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***Due to writing myself into a corner and lack of inspiration, I have decided to cancel this story. If you wish to see how this story ends through the eyes of Rainbow Dash, please take a look at Rainbow's Parents: The Truth.***

A sequel to Rainbow's Parents: The Truth told through the eyes of Fluttershy

After receiving a letter from Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy decides to open up about why she's lived alone for so many years. Only one pony knows most of her story, and now she's going to tell everyone.

Lonewolf is doing a cross over with their story and this one. Go check it out! :D

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YUS sequel to rainbow's parents get in i loved that story and now i shall read with intent

wow this is deep i love it i just love it keep up the awesome work man i can genuinly say im going to enjoy this story :rainbowdetermined2:

I can relate to this so Flutters ya ain't alone. :fluttershysad:


Seriously, the parents better get a taste of their own medicine. As painfully as possible.

Yeah, seriously. Can someone beat them up, please?

3185832>>3186055 Would running them over with a lawn mower suffice?:pinkiecrazy:

I think something more would do better justice

I'm thinking cactus, Nicki Minaj, fire, and three barrels of cement.

Will that suffice?

3188267 Or you could slice open the corneas of their eyes. Once open, you could pour in baking soda and vinegar, or even salt and small crushed ice ( shaved Ice would work.) While they writhe in pain, slice open their backs to expose the spinal cord, inserting small needles through their rib cage into the lungs. THEN leave them in a room with Nicki Minaj playing.

... I just realized how much I REALLY hated them.:pinkiecrazy:

Sequel to Ranbow's Parents: The Truth? instant fav

3189743 Dear sweet baby Jesus you just made my day..er..night.:rainbowkiss:

3189743 That's just demonic for you to do to them...I love it :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

3185832>>3186055>>3187111>>3188267>>3189743 You guys haven't read the first one have you...

3191417 Doesn't change the fact that I hate Fluttershy's parents

3191425 true enough. Maybe their eternal punishment was to forever walk on legos in bare feet. With thumbtacks pushed through them so it hurts even more.

Ultimate punishment right there.

3191417 I know what happened to her shitty mother but I don't know what happened to her equally shitty father.

Comment posted by BronyLance57 deleted Sep 12th, 2013

Guys for the sake of those who haven't read the first one, DO NOT POST SPOILERS. ALL SPOILERS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT HESITATION.

3191417 I have now and..... I still hate them.

I have, but it still pisses me off.

3192908>>3193519 Little hard not to I suppose.

I know this is the same storyline, but from a different perspective, it changes everything.

A moustache for you, good sir! :moustache:

This is a really nice story SongBrony. I really love it.

if it's the same story is it still a crossover?

Oh my god. I knew her mother was a bitch, but she's worse than I thought. :'( Poor Fluttershy!

So her mother is a Ninja?

I feel sad for Fluttershy. Just Fluttershy seeing her hurtful mother again.

So I shouldn't post about how Flutters gets kidnapped by strange floating children who awaken her mind powers but force to have a laser katana fight with RD for the fate of Stalliongrad only to have it tragically revealed by Felix (who is actually dead the whole time) that Celestia was Kaiser Soza the entire time?

3216831 yes, please refrain from revealing anything that could spoile the plans of the hogstand affiliation with the oofter

Captain Jack? As in Captain Jack Harkness?

This is quite a bit tighter in regards to spelling and grammar than the original was.
I really enjoy the new viewpoint, and it completely changes my understanding of the story. The pacing has changed immensely, and the emotional impact of the story so far is huge. I wonder how you're going to handle the memory loss aspect from the other side of the issue.

I can already tell that this is a fic that will keep me interested, and I can't wait to see where it will go.

You have your work cut out for you with this story. Good luck.

The new perspective is very interesting. This feels more personal, and emotional. The pacing is quite a bit slower, and I think that it fits Fluttershy quite well.

I can't wait to see how you write the rest of the story.

That's my icon!


I can't wait for the next portion to come out!!!

3279137 "May the odds be ever in your favor"

Don't tell me what is and isn't in my favour!

*Jumps into snake nest*

The bit with the doctor and Jack was terrific :rainbowlaugh:

Wow man next chapter is easily the most anticipated part of the first act. Can't wait!


Isn't overreact one word?

3298710 I think so, but I was on my phone and that's how it worded it. I'll fix it later, when it's not 12:30 at night. :/

Time to start the sequel.
FUCK REAL LIFE!:flutterrage:
I'm reading about Fluttershy's side to the story!!!

so THATS why fluttershy made rainbow dash turn around when she took off her costume! but its still sad :fluttercry:

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