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Set in the same universe as My Inspiration, the leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is facing financial and romantic problems. Could this contract in Canterlot hold the solution to all of Apple Bloom's problems? Silver Spoon is trying to redeem herself in Apple Bloom's eyes. Could they become friends or even perhaps more?

Thanks to Wolfie 03 for editing this for me. Again, she is being more than helpful.

This will be much longer than my first story, so it won't be complete in a few weeks like last time. This gives more Scootabelle for those who wished for more of it when reading my last story.

As always, drop a like or a favorite if you like it, or if you don't like it, tell me why in the comments below. I hope you like it.

Sex tag added just in case.

EDIT 2-20-2018

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 76 )

ya know i always like Silver Spoon redemption stories. including this one so far

Silver Spoon is always better than her leader. I am so glad you decided to continue this world. The first one was just so good. I will read this when it is done. :heart:


3780968 it may be awhile before it is finished, perhaps march, maybe longer

:flutterrage: Every single person I tell that too says that :applejackconfused: How does every single author say the same thing :rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: I will wait, but it is just a really weird thing that I have experienced. You aren't the only author I am eagerly awaiting something to complete for. :pinkiesad2:

Silver has always been my favorite Filly, so I spend a lot of time looking for any fics that involve her. This is one of the better ones, if the opening chapter is any hint.

Wow I can't wait to read it! Silver Spoon is BEST PONE:yay: and SilverBloom is a rare and beautiful ship!:duck:

You know, an image can influence a lot. In my opinion, this one doesn't help. I couldn't find an image that could fit this story, but maybe something close.


3809068 well this image was made by my editor and best friend in the fandom, but if you think you could come up with a better then feel free to and I might consider it.

Weekly updates huh? :trixieshiftright: Guess we'd best get cracking on the next one, wouldn't want to have the next week sneak up on us unprepared :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:


3825598 I have a better idea of what I want in chapter 3 than I did when I started chapter 1 and 2. It'll be ready

3825609 :pinkiehappy: Coolios, I like being the prereader/reviewer, I get to read it first :twilightsmile:
(insert evil laugh here)

sounds to me like Diamond Tiara needs to grow up, i'm sure the designs Bloom has been sending were perfect, but DT is being a bitch

Apple Bloom showed her appreciation for the compliment by giving Silver Spoon a friendly hug, causing her to blush. Why does this keep happening whenever I’m around her?

She's Allergic to Apples!

Sleep-clop Applebloom?


3841669 hmm?? If you are saying that in my story Apple Bloom is going to take advantage of a sleeping Silver Spoon, that isn't happening, sorry.
I don't know what else to get from that.

I meant SS clopping AB in her sleep, sort of like sleepwalking.


3841691 ahhh. also no, that's not happening

My apologies. I spend too much time in the clopfics group.


3841713 it's fine, not judging, just informing. If you feel inspired to write something like that I say go ahead, just no linking it to this story.

are you liking it so far?

Silver Spoon takes the mic and start to sing...


3842871 that was very fitting. have a moustache :moustache:

Silly Silver. Those little slivers are gonna come back to bite you.

You have my attention. When I have ttime, I will read on.

Interesting story so far, but Bloom's gonna be ticked off when she finds out that Silver tore up those plans


4205239 just those plans?:trixieshiftright:


Don't take this the wrong way, but that's a really bad way to start a relationship. I woulda just had Diamond keep turning them down, but that's just me


4206810 you don't have all the details yet, and I agree, that is a poor way to start a relationship


lol, you are so true, so true.

Aside that last part with Silver Spoon the fic is fantastic, hope to read more of it soon :twilightsmile:


4282647 the whole of chapter 4 or that last scene?

Last scene where she shreds the design

I'm sure this was unintentional, but Applebloom was spooning with Silver Spoon...
Made me smile.


4292831 I was going to write that Bloom chuckled at the thought, but it didn't quite fit the mood.

That was a brutal break between chapters. Hopefully the next break won't be so long. So, when do they do the bunny suit thing? Or did that pass and I forgot?


4955837 :twilightblush: heh, sorry. That happened back in chapter five, Bloom Silver Flutters and Jonny were doing when the mares arrived at the farm.

I'll try not to make people wait so long again.


4955988 I'm still enjoying the stories, but I read to damn much. So sometimes I forget what's going on from one story to the next when there's big breaks. I have a Sailor Moon fanfic writer that I've been following for like 15 years. Her story is amazing, but since she hooked up with a permanent girlfriend she doesn't write as often, lol. She is the only SM writer that I still follow. I've always believed that writers should write for themselves first & us second. So, take your time, as long as the stories are entertaining the readers most likely won't be going anywhere. If you don't believe me, just ask Twilight, lol. :twilightsmile:

Yay! An update! I'm always on board for a Silver-Belle ship, and this is one of the cuter one. I liked Rarity's plan, very clever. :raritywink:

And somehow I hadn't given this a "thumbs up" yet. Here ya go!

am i the only one who wants to see AB learn about what silvers been doing to her from Diamond bitch? like, have her get fed up with diamond rejecting her plans, goes in to confront her, only to find out that she never saw them in the first place.


5171312 :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: I can neither confirm nor deny that that may or may not happen.
But if something like that were to happen, it would most likely happen much later.


Each time I see this story I forget what it's about. But each time I read it I enjoy it even more.:twilightsmile:


5175098 glad to see that people enjoy this story, in spite of the fact that I update it inconsistently, requiring people to look back at what the story was about.

How'd you enjoy this chapter, I'm rather proud of it myself.


Any new updates yet? :o


5972261 I actually have a job these days, but that's no excuse. No promises, but I may work more on the story when I get some free time.

Fingers crossed.



Weeeee, hope you can :duck:

the forgiveness seemed a little rushed but maybe Bloom has an ability to sense when a pony is being genuine. Maybe she was looking for Silver's usual aloof, self righteous, and cynical expressions.

Also I like how conniving Silver Spoon is, and using that talent in a positive way. I highly doubt she didnt do her homework and neglected to look into Bloom's financial situation to take advantage of her desperation.

she may or may not know of Granny's gambling addiction LOL:duck:

“Well, I was planning on offering the apartment to you once you told me where you were going to be living, as a show of good will. Your...situation only made it more appropriate.”

“What if Ah already had a place to live, hmm?”

“Then I wouldn’t have said anything.”

this statement doesn't make any sense. First Silver says she was planning on offering the apartment once Bloom told her where she was going to be living. Then she turns around and says she wouldn't have offered if Bloom told her she was living somewhere.

I also don't understand what situation Silver was referring to.

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