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When Rainbow Dash announces something very important to her friends, one of them reacts in a way that she never would have foreseen. Why is that, and how will it affect their friendship?

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Well, this is it then. My first story. Apart from an Epilogue I'm still working on, this is completed. If anyone reading this has any constructive criticism, comments, or other things they want to say about it, please leave a comment.

Please tell me that this fic is going to be at least 4 chapters:applecry:

Okay, so what do we have here...

So Rainbow Dash is gay. It's a bit overused, but I'll roll with it. One of Dash's friends doesn't support her. Well, no surprises there. Usually one or more of them aren't tolerant enough. Applejack is happy with Rainbow's choice, yet it is Fluttershy who doesn't like it.

Well, that's something I've never seen before. I like where this is going.

good stuff man :yay:


I too must add my compliments for your featured fic
*EDIT: I'm glad it didn't just end there the way a ton of fan fics usually do, this definitely deserves a fav
*X2 EDIT: ^ Boy do I look like an ass now :(

Hm...this is shaping to be a FlutterDash fic...I might not like it, but only one way to ind out...Please, continue.

...Y'know, for a ship I don't really support...I'm actually getting into this. This is totally deserving of the praise it has and, most likely, will get. Also, the way you made Fluttershy run to Dash before they kissed...SO. BLOODY. KYUUUUUUTE!

Hrm. Quite fast, but, it's your first story and I'll let it slide.

For your next one, just slow down a tad.

Also, watch get an editor to fix up some minor grammar mistakes. Other than that, very enjoyable.

Jolly good show, lad!

Sorry to have to dissapoint you there, but there will only be one more chapter. As far as I'm concerned, I've written about everything I wanted to write about, with only a satisfying conclusion missing.

ALkljgalksghlkasdglasf ok I'm kinda freaking out right now. I have no idea how the feature box works, but apparently it is going in my favour somehow. I would never have expected this. At all.

Thank you!

That was one of my favourite scenes when writing it, so I'm glad you enjoy it!

Well, to be fair, I've spent a whole lot of time on revising it. The first draft was pretty horendous. I'm glad that you like my writing style, so thanks for that!
To adress your points:
1: Well, that's the way I wrote out the story in my head. Given the reception I've had so far, though, I might just write another story I've had in my head for a while pretty soon, so you might just see more from my general writing style.
2: Thanks! I tried to keep it lighthearted, but the main focus is on the shipping, so I left out the comedy tag.
3: Yeah, I do believe I'll need an editor at some point. I've read over this many times, but you can't catch every mistake I guess(also, English isn't my first language, so that might contribute). If you have any specific lines where you found any errors, I'd appreciate if you could point them out to me.

"Ohmigosh Rainbow! It's always great to hear that one of my friends is gay! You know, I was already pretty gay before, but now that I know you're also gay I'm more gay than ever! We should totally have a 'Yay, we're gay' party and invite everypony, and then we can make them gay too!"

i literaly fell on the floor reading that:rainbowlaugh:

And here comes the party pooper with criticism! Woo!

The story itself was good and quite cute, fully deserving of it being featured.
That being said, I felt that Rainbow & Fluttershy were a little OOC every now and then. Fluttershy primarily with how she showed so much anger. Sure, she's shown that she's capable of anger, but it has never been aimed at her friends. Not to mention her oldest friend.

Secondly, Dash seems very scared. She's been shown to be insecure when it comes to big stuff like the Best Young Flier's, but I still think that her obvious fear of talking to Fluttershy at first isn't really "Rainbow".

Hey, what the heck, brain? We both know that I need to talk to Fluttershy right now. What, you're nervous? You don't want to talk to her because you're afraid of what she's gonna say? Oh please. That's why I never listen to you, I'd never get anything done if I did.

:facehoof: lol

Extremely awesome story!
It also had some of the best comedy I read in a long while.
Too bad there is only so little left.

Awesome fic, also beat Regidar to the comment section :pinkiehappy:

I wish I was half of how good you are right now. Seriously you are a really good author, comparable to well known authors of well known books.

Would agree with that, I did feel like it was a bit fast in places as well, but thanks for the compliment!

I'm glad, that was one of the first lines I've written and I kept it pretty much unchanged.

I need criticism if I want to get better, so nothing party pooper-ish about that.
I personally feel like no matter the person, if you were in Fluttershy's situation, you'd be quite mad too.
Dash is more like a headcanon thing for me, as I see her as very confident when she knows what she's doing, but when she's out of her element, I consider her to still act as if she knew exactly what she was doing, but faking the confidence.

I'm honestly very much considering that offer. I should get the Epilogue done sometime this week I hope, and if you're up for it I'll send it to you beforehand.

Yep, fixed that, thanks.
I actually calculated that one though.
The formula:
- The chance for one pony is 1/3
- At least one pony is gay = Not all the ponies are not gay
- Chance for all the ponies to be not gay: 2/3^6 = 64/729, or about 8.8 percent
- With that, the chance for at least one pony being gay is (1 - 0,088) = about 91 percent.
I couldn't have Twilight be wrong about this :twilightblush:

Yes, Fluttershy has every right to be mad, but it is not in her character to show it so openly towards her friends. That's what I meant :3

even though it is overficed as fuck with lesbo dash i still like this story no douchefunguses of ponies going full hate and even applejack the "southerner" is okay with it i think i fav this

I love those transitions

at least she had managed to fool the others into thinking that nothing was wrong.

“Rainbow Dash isn’t fooling anypony. There’s clearly something wrong.”

We're just gonna have to hope that they'll be okay.”

How were things ever going to be okay again?


Oh Pinkie :rainbowlaugh:


Your probability calculation is correct, but it is a bit jarring that Twilight makes the mistake of thinking that knowing her own status or Rarity's affects the likelihood of any of the others.

Probability doesn't work that way - events are independent or else you can't calculate them like this. The actual effect of knowing herself and Rarity to be straight would be that the calculation for the group would become (1-((2/3)^4)) instead of (1-((2/3)^6)) since there are now only four unknowns rather than six - the odds become a little over 80% likely that one of the remaining four would be gay. The individual odds for the four don't change at all.

To think of it in more intuitive terms, if you know that one or two of the six aren't gay, but the odds for the remainder aren't changed, obviously the overall chance that one of the six is gay has to be reduced from if it was equally possible that any of the six was gay.

Oh, ok. Yeah, I guess, but then again, in the story, she's not angry at just a friend, but her best friend, who she talks to about just about everything(well, except for a certain thing). I can see how it can seem out of character, though.

Editing comments, eh? Also, it's very flattering that you think that, so thanks! I don't consider myself quite as good as you make me out to be, but I appreciate it regardless!

Correct of course. Been a while that I've done probalitial math. I think I'm gonna change that, because having Twilight be wrong about this can simply not stand!

this needs more than one more chapter. moarrr i tell you!!! MOOOAAAARRRR!!!!

This was really good, I don't really know what else to say about it seeing as to how it was pretty vanilla, but it was a nice change of tempo for me, easy reading if you will. Other than that it was a pretty good story whilst still remaining technically canon.

Rainbow sighed. "You're right. I've been putting this off long enough. In fact, I've been putting it off for pretty much as long as I know you guys. There's something you all should know about me." The others perked up, stopped what they were doing, and brought their full attention towards Rainbow.

It should be "I've been putting it off for pretty much as long as I've known you guys."

'Now listen to me, filly. When two ponies want to be together, the only thing that matters is that they love each other. Wheter they're mares or stallions doesn't matter one bit.'"


I am liking the story so far! Only a few mistakes I noticed in this chapter.

I enjoyed this story. It wasn't exactly rushed, but it went a tiny bit faster than most. A few times I noticed Flutters being out of character, but that is only slight. I noticed a few grammatical errors, but that was addressed already. I'm looking forward to the epilogue! This deserved featured status, and I'm quite sad to see it end.

Thank you :twilightsmile:

Eh. Your writing is mechanically sound, but you need to work on bringing a bit more to the table than "one of Rainbow's friends doesn't like her gay-ness." Grip the reader! Screw the memes! Forge new territory!

Instead of putting on my "Read Later" list, like I usually do with every other fic (641 and counting!), I decided to actually read it, amazing for me.
I've seen this concept before (sort of) in about one other fic, and compared to that one, I like this one better, though really, they're different takes on the formula, I suppose.
That was pretty cute, and while I do wish you'd make a bit more than one more chapter, I'll take what I can get. Good show so far, interested in seeing how this ends.

So this concept isn't really much new, but the FlutterDash aspect made it hard to resist. And I have to say that it's really worth it! I especially liked Applejack's part, now THAT seemed so much more in-character of her. Many a time I'd seen her or the Apple family hating on homosexuals, and just always made it so uncomfortable to read. But here, it was such a relief. Thanks for that!

So okay, it was understandable that Fluttershy got upset, and it was nice that Rainbow realized what she had to do to fix it. Her revelation was nicely played! Nothing huge or exciting, but just the simple revelation in putting the pieces together. It was nice, simple, and it made sense that now she would think deeper about it.

I look forward to the epilogue! This was a nice cute little story. :twilightsmile:

i like it when you put words together and make pretty sentence.Those are great.:derpytongue2::heart::pinkiehappy:

2748677 there was a part of me that desperately wanted the announcement to be "I'm straight" and everyone being all shocked and shit that shed limit herself to only one gender.

:rainbowderp: :heart: :yay: = :derpytongue2:

lol, some easy math!

Oh I love it! MOAR PLEASE :pinkiehappy:

Very nice. A little short, but it was pretty funny as well. I might have to steal some of those jokes for myself.

good fic i seem to like the flutterdash fics they seem to fit better together but pinkiedash are goods as well:rainbowkiss::fluttershysad:

I enjoyed this :pinkiehappy: I just wish you could of written more chapters. Oh well, it was still an excellent story

Now they just need to tell their friends.

This was so adorable! :rainbowkiss:

God dammit spleen, get your head in the game!

Damn slacker.

Hmm. Lemme guess, without having looked at any of the comments or the story proper.

Rainbow Dash announces she's into mares, Fluttershy freaks out, they reconcile, and it turns out Flutts was into her too.

Lemme see how off-the-ball I was.

And dead-on with every point. Not to say the story wasn't well written, it was. It's just, this sort of story is so painfully cliche, overwritten, and the plot was so obvious.

I'll look out for more of your stories, though. I'm faithful that you'll come up with more intriguing premises. :twilightsmile:

That sounds awesome! Thanks a lot for the offer!

Thanks for picking those mistakes out, really helps a lot. I've been hearing that about my Fluttershy a bit, I might have to keep that in mind for the future.

2748677 2749837
Yep, you got me there. Not quite the most original of premises for sure. It is my first story, so I wanted to try my hand at something basic first, and I really wanted to write about the pairing. I might have something a little more untreaded in the near future, though.

Seeing any of the mane 6 be homophobic just doesn't sit right with me, ever. If your story has that, it might as well have an alternate universe tag as far as I'm concerned, cause I consider it to be heavily OOC for any of them.

I do enjoy putting words together to form sentences. I'm doing it right now, see?

Uhh, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Spleen is my favourite character in this. I'm considering writing a sequel with it as the protagonist. (Spoiler: No, I don't)

Pretty good story, could have been much better, and almost catastrophically cliche and painfully obvious from the title. Otherwise, good story.

2749911 lol are words just great?

Another "Rainbow Comes Out Of The Closet " fic. Yay.

Loved it! Admittedly it's a bit cliche in some parts, but it was overall quite enjoyable. You're also entirely responsible for frightening a poor old lady on the bus today, courtesy of my abrupt laughter at the spleen part.

One suggestion would be to change the 'both of them...' to 'neither of them...' on the last line. Could just be me, but that line reads a tad awkwardly. :twilightsmile:

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