• Published 2nd May 2013
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Forced Pony Cuddles - Aetherpony

A series of short stories where you get cuddled by ponies against your will. [I'll be trying to update this daily]

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A Random Cuddly Encounter with Celestia

After another hard day at work, you've come home to eat and shower. Being on a construction site from eight in the morning to eight at night takes a lot out of a person, you especially. Though, the pay is quite great, and you've gotten your life together as a result. A job is a small price to pay for being able to move out of your parent's house.

As far as your meals go, they're nothing special. Something easily warmed up in a microwave and ready to eat. Not the healthiest thing you could put into your body, but on the other hand, you could do much worse. Once the last bite is consumed you sigh with relief and pat your now satisfied stomach. That shower is going to do wonders for your aching body.

As you trudge up the stairs of your home the muscles in your legs and lower back seem to cry out in protest. You're not used to lifting and carrying heavy equipment, and your body is more than willing to remind you. Each step sends a miniature spasm in your muscles that nearly causes your calves and thighs to cramp.

Not wanting to fall over yourself you grab onto the nearby wooden railing for support. A small break seems to be what you need if you're going to make it up the stairs and to your bathroom. After a couple of quick breaths you can feel that crippling pain in your legs finally start to fade.

Though, you're now cautious with each step you take. The thought of having another episode like that doesn't sit too well with you. In fact, you'd like to avoid it if at all possible. Regardless of your body's condition you're able to reach the promised land: the bathroom.

Nearly forgetting the troubles your form is dealing with, you walk over, turn the knobs, and step inside your bathtub. Thankfully you've gone through this enough to know how to make the temperature just right for your aching body. The heated water runs over you relaxing you bit by bit. A contented sigh leaves your lips.

Strained muscles are finally given relief, and the cold porcelain that chilled your feet soon gives way to the lukewarm feeling from the running water. You're satisfied with just standing here letting it run over you, but you've got to actually clean yourself. After lifting an arm and sniffing underneath, what little resistance you had against soaping up quickly fades.

"Oh God that's horrible," you murmur before reaching for the soap and shampoo. You could swear your nose was burning from that rank stench that permeated from your armpit. You're sure to scrub twice in order to really get rid of all of that dirt, sweat, and grime you've managed to build up. All in all you're out of your shower in about thirty minutes or so.

Feeling clean and refreshed you turn the water off and step out. A nearby towel is the perfect instrument for wiping away the water and drying your skin. After wrapping it around your waist you take a deep breath and mentally prepare yourself for what lays ahead. However nn your haste to clean you forgot to turn on the heat.

The weather has started to take a colder turn considering the mid autumn time of year, and you reminisce just how frigid your hardwood floors can be barefoot. A game plan involving you making a sort of mad break for your room and into your bed seems to be the best thing you can do.

As soon as you open your door you swear you're greeted with a blast of cold air that nearly saps all the heat from your body. It's like your house has done a complete transformation in temperature.

With your teeth starting to chatter, and your body shaking you can't help but wonder how you managed to not feel this on the way to the bathroom. You must be more fatigued than you thought, but that's changed. The chilly air does well to perk you right up, disregarding the fact that you were now freezing. Not wanting to deal with this any longer you rapidly make your way to your room at the end of the hall.

What you find on the other side of your door causes you to freeze in your tracks. Admittedly you should have thought something was up when you saw your light on. But, you were too focused on trying to get out of the hall, into your room, and under your warm covers.

You could not ignore what awaits in your bed though. Lying there, looking dead at you from under your covers, is the muzzle of a pony creature of some kind. It appears to have the same features of one, as well as the coat.

But the obvious long, slender horn protruding from its head, the ever waving mane of turquoise, emerald, and pink, along with the large white feathered wings sticking out from under your covers leads you to believe otherwise.

You know your stuff when it comes to both unicorns and pegasi. You've read a few mythology books your high school library had back in the day. So, you know you need to be on your toes. The magic of a unicorn and the flight capabilities of a Pegasus are nothing to mess with as far as you knew. Especially when they're mixed.

But, due to her warm, welcoming smile, and bright pink eyes, what you don't feel at this moment is fear, but rather confusion. This thing doesn't appear threatening, at least judging by its gentle demeanor, but there's no way you're going to take any chances with it regardless.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?" You step through the threshold and shut your door behind you. Other than that you make no move away from it. Just in case this thing tries anything you have an opportunity to run out of your room and grab the 12 gauge in the hall closet.

"Not the best hello I've received, but I've had worse I suppose." What you realize to be a 'she' sighs as her smile starts to drop from her face. You slowly start to reach for the door without taking your eyes off of the pony creature.

"Well what do you expect? I've got an alien horse--" She cuts you off mid sentence.


"Fine, alien PONY in my house. I've never seen anything like you before, and I didn't invite you in. What, did you expect?! fanfare and bowing?" You move your hand away from the door and decide to stand there with your arms crossed.

"Well, I am a princess," she giggles; her smile returns. Unlike you she's holding no confusion or contempt in her features. In fact, she's acting so nonchalant you'd say she's done something like this before. There are so many questions running through your head about this whole thing, it's ridiculous.

Where did she come from, why is she here, and how are you supposed to get any sleep if she's in YOUR bed? That, among countless others seem great to start out with, but you settle on what you believe to be the easiest. And that'd be the one you asked when you first saw her.

"That's all fine and dandy, but you didn't answer my question." Her eyes widen with realization before she clears her throat. She closes her eyes for a few moments before adopting the most regal posture she can while lying down in your bed.

"I'm Princess Celestia," she starts. Her demeanor falters into disillusion in less than five seconds, "and I don't have a clue how I got here honestly." She removes more of your covers so she can scratch the back of her head nervously. "I suppose magic would be a fine excuse?" Your deadpan glare says otherwise, "I guess not. Oh well," she shrugs,"coming to bed?" She scoots over and pats the empty space.

"W-what?!" You lose it for a moment, "You're telling me you don't know how you got here, and the first thing you want to do is sleep, and, with, me!??!?!" You shake your head in disbelief. "The hell kind of Princess are you? A bad one if you ask me. Aren't your subjects going to be worried?" For the first time tonight you see that Celestia is capable of giving you an angry glare.

"Let me tell you something. I care for my subjects deeply. I have for over a thousand years. I raise and lower their sun. I care to their every need if it's in my power. And I meet with other nations in order to keep the peace." You were thinking of a rebuttal, but the passion in both her tone and gaze leave you at a loss for words... at least in that moment.

"You really do all of those things?" you ask in disbelief. An animal capable of not only living for a millennia, but capable of running a nation AND moving a star? To you that sounds impossible, but the fact remains is that there's still an alien, and she's still in your bed. She nods in response, "Then how are you unable to get back? Seems like it'd be easy for you."

"I don't have the power I need yet. If I can get some sleep I'll have enough magic to cast a spell that will. Now you're left with two options. Option one is you get in this bed and cuddle with me until we both fall asleep. Option two, well, there is no option two."

"W-what?! Why do I have to get in bed and cuddle with you? How does that help anything? I'm still trying to get over the fact you can talk, what makes you think I'll do something like that?" Celestia smiles at both your frantic appearance and tone.

"I'll be gone in the morning, I'm not hurting anything, and you'll get a good night’s sleep. I fail to see the problem here." You growl lowly while rubbing your temples. Judging by how she's acting, you're better off not even ordering her to leave your house. And grabbing your shotgun will probably just make things worse for you.

For all you know she's capable of traveling across dimensions, or even to the other side of the galaxy. Breaking your weapon would probably be child's play for her, even if she's low on magic. With your options severely limited you let out an exasperated sigh before pinching the bridge of your nose between your fingers.

”Okay, you can stay, but I’m gonna go sleep on the couch.” You turn to try and turn your door knob, but a brilliant display of gold appears upon it. The golden aura surrounds it and you can hear the lock click into place.

At this point you realize you can react to this in many ways. One way would be to scream and make a break for your window. Another thing you could do is to try and attack the pony, after all this is quite threatening. But, you decide to do the third thing instead: you try to reason with her.

”So, I’m not getting out of this am I,” you ask, exasperated. You turn to find her shaking her head while her smile grows wider.

”Nope, you are going to be cuddling with me tonight. Whether you want to or not.”

”Why do I have to?” She puts a hoof to her chin in thought.

”Because that’ll give me more magic?” There’s no way you’re going to buy into such a ridiculous lie.

”I call bullshit.” Celestia’s hopeful smile quickly fades away. You swear you can see her eyes start to glisten with tears.

”Please,” her voice shakes and her lower lip quivers, “I haven’t had the time to lie with a pony in a thousand years. Most stallions are afraid of me, and the ones who aren’t idolize me and won’t have anything to do with me because I’m ‘pure.’ I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to cuddle again.”

It’s as if she knew just how to assault your heart. Just this alone is more than enough to make you feel as though your heart is wrenching within your chest. Every fiber of your being cries out in protest of how you’re treating this mare.

The urge to comfort her and give in seems overpowering. So much so that you swallow the lump building in your throat, take a deep breath, and walk over. But, before you sit on the bed you’re sure to make your way to your dresser. There’s no way you’re sleeping with a pony in the nude.

However, there’s a problem that’s keeping you from doing what you need to. A pair of curious eyes that you swear you can feel staring into you back. She’s still waiting for an answer it seems.

”Listen, you’ve convinced me,” you’re interrupted by what amounts to a rubber duck squeaking or a stuffed animal squeeing. Deciding to ignore it you continue, “Just give me a moment to get some boxers on alright?”

”Alright,” she giggles excitedly before clopping her hooves together. You turn back to her and find her still staring, this time with a wide, toothy grin. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end; you can’t help but feel some sort of intimidation, even if it is a friendly gesture. It’s a little creepy.

”C-Can you turn around please? Or at least shut your eyes?”

”What, are you afraid to be naked around me?”

”Well, yeah we just met five minutes ago. I’d feel uncomfortable with you looking.”

”Fine, if it gets you in this bed faster I’m all for it.” And with that she shuts her eyes and places the covers over her head for good measure. With that bit of awkwardness out of the way you quickly remove your towel, open your drawers, put on a pair of boxers from within, and turn to face her.

”There we go,” you say as you make your way over. “Just, uh,” you trail off as you take a seat at the foot of your bed, “try not to squeeze the life out of me.” You can’t believe you’re actually going to go through with this, but perhaps Celestia was right, maybe this would result in a nice warm night of slumber. Just how much power do tears hold over you?

It’s odd to say the least, though you’re happy to finally have some warmth. As soon as you’re under the covers Celestia’s hooves shoot out and wrap around you.

As soon as you’re pulled onto her unbelievably soft coat you can’t tell whether you need to gasp out of shock, or sigh out of contentment. Such a sudden action, coupled with a feeling of both security and heat… you decide to simply stay quiet and go with the flow.

”Ah, finally,” Celestia sighs before nuzzling the top of your head, “And you smell wonderful. This is going to be perfect.” If you weren’t warm enough, the fact that she adds in her wings as a secondary blanket certainly did.

Normally you’d have to wait on your own body heat in order to reach this level of comfort, but with her you didn’t have to worry about freezing for the first few minutes, at least for tonight.

”Thank you,” she whispers softly.

”Y-you’re welcome,” you respond in turn. As Celestia makes herself comfortable without losing her grip on you, you try to do the same. Finding it rather easy, you turn on your side, wrap your arms around the pony princess and close your eyes before rubbing your cheek against her soft, warm, coat. A single spark of light is enough to flip the light switch, bathing the two of you in total darkness.

While tonight may have been a strange occurrence, it goes without saying a part of you is quite happy it happened. You’ve been subject to a bland pattern for so long you almost forgot what it was like to feel surprised, and you have this random hybrid pony thing to thank for that.

And so you drift off to sleep, feeling more comfortable in your own bed then you have in years… As you do, you don't see that look of determination Celestia is giving you.

"I'm gonna cuddle you so hard...~" she whispers

Author's Note:

Here's Celestia's cuddle portion. If you find mistakes, which I'm sure there's plenty, feel free to point them out in the comment section or a PM.

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