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The often sarcastic hopeless romantic, who happens to be hopeless in his romantic ventures.

Some Stuff I Wrote (nothing yet)

Plans for future stories.

Alright, here's some ideas y'all can expect from me in the (possibly distant) future. I'll let you know what I've already started. If it's noted, that means that I know I'm gonna do it, just haven't started.

1: Humanized Military action fic featuring the Mane 6, CMC, and Spike. (Started not posted)

2: Series of Humanized romance fics featuring my favorite ships. (Noted)

3: Something sad (real specific)

4: Friendshipping (again, real specific)

About The Brony Lance

Yo! I'm... well... me. Y'all can call me Lance. I'm just another guy trying to make it through high school and figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I tried writing and it seems cool so I'll keep it up. I'm also a musician but you won't be getting much of that. I love to read what people put up here, there's always something good. I especially love romance, so much of what I write here will be well... that. Anyway I love FlutterDash, no matter what anyone says and that's about it.

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492457 Why? Cause I like it.

Holy carp, I didn't realize that you had RSL in your fic recs... why, I don't know, but thank you :pinkiehappy:

427855 No problem, Thanks for writing great stories!:pinkiehappy:

Hello BronyLance57, I am just posting this here comment in order to say thanks for adding me to your watch list. :twilightsmile:

412093 No need to thank me. Thank you for being a great author!:pinkiehappy:

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