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"You think you know me..."


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have always been best friends, doing everything together. After a sleepover with friends though, a simple dare leaves the two in a complicated situation with mixed feelings emerging and bizarre misunderstandings ensuing.

Co-written by Souldin and Rated Ponystar

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...Why do we read stuff about lesbian ponies?

Why do we watch a show about ponies? Just to start with.

Let me just say that you could not have timed this better. One of my cats is about to die and I really needed an emotional pick-me-up like this. I loved reading every bit of it, but especially this line: "I am allergic to Fluttershy."

It didn't make me laugh, but, if I was in a better mood, I know I would have. I guess it's kind of fortunate that the high point of my week comes literally a few hours after the low point.

2489340 Because there aren't any compelling male characters in the friggin' show and most OCs are halfassed self-inserts. So it's gay or nothing most of the time. Unless you really, really like Big Macintosh.

2489454 eeyup, pretty much. :eeyup:

Well, this was a very nice read. I got quite a laugh out of reading some parts--especially Rainbow Dash concluding that she's allergic to Fluttershy. :facehoof:

This is simply cute!!!:rainbowkiss::heart:

"I am allergic to Fluttershy."

If I read this at home, I woud laugh my heart out, but I'm not, so Iaughed it in :rainbowlaugh:

The lack of squirrels in this story disturbs me...

>With her tail hanged low
You probably want "hung". "Hanged" is pretty much reserved only for past tense of "death by hanging"

The allergic to Fluttershy bit *was* hilarious. The paragraph right after it was quite telly though. The conclusion of allergies was enough to communicate that Dash is not very good at romance, you don't need to rub out faces in it. Would normally wait until finished to comment, but my kids just woke up so it could be a while.
Fun so far.

Sure, I'll give this a go. I see you all over the site, so I figure you deserve a little feedback of your own.

I'll let ya know what I think after reading it. Sure it's gonna be fantastic. :yay:

That was all Souldin, but thank you


And now her oldest friend was going to be that special pony to take away her lips purity

"lips" is possessive, so it should be changed to either "lip's" or "lips'"

So, I've reaffirmed my ideals to not piss off Fluttershy. Point taken.:twilightoops:

so now Fluttershy and Dash are together, coming up next week... the adventures of Twilight, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie, the telepathic crime stoppers :raritywink:

2489454 If you flesh them out, give them a believable backstory, OCs seem like they blend with canons. Take mine for example. :trollestia:

Yeah so I had a good time reading this! It's just, wow, and I stopped and asked myself this: Is Rainbow really that of a feather-brain? But then I realized, this is a fanfic, so anything can happen. That also explained Fluttershy's strength within her anger.

This is the best FlutterDash one-shot I've read so far! Well done for making this and for making my day, even though it's too early for the sun to come up yet.

Yay for Rainbow's 'allergy'! :yay:


Why not? :twilightsheepish:
To be fair, I read fics of all orientations. :rainbowwild: Because love is love and cute is cute.

Gonna read this one later, looks awesome.

Damn, talk about some very serious and honest emotions, the details are very great, very great. The fact that it's about one of my favorite pairings makes it ten times better. One or two errors but really nothing major or glaring.....shit, this was so well made and perfectly thought of, I'm am so proud to be a fan of this story and it's authors, thank you, thank you so much:yay: Also, DERPY!!!!:derpytongue2:

2491033 Sounds kinky

"Fluttershy can really use her tongue can't she?"

I wonder who says this line? It's probably Pinkie, but it could possibly be Rarity or Twilight. Still it's a fantastic line :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... it felt a bit rushed to me. It felt a bit unnatural at a lot of parts, and the love confession was particularly sudden. Felt more like a shipfic than a romance, if you know what I mean.

That's alright though. It was cute, to say the least!

Welp, I can see why this was on the front page.

You guys both did wonderfully with this story! :pinkiehappy: It was so sweet, so fun, and I enjoyed every second of it. And the ending, oh gosh, the best part ever. Loved it! :twilightsmile:

Dat boner inducing cover image.

Is it weird that I wish either Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy had an 'allergy' for me? Eh, I guess I'm just weird like that.:pinkiecrazy:

2490857 Yes, if done properly a good OC can really add to a story, however most OC's aren't done well and ruin an otherwise good story

2491831 That's why I don't particularly read OC stories. For me however, my OC is the main character, so you can tell how good he has to be to be likeable.

Cause the show's cast isn't diverse enough. :ajsmug:

2492120 Not enough females.

"Oh, I feel soooo sick… I don't think we can hang out together with me having the Pony Pox"

Period after 'Pony Pox'

A sweet story, full of d'awwws and what not. There's nothing cuter than imagining Fluttershy or Rainbow saying "Eeep."

It felt a little 'telly' though, in bits and pieces throughout.


No lie, I had this idea some few weeks ago, and I said to myself that I would write it when I finished with my current story. Lol:raritydespair:

i dont have a problem with this story... its a good story... but why does almost everyone assume Fluttershy is a filly fooler?

That is the most dislikes I have ever seen

2492665 Because it simplifies the process of shipping her, since most ponies she can be shipped with outside of OCs are female

Great story! I loved it.
I sent you a note with some problems I found.

At the end of the fic

It's raeping tiem

It's not complicated, they're just gay. Don't think too hard about it.

The 'having an allergy' thing is cute. I'll have to remember that ^_^


usualy i do not coment, but... this history make me feel my own heart in dance. Congratulations, an keep the good job :yay:


All of those typos are merely illusions of your mind. Please take a moment to look back, and notice that they aren't actually there...


As Fluttershy got up to ramming speed, all I could think was "I'M THE FLUTTERNAUT, BITCH!" :flutterrage: The conversing through nods and gestures thing that the others do is pretty funny too. Damn, I wanted to hear the end of Applejack's story too.

That was a great way to end a night. The characters were spot on, the fluff was fluffy, and Dash was horribly and terribly oblivious to everything related to romance. Top notch story. :twilightsmile:

you did a great job on this fic

oh Rainbow Dash:facehoof:

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