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Hey there, Mariacheat-Brony here, Belgian Brony writer. Favorite Ponies : Vinyl Scratch & Applejack \OCTASCRATCH FOR THE WIN/


[humanized] The greatest cultural authority in the land of Equestria, a group of young minds chosen directly by the two High-Princesses: Celestia and Luna; to be represent them. Six young women who holds a great influence on their land's future.

How were they chosen? This fanfiction holds the tales to answer that question.

A side fic/prequel to my Apple Scratch series written by the common effort of six enthusiastic writers following that thread from the Apple-Scratch Verse group.

Cover art made by me with original drawings of Zantyarz (Twilight in this fic is dark skinned, it's just that I wanted to keep the same artist for the whole hexagon ;) )

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 78 )

well that was quick.
now to read!

post-read edit: Simple, yet beautiful, and the choice of music was superb.

Well done.

I totally didn't write that chapter about Octavia... :rainbowwild:

Great! More stuff to read and wait on updates for! Seriously, i'm goin to read this right now. :raritywink:

great work. i hope i can make pinkie out to be good as well

magnificent as always just hope the update of Apple Scratch: Forward to the Games Equestria!

Fantastic piece. I do so love the Apple Scratch universe. :pinkiehappy:

One question though. What happened to Harpo after this? Surely he deserves some recognition, right?

"And then, Octavia fainted right on the ground after receiving such a high honour from the Princesses themselves. THE END."

Joking aside, this is a nice origin piece for Octavia as it showed not only how talented she is as a musician, but also for her artistic creativity to come up with such an interesting piece that captured the "real" Luna instead of simply glorifying her like all the others.

Its not a cover page without best pony AJ in it...just saying.

...Yeah. I knew I had forgotten something <.< I'll talk with Mariacheat and find some way to give him some credit as well.

Thank you! :yay:

That is exactly what I was going for :pinkiesmile: When you think about what the Council of Harmony is, how high its position and so on, I thought it would fit if she's very critical of the work of others. She has to be able to see both sides of the coin, not just one side like so many others had done.

"Magnificent as always" ? :derpytongue2: This wasn't written by Mariacheat, but by me :rainbowwild: So it can't really be "as always" :trollestia:

Thanks! And good luck on your Pinkie! Maria and I had a small chat about how it would be fun to see Pinkie's parents' reaction to her coming through the door with a confetti covered princess and several guards, telling them that she shot her down by accident. :rainbowlaugh:

And god do I feel like an egomaniac when I'm sitting here and replying to comments on a story I haven't uploaded :twilightsheepish:

I just searched for cello music. That was the first one I picked and it fit well enough, I thought :pinkiesmile:

Not to be intrusive or anything, but wouldn't a Council member need extremely well paid staff who had proved their worth in their fields?

You will have to talk about Mariacheat regarding that. I only wrote how Octavia came to join.

Alright, technically I like being gender neutral so nopony gets any silly ideas that such and such is because they are a boy/girl/whatever but yeah, I am female. Wolfie is a camp name I use for Girl Scouts. :ajsmug:

A few spelling mistakes and a wrong word here and there, but you did well enough :pinkiesmile:
Though I must say I think it came a little out of the blue with Rarity's revelation.

"Oh, and by the way? You're arrested for this and this." Maybe you could have added a bit before the show itself about Rarity going about, asking questions to her circles and friends, et cetera.
While it was painfully obvious that it was Sir Potty-ImeanPeter who had done it from the way he was acting towards Orion, it was revealed in the story that he was the culprit without much build-up.

And don't worry, guy or gal doesn't really matter to me :derpytongue2:

3261482 Yeah... I'm really sorry to say this, but I have to agree on that one. :fluttershysad: I'm mean, it was a great idea to find out who orchestrated the burglary and to show that there is more to Rarity than just some beauty with an excellent skill in fashion designing, but there was hardly any build-up on how it was all investigated in the midst of the story. We didn't know anything or were introduced to this Sir Peter until the near end of the story.

Hmmm... fair enough:ajsleepy: I guess got a tiny bit too excited when I received this chapter (so much happening at the same time with stuff I had to do).... the fault's on me :facehoof:... Should I unpublish it and rework on it with Wolfie?

No need to unpublish it. Just rework it a bit with Wolfie and replace it when it's done :pinkiesmile:

3261716>>3261730 Yeah, what Kapuchu said! Like I said, I do think it's a good setup for a story! Just... might need to be fleshed out a bit more in my opinion, that's all. Just talk it over with Wolfie about it. If she doesn't want to change anything, I'll respect that.

3261730>>3261861 Believe me, after you two pointed it out, I realized I missed that completely (somehow in my mind Rarity was already doing that in her two busy days and I just didn't write about it). :applejackunsure: And I felt really bad about it too.

In my defense, I did feel as though something was half wrong with it, I just couldn't figure out what. :applecry: Sometimes a person has to have a second set or even a third set of eyes to see something.

I was actually at work all day and hadn't gotten a chance to see or respond to any of this until about 8pm eastern time. Sorry for the trouble and less than presentable writing, I would have said to un-publish it since it wasn't properly done at first until it was done the right way (no weird holes or anything) but I appreciate that you don't mind it per say, just that it could be re-worked a little. I'll wait for Mariacheat-brony to come on (Belgium is about 6 hours ahead of my time, so it shouldn't be too much longer I hope) and we'll discuss/work on it, though I'll have to go to bed right afterwards, have a car to try and repair that I've never done before :facehoof: then I go to work again. :ajbemused: It's annoying when real life calls, I'd much rather just write stories for a living...

After a good thinking, Wolfie asked me to unpublish the chapter about Rarity so that she could work on it. We'll see what good she'll add to the whole thing :raritywink:

3264259>>3264032 Hey, take as much time as you like! I know that it will turn awesome!

Haha, so would I, so would I. Writing stories for a living would be much easier. :derpytongue2:

T'was okay, but I think it ends kinda abruptly.

For one, Rainbow isn't told that she performed a stunt most thought a simple myth.

Rainbow let out in confusion, obviously not prepared for the life-changing conversation that was about to happen.

What conversation? Sure, we are told there will be one but will we see it?

Add in that conversation and flesh out why Rainbow is chosen for the council. That way the reader will know why she was chosen, instead of just being told that she was asked to join, but not why.


Thirdly and more importantly,

Should be "most" :derpytongue2:

"And you're one of the best promising ones.

"most" promising ones :rainbowwild:

Sorry, but those two stuck out a bit.

Yeah, I definitely like that extended ending. It shows more on how Rainbow's loyalty comes to play as well as explaining what was Celestia's main interest(s) in her.

ALSO huge fan of the new ending :) mine did end rather abruptly, I did that for the readers imagination, but this one adds more charter! So I'm rather happy with how it is. :DD

:pinkiegasp: Hooray! It's here! Thanks again for the opportunity! :pinkiehappy:

i want that cookie! Is it the part were fluttershy tell that captain off reminds me alto of when she was talking to that dragon that was polluting ponyvilles air

Not the one I thought off, sorry :twilightsheepish: It's from an another series than MLP:twilightsmile:

other than the fact that the author's name always makes me think of "Reading Rainbow", I got nothing, but I don't remember that being animated anyway.:derpytongue2:

AUGH! I remember reading something in the chapter that i recognized, but i don't remember what. No doubt it's that reference.:ajbemused:

I'll make a guess of the reference, is it from Avatar:The last airbender when Katara is delivering a baby after crossing the serpent pass or something else?

it's the right show, but it wasn't the moment I thought of:twilightsheepish:. But it works so.... have a cookie (::):pinkiehappy:

3289396 I knew I was right :pinkiehappy: but I just can't remember the scene :facehoof:

3289433 It's when Iroh redirects the lightning. What throws off the reference is that it's not mentioned that she has it pass through her body through her stomach and out the other way. But it's all good. I thought it was pretty neat to see that in there, and you know, we never really see what kind of weather magic Fluttershy can do. Have we seen Rainbow's? now I can't remember :applejackunsure: I would say this means I should re-read everything, but I'll wait for the rewrites first. :twilightsmile:

3291835 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: And you're right, I didn't include the whole process of how the lightning was redirected. Mostly it's because I didn't think it would be that important to talk about and I was being careful on shortening my story.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, can I please get some comments about the story itself? :fluttercry: You know, I've informed my Watchers about this through my Blogs, and yet I didn't receive a single comment from either one of them!

3293075 lol, sorry, :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowdetermined2: It was a very good story. I could totally see Fluttershy doing this (helps that you drew from things she did in the show) :twilightsmile: Very well done indeed. :pinkiehappy:And Rainbow was well done as well, very good characterization of them and interesting take on female manticores (I don't know that particular mythological beast too well, so I'm not sure if that is true or not, but it would make sense and was well done/explained)

3293167 Thanks, Wolfie! I really needed that!

Anyway, I certainly had a lot of fun with the characterizations of Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash, especially RD who served as the supporting role in this one. I orignally thought about doing a Rainbow Dash story, I couldn't think of one that can do justice compared to Fluttershy's. At least I gave Rainbow an important role in this story.

3293239 Also, I don't know much about Female Manticores for that matter. Heck, there are hardly any depictions of Manticores who don't have manes or who are declared as females. So I just imagined one as an over-sized lionness with bat wings and a scorpion tail.

"A loud thud echoed throughout the throne room as Harpo hit the ground, unconscious."


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