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After an ancient spell from Twilight goes awry, Fluttershy finds herself in a new world of powerful creatures. Whilst Fluttershy struggles in the new found world, Twilight is forced to leave Equestria to find the spell to bring her back. As Twilight and her friends journey through the outer lands of Equestria, Fluttershy attempts to uncover what shadows lurk just beyond Hoenn's sight.

Contains slightly dark images and scenarios. All events are based off of season one continuity, speculation and fantastical story elements. Any conflicting canon after season one is a result of the story being created before the premiere of season two.

Written to accommodate for people unfamiliar with both 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' and 'Pokémon'.

Pre-read by Lam, Tom IWearHatsIndoors and lordelliot. Edited by Lam and lordelliot. Story consulting by Flak.

Equestria Daily: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/06/story-hoennshy.html

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It's a good story, but there are enough grammar errors to keep me from relly getting into the story, especially your usage of 'lie' and 'lay', as well as quite a few run-on sentences.

Thanks for the feedback. This is the first story I've written in years, and certainly the longest, so I guess I'm a little out of practice. I thought I caught all the grammatical errors and run-on sentences in editing, but I guess not. I'll have to look out for that in the future.

awesome history :D

Can't wait for the next chapter!!!:rainbowkiss:

This was SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! Can't wait for the next chapter(s)! You HAVE TO keep 'em coming, they were great! :pinkiehappy:

By the way, are you a Yognau(gh)t...? Mistral City, Professor Grizwald...?

Why yes, yes I am. I'm glad you like the story so far.

Y'know, I don't think I've ever seen a story become so...divided when it comes to tone. You've almost got two separate stories at this point with Twi and Fluttershy's respective arcs. I think you might've done it in the most awesome way possible though, since I am really starting to like the grim-dark/adventure feel of the former with the latter serving as a breather with a lighter adventure/mystery sort of tone. I think there's a good possibility this might end up making this a bit schizophrenic tonally as we switch between the two, but, for now, I'm really enjoying the "outside everything you've ever known" feel of Twi's arc.

I'm glad you like the tonal change. The tones get less distinct later on, but they still will hold their charm. I know it may be a bit schizophrenic later, but I'm trying my best to avoid it as much as possible.

Wanderer D

:twilightsmile: You know I'm glad I finally got to read this story! So... no magic? I think that's what Rainbow Dash said earlier... does that include unicorns?

I'm glad you like it! Just caught up on your story yesterday, and it's pretty good. I don't think Rainbow ever said that; plus she wouldn't know anyhow. Magic can definitely be used in the Pokémon world, and it plays a very important role later on.

Y'know, I was getting a little bored when it was going by-the-numbers crossover style, but then it got awesome with the loss of control. I quite thankful for each little diversion, corruption and bastardization of the crossover source (I'm familiar, but somewhat disinterested in pokemon overall). The duplicate ponies are an interesting twist. Overall, I like where this went even if I'm more into the B storyline (if only because it looks like it will be completely awesome). Nice job.

(Oh, also, Rainbow's cheating was a nice touch and the "cockfighting" comment made me laugh because it's true)

Whew, I'm glad the corruption scene works. The last seven chapters have been set-up chapters, since I needed to establish the world. I had to get through the boring set-up before completely breaking and essentially starting the plot. I was honestly worried about posting this chapter since it breaks the formula the last seven chapters created and begins the dark and crazy spiral of the plot. 'Hoennshy' has now crossed the threshold, and should actually be exciting (finally).

Also, since this was posted in chapter seven: Warning - Spoilers above.

Really? The reply jumped between chapters? I hope this one doesn't screw up as well.

1254 Well, they at least all all show up together on the main page (derp moment for mah-self in commenting on the wrong chapter though), but really, if you're reading comments and NOT expecting spoilers to happen...well, you should expect them.

Anyways, just so this isn't a completely pointless reply, the slow build is much appreciated in retrospect. It wasn't all that boring as I had been reading along prior to commenting, I just wasn't as into it until "Outlanders" happened. I like the way the crossover appears to work since, instead of this being a true alt dimension it seems to fall into the pseudo dimension category, opening the door for many plot based shenanigans.

I think the first word of the last sentence there is supposed to be "Exhausted", not "Exasperated".

I'm glad you're finally getting into it. The Pokémon part is a little by the numbers at the moment, but the large diversions are coming quite soon. I hope I can get people a little more excited for Fluttershy's arc once that shift comes along.

Thanks, fixed.

World of...Ponymon? :rainbowlaugh: Me and my stupid puns ^-^

I'm enjoying this story overall, but considering the tone of the latest chapter, I have to wonder how much darker it's going to get (if at all). Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to stories with a heavier, more serious tone, but I'm not into the whole "grimdark" thing, and I'm worried the story might be headed in that direction....

I do admit, by far this chapter has been the closest it has been to 'grimdark' territory. The story will continue the darker path that chapter eight has started, but it will never cross the line over to 'grimdark'. The nightmare sequence was explicitly heavy only because it was a dream, and was a showcase of Twilight's fear and guilt as she experienced the culture clash between Equestria and the Outlands.

Can I promise rainbows and sunshine for the main cast? No. The story will dip into the realms of dark and sad scenarios, but never to the point that it relishes in it. I intend on sticking with what I know and consider "adventure" themes. Granted the term 'grimdark' is not well defined, the story will never come close to the nightmare sequence going forward.

Thanks for the quick response, and for assuaging my concerns. I just hope my previous comnent didn't come across as criticism, because I certainly didn't intend it that way. I really am enjoying this story and can't wait to read more. :twilightsmile:

:raritycry::rainbowlaugh::fluttercry::trollestia: that was SO AWSOME!

Even if you did have criticism or critiques, I would love to hear them. To be honest, I was quite worried when I was writing this chapter because of how far it goes in darker waters; that's why I have the warning of "slightly dark scenes and scenarios" so you can be ready for when it comes. This chapter was basically the beginning of the real plot, and a litmus test. If you could handle this chapter, you're ready for anything. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Thank you, I am to please.

1. An adjective taken from the root words of grim and darkness. It is usually used to describe a setting that would equal poor living conditions and life expectancies for those actually living in it.
2. A Tone Shift that seeks to make a work of fiction "more adult". Usually, this is practically interpreted as "add more sex, profanity, heavy violence, and controversial content." Involves the sliding scale of idealism versus cynicism.

Someday we'll get a more workable definition...someday. (Seriously, almost anything falls into one of these)

Anyways, if this story has gone grimdark then it has had the most wonderfully justified trips into the land of grim and darkness of most any fic I've seen. The dream sequence, like I've said really goes with the idea that Twilight (coming from the sunny, happy-go-lucky land of Equestria) has been thrust into circumstances beyond her comprehension...that Twilight's beliefs about the world have been impacted so much at this point that her typically (presumably) dreams of the benign are already being corrupted by the slow realization that Equestria is part of a world with a terrible potential just outside their borders. And that is awesome...(honestly, just the potential interplay between the two worlds is twisting my brain)

Anyways, I think a lot of the little scenes were some of the most interesting here. The interplay between Celestia and Luna, the not-so-veiled threat of war between the sisters, and introduction of not one, but two factions that Twi and her group are up against? You're now crazy class. In a good way.

It gets crazier, believe me. Just wait until I get into the history between all of them; exciting stuff.

Personally, my definition of 'grimdark' is the act of reveling in what makes the story dark and sinister. The dark scenarios of 'Hoennshy' are a by-product of the 'adventure' tag. An adventure with no tension or danger is no adventure at all; that's a walk in the park on a lazy Sunday morning.


Anyone else finding the story on Twilight's side actually more interesting than the "main" Fluttershy story?

inb4 its Ho-Oh or Moltres. or Groudon.

Hey I must say i'm liking this story a lot although i found an inconsistency. Before this chapter, there were no references to Poketch yet you mention it here as its always been there.

It's meant to be PokéNav, but it must've slipped my mind when I wrote this chapter. That will be fixed.

Y'know, the more I read, the more I keep thinking that Fluttershy's arc is going to be drifting towards the nuts and bolts of the universe and Twilight's arc will end up with the delicious action and drama bits. Maybe that's why I keep loving Twi's arc better... at least Fluttershy's is catching up with the interest level, what with all the little mind-screws and going-on's...

Needs more napalm.

-U.H. (too lazy to sign in)

Heh, Mistral City, Did you get the inspiration from Yogcast? I thought Grizwald was familiar.

WOW just WOW!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!! I...I can't even use unnecessarily big words and such like I normally do, cause this is so awesome I can't even think straight. You are my new idolized author, here are my internets, my video games, and my cat(I'll still need him on weekends if that's alright with you). Oh and don't tell my preveous author idol, orangelinedevil, alright. I'll read next chapter tommorrow, and I know it's going to be SO AWESOME!!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

Hope that you're right!
Needs more napalm indeed. I think in terms of the story overall, Fluttershy's arc will match Twilight's arc in terms of excitement.
I did get those names from the Yogscast. Their mannerisms, however, did not make it.
I'm glad you're enjoying it so far... wait... chapter 2? Oh boy, are you in for some surprises.

wow this is shaping up well, I especially liked the part with Luna. It's also written extremely well, worded in a way which makes it easy to visualize in the minds eye as one is reading; perhaps the best quality any story can have. Makes me wonder, are you planning on becoming a writer? cause you would make a great writer, professionally that is, I'd gladly buy any one of your writing regardless of the price. I'm off to chapter 5 :rainbowdetermined2:

This story is great. It combines my first and longest running um for lack of a better word "thing" (pokemon, I discovered it at birth [I was born the year the show came out, I think] and I'm now 17 and will never grow out of it) with my newest lifelong craze being ponies. Also the reason my first comment wasn't until chapter 2 is cause I was like WTF!! cause Fluttershy's side had me confused, then again it was kinda sorta 3 in the morning soooo my bad.

HECK YEAH 'bout time I got to the pokeside of this story I mean Twilight's story is great and all but Fluttershy's has pokemon, POKEMON. Sadly I need to go to sleep now cause I'm tired and I need to sleep now so I can sleep tomorrow at school cause that's what I do till third period. You know what they say, "Early to bed, uuummmm screw it the earlier I sleep the more overall hours I can clock in by noon tomorrow. Oh but yeah I am loving this story if this story were a lady I would spend years building a friendship with it then finally ask it out only to be rejected then keep trying till it accepts and we wind up getting married then have twins 1 male/1 female named Baron and Cynder, then uuummmm that's as far as I can imagine due to my sleepiness, btw that was my fantasy I've been having about this girl at school since 2nd grade when she first moved here.

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, but please don't try to date rape my story. It's only a youngin.

hey, why can't I click watch; I want to watch you man. I'm tempted to make a stalker joke and I ASSURE YOU BY THE END OF THIS COMMENT I WILL AND DON'T THINK I WON'T!! Yeah it's a comin, but is there some reason why I can't click watch. I mean not in the outside your window, follow you down the street, lurk in your room at night kinda way, but just simply keep track of your AWESOME stories and other updates kinda way.(was that too creepy cause if so I apologize :pinkiecrazy:) 'sides I like just turned 17 and you're obviously in college so I don't think that even if by some crazy twist of fate I did know you I could stalk you. Oh almost forgot your story is so good I've started reading it at shool instead of working congradulations! :yay: long comment is long! :facehoof:

great chapter, though I feel I should mention Rarity's cutie mark isn't purple it's blue. Rarity's limit break was awesome, kinda made me think of like on a video game when you're near death you can use a sort of rage form to try and turn the tables, I wonder though what would Applejack be capable of in that form? Another thing, and of course you're not to blame cause you didn't create the ponies, but I always hated how the protagonists in situations like this are always so pacifistic, like they're merciful to a serious fault like seriously those Gryphons would have killed them without hesitation then simply moved on to the next pony yet they were still trying to spare them, every time I see something like that I'm left thinking "dude it's your life or theirs, kill them or they kill you, if you can't accept that then don't even bother fighting them cause even if you chase them away they will return and in greater numbers then you'll die. Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it off my chest.

This is a great story man. Yet another day of school squandered, in the best of ways I might add. :twilightsmile:

Best chapter yet. Ruthless May sounds like me when I play Pokemon (or almost any other video game). Rarity as Roxanne was the LAST thing I was expecting. I don't see why people like Twilight's side of the story better than Fluttershy's, hers is so much more action filled and awesome.:twistnerd:

Okay I'm not saying that I like the whole grimdark thing, although sometimes I do depends on my mood, anyway this isn't grim or dark let alone grimdark it's just serious. Reading the comments I was expecting some sort of terrifying(meaning more graphic) dream for Twilight, granted it was bad, but not as bad as it was made out to be. I'm glad this chapter cleared up my question about whether or not the gryphons were sentient or just wild beasts attacking ponies like the prey they would be in this world. Anyway if this comment seems sorta mono-toned it's probably cause I'm at school recovering from a headache with pills :ajsleepy: . Yeah really good chapter I give it umm 8/10 I still like Fluttershy's side better though, keep it up and don't leave us hanging even if we have to wait for a whole year I'll wait, ain't got nothin better to do(not to say I've got nothing to do cause I do, simply saying that this is placed at the top of my list)

pokemon and mlpfim together is awesome:pinkiegasp:

Is it odd that though your fic isn't Luna-centric, I thought your perception of Luna was one of the best I've seen?

Wait, so, if Brawly and ____ was...
and now Dash and Pinkie are...
then those gyms...
Oh, I see... Clever.
But, does that mean there are only six gyms? Or do you have replacements in mind?

To be fair, a dream about griffins slaughtering and eating the main cast is a little gruesome for a Pokémon crossover. In fact, I sometimes have to remind myself that it is a crossover since it deviates so much.

Brawly was a special case; there are seven gyms still. You'll get a nice explanation on why he is gone soon enough, but you're on the right track... very much on the right track.

"So that's why I'm a female", possibly the best line so far. I got brain tingles when Stephaney said "Cloudsdale", my face was all like :rainbowderp: Anywhore EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC CHAPTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful!! That whole time they were fighting that guy I thought he had a Rayquaza and I was like "How are they gonna possibly win this one, you can't beat Rayquaza?! :pinkiegasp: " I also got more brain tingles throughout this entire chapter. Epic, Ican't wait to see what happens next. Oh and I hope you did good on your midterms, I heard those can be hard :twilightsmile: . Anyway keep'em comin, I await the next installment. :pinkiesmile:

12247 Yeah you're right. I was sort of umm pissy when I wrote that. Headache plus ineffective pills = me typing and saying things that I barely remember :pinkiesick: .But to be honest I did and still do think that dream wasn't too bad, though that's probably just my personal experience cause I've had some screwed up dreams, and because I only have three friends that I wouldn't ditch in a situation like that without hesitation or looking back. (and one of those friends would tell me to leave saying "you're in the way just leave! :flutterrage: ") So, sorry I was sorta being a moody jerk that day :facehoof: , and as far as normally happy ponies who value friends above all else, and have never experienced any violent hardships(of real merit) that dream was pretty traumatizing. Now Fluttershy's dream would have scared me crapless, that made me shudder just imagining it.

What I don't get is why none of the ponies is the Ponymon world were at all confused when they saw a bright pink Earth Pony and a blue Pegasus with a rainbow mane hopping and flying (respectively) around the place completely naked. In a universe where the ponies normally wear clothes and have dull colors, I would think those two would kind of stick out.

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