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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D


Rainbow Dash rallies up the pegasi of Ponyville, alongside Twilight and Spike, to train and prepare for Tornado Day. However, Fluttershy's lack of participation coupled with her insecurities and anxiety hinders Rainbow's determination. It's not easy when all she wants is to share this with the pony she loves and encourages her to do her best.

Aspects of Hurricane Fluttershy from Rainbow Dash's perspective, alongside some FlutterDash.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

Hurricane Fluttershy through Rainbow Dash's perspective?
Well done. You just made my day.

Another excellent story! Keep up the good work! :D

img96.imageshack.us/img96/1304/hnnnng.png too much sappy
No seriously not the best you have written but its not bad :twilightsheepish:

!” Rainbow said, pleased, yet humbled. “But, if you want to talk guts, then you’ve got to give to my number one flyer! Fluttershy!”

Then this happend


1721445 FEGELIEN! WHY YOU MUST BE ON FIMFICTION.NET (I am impersonating Hitler lol so don't take this seriously)

Boy you must really like flutterdash eh?

ok this was an awesome fic after having just reset my $1800 computer:facehoof: this made my weekend great.:twilightsmile:

I've noticed that you added humanized ponies as a group you're in is that a hint that there will be a future Humanized Flutterdash fic

Snuggly Bunny? I have to agree with Fegelein. It's not the best stuff you've come out with, but it still shows promise. At least the sappiness is made up for by how Celestiadamn cute it is :scootangel:

1721445 1732701
No, it's not our best... But it was still fun to do and it was something I've wanted to try for some time. Not epic, but I liked how it turned out overall. :pinkiehappy:

I enjoy sappy and diabeetus-inducing lovely-dovey-ness .................but Rainbow Dash saying "Snuggly" and "Snuggly Wuggly"? :rainbowhuh:

I can't say that you were too out of character with Rainbow Dash. After all there's plenty of stories where Rainbow Dash doesn't seem anything like Rainbow Dash. But "Snuggly Wuggly"? Said effortlessly? Even privately, I'd expect her to hesitate and become embarrassed before actually uttering something like that. Probably even look around first to make sure no one was watching! Certainly not say something like that in public. And certainly not said as much as she said something like that. You could have given Fluttershy all the syrupy-sappy lines in the world, piled it on maniacally, and I don't think I'd have batted an eye. But Rainbow Dash.....? :rainbowderp:

"Flutters" is a good pet name. I like that. Anyway while I did notice things like, a word missing here and there and the occasional typo, those didn't take anything away from my experience reading the story so to me they're irrelevant. Didn't bother to go make a note of such occurrences. (If ya'd have liked me to, sorry. :P )

I'm a little confused by the "sad" label. If this is the kind of story that the label warrants, I really need to stop putting an X on it in the search filters. This is the second Flutterdash fic I've read by you, and I have to say you're causing me to really like the pairing.

2024528 XD I didn't actually write those bits, my co-writer did. More or less, it relates to another story where that kind of thing happens. But yeah, it just kind of came out that way. :twilightsheepish: Hard to explain...you just kind of have to be there. But overall, it's kind of something that took getting used to on Rainbow's part. It kind of goes with my own little headcanon in that she makes some special exceptions for Fluttershy, which eventually becomes something even she doesn't mind doing. Nothing huge, of course, just little things. :derpytongue2:

I took off the Sad tag, I think you're right. XD It's not quite needed!

Anyway, thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you managed to enjoy it! :twilightsmile:


Managed? It would take extreme effort not to enjoy it!
Anyway I kinda figured about the making Fluttershy an exception thing. A little narrative insight in the story on Rainbow Dash's thought process there when she starts doing that is all it really needs, I think. Unless it was there and I missed it. If so, ignore this. I might have missed it.

2024552 XD Oh, you! Okay, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, then! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, it has been a while, maybe I could insert that notion into the narrative. I don't know if it is. XD

This was a wonderful story! :twilightsmile: It will be my head-canon for that episode now! :pinkiehappy:

Love what you did with the story :3 I could feel and relate to Rainbow's disappointment and sadness about Fluttershy so well, and it drove me crazy how things looked like they were falling apart, even knowing how the episode ends already, only for it to be even sweeter when it all did work out and fueled the sweet moment even more. :3 Very well played ma'am. :yay:

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