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Sequel: The Past of a Shy Mare

Rainbow Dash has never been seen around her parents. Nopony knows what they even look like. She's been raising herself since she was a little filly after what happened. She's alone in Ponyville. Her friends have moved on to much bigger things. They write to her and keep in touch, but they never visit. Their schedules are full of other things that need to be done. She tells her parents story now because of the dark secret she has kept since her friends leaving.
This is my first Slice of Life and Sad fic, so I don't know how it will turn out. The idea came from a picture I saw with RD and Fluttershy. I hope you like it!
Also, check the date of this story. I started writing it before we saw her dad in episode 12 of season 3.

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*clicks read later* will definatly look at after school!

I demand MOARR!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

1740779 Lol you'll get more. I have another story I'm also trying to finish. It's 38 chapters long right now. Don't worry, I won't leave anypony hangin' with this story

No worries, i can wait:raritywink:.

I have to say i am enjoying this alot so far. It is interesting because I had always woundered what had happened to her parents since they are never shown. Keep up the good work.

Also I am tring to upload my first story. How do I do this? I wrote it out on microsoft word but I can copy and paste were ever it needs to go. Please fill me in on how to do all this, I have a great story I am working on about the Fall of the Rainbow Factory.

But anyways great story so far.:rainbowdetermined2:

1772149You have to submit it first and get it approved. Once you do that, just copy and paste what you typed, make it look nice, and hit submit. Thanks for the compliment. :rainbowlaugh: I've thought the same thing quite often, especially after this past episode. :scootangel::rainbowkiss:

as i have previously stated....Excellent!

Chapter 3, paragraph 3, line 2 "The ran pattered against my face..." Assuming it is supposed to be "rain", but besides that good job so far. I think they should be longer though *coughcoughwinkcoughcough*

I feel you escalated to the parent's letter too quickly.
Otherwise, nice story. I think I'll track it too.:twilightsmile:

Have a like and a fave, this is a really interesting take on an origin story.

Ohana, is that a Lilo & Stitch reference I see?

1791711Why yes it is my good friend. I see you have a taste for good Disney movies.

1791764 You incorporated it very well.

Well, I officially feel jealous :P You already got fans, while I don't even have any of my stories finished....

and cool story bro :P

Fluttershy's situation reminds me much of my own Childhood, you've given me a case of the feels my friend:fluttercry:. Great story so far :yay:

This story is captivating... :rainbowderp:

Oh Dash, you're so oblivious :ajsleepy:

1829357 Thats is coule think of the entire time I was reading this:facehoof:

"Are you kidding me? He would be insane if he didn't ask you. I mean, you're kind, caring, and you do your best to make others happy. Who wouldn't ask you to dance?" I said trying to cheer her up.
"Well, you see, I just recently learned they were going with somepony else." she said quietly.


1842641 For some reason I can't help but laugh out loud to that. :rainbowlaugh:

1842665 For that you have my Follow and Favorite. :twilightsmile:

She nodded her head. "I know. But I was worried more about something else. Something more than that." she said.

"Oh, hello there. Am I interrupting something?" a familiar voice said as Fluttershy and I looked up startled.

Doctor, you know I love you, but you couldn't have picked a worse time to show up.

WHAT!?! HER DAD?!? But… But he was dead! No?

gah doctor im going to kill you :flutterrage:

This is nice. I thought to myself. I like just laying here with her. It's soothing. I let the feelings wash over me. I realized something that I hadn't realized before. I liked her. Like, more than just a friend. Hay, I'm able to show her my emotions and be myself around her. I'd do anything for her. Are these thoughts normal? I thought questioningly. I couldn't tell Fluttershy. If I did, she would think I was crazy. I mean, we've known each other for most of our lives.


Merry Christmas. :twilightsmile:

Merry Christmas man! This chapter was so cute! :heart:

Merry Christmas. love this chapter :twilightsmile:

I really like this story, even though its really sad :eeyup: I like how it advances at a believable pace its not like all lovey dovey since the start but it builds up. Originally I had not realized that it was going to be a Flutterdash story since I did not read the summary. It was a pleasant surprise. Please update soon :derpytongue2:

I have no words but bravo.

ERRR Whatta hell DASHIE NOOOOOOOOOO why u gotta rip out my heart man?:flutterrage:

Hrm, wait, so in this story, do Fluttershy and Dash break up? Or do they continue in a long distance relationship?

1894276 I honestly don't know yet. That's why I'm replying. I honest to Celestia have no idea what I'm going to do. :applejackunsure:

NOOOOO :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: need to read next chapter!!!

(Joke) Alt. Title: Rainbow's Parents Exist To Get This Fic Featured (That's The Truth)

Speechless I am. Please post the next chapter soon for I am deeply intrigued by what may follow Fluttershy’s outburst. I deeply love this story. Thanks for writing it.

ok it seems i'm going to haft to re read this when did flutters tell dash she wanted her as a marefriend cause last time i remember she was interrupted. so the makeout session threw me for a loop:rainbowhuh:

edit: ah end chapter 13

A little bit short but still good chapter. I really want to see what this feeling of Raibow’s leads to. Thans for the story, my friend. :ajsleepy:

Short but good chapter. Should keep me tided over.... For now :pinkiecrazy:

I like the story, but one minor thing:

I should have used French o' Coture.

(when Dash puts on the dress and Fluttershy is stressing about her liking it)

It's "french haute couture" not 'o' Coture' ^^

Other than that, quite enjoying the read! Interesting look into Dashie's past.

Interesting, let me ask will Scootaloo will be in this? Since the more used backstory for her is kinda like this, bet cool for RD to see somepony that's growing up just like she did.

But hey that's just my ideas, maybe this'll be perfect as it is. Gonna try and read this later.

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