I don't think it needs a sequel at all, and your choice of ending really made sense to me. You captured Dash and Twilight very well.

This needs to be featured. It is glorious.

Not gonna lie, I almost didn't read this. Saw the word count on the chapters and figured this wouldn't be for me. I was decidedly wrong. This was a great story, the diary format giving us a window into Rainbow Dash's world, and how she's grown and dealt with changes. While I would have liked to see a bit more in the romance department, all and all I'd say this was a great fic.

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Seriously, what a dumb purple horse.


This is absolutely brilliant so far. :D

I loved it! It was happy and sad at the same time, and I enjoyed the glimpse into Rainbow's thoughts!

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The feels... They hurt...

I guess you never really notice much change you’re living in it,


Aww :c

The story was good but it could definitely be continued, I hope you have plans for a sequel

This is my favorite chapter so far. It's a perfect example of a diary entry that still successfully draws imagery. And I love the little phrase at the end. Makes one think! Good job! Keep up the good work!

Good story. I thought it was pretty good, but some spelling and grammar errors. If you want me to point them out, PM me and I'll reply the edits.:rainbowwild:

P.S: Have a like!

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Aw. This chapter was lovely! Why don't you have more likes? It's too adorable not to!

The story ends a bit abruptly, and I'd like to see a sequel or a continuation of where this is going. What's here is a really great introspective on Rainbow Dash, though! I enjoyed it greatly.

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Bro, this is kinda sad. Not in a bad way! I mean like it made me sad.

This was a very good story. It was short, sweet and adorable.

Probably one of the best Dash fics I've ever read. It was beautiful.

yes be a twidash ship yes be a twidash ship yes be a twidash ship

I really like how self aware and humble Dash is in this. The way she writes makes her feel small and vulnerable. I love the premise of her getting better at expressing herself, too. One of the things about Dash that makes her a likable character for me is her fear of what others think. This fic is just great.

Before today, I don't think I'd read one of your fics in years, but I still remembered your name and how much I like your writing. I'm glad I came back to find one that I hadn't read.

7334688 Hey thanks for both your comments! :twilightsmile: I definitely feel the same way. I've always seen RD as a very insightful and empathetic character, even if she doesn't show it - out of fear and/or inability to express herself

I find myself re-reading this story every once in a while and I swear it just keeps getting better and better.

Just re-read this. Funny that it's been almost exactly 2 years since I first read it. I plan to re-read it again once I've forgotten most of the details 'cause it's just such a nice read.

Oh my God. I apparently read this before and forgot to favorite it. How could I forego this masterpiece? It's so friggin adorable 😍

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