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An imaginary friend. That is what Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had decided the mad pony in the box was, but the raggedy doctor was far more than that. When the supposed-imaginary Doctor appears in present day Ponyville, looking as though mere seconds has passed since they last saw him, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are in for some very real trouble.

((Heavily inspired by the Doctor Who episode "The Eleventh Hour," as such it will contain plenty of references but the story goes in its own direction. Conceived as an 'episode' with subsequent sequels acting as other episodes in a larger series.) )

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I need to do this!


I have a feeling this is gonna be good!

"I..I don't want to go..."
That line get's me every time.

Anyway, great story.

This is intresting.

A doctor 11 fic!
I love you ( not in a creepy way )

2473049 I know they're a bit rare aren't they?

And yes, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are my Rory and Amy :pinkiehappy:

Yeah. Doc 11 was my first and all time favorite ( tee hee, time ). So seeing a Raggedy Doctor story made me feel all happy.

Aw, man! I was gonna do this! First That Marble Hornets crossover gets taken, now this!

Oh well. Great chapter! I expect great things!

11th doctor doesn't get spikey mane ( witch I think is better) oh well

A couple minor grammar things, but altogether well done. Color me intrigued.

Up vote and follow. :twilightsmile:

"Ugh. Apples are rubbish. I hate apples." :pinkiehappy: I just got to the eleventh doctor in the series. I can't wait to see where this goes.

2474498 really!? Get prepared for awesomeness! I mean the show gets pretty different in a few respects, I mean 11 and 10 are pretty different, but each has their own charms! And... And you will eventually get the second best companion, Rory!!! (First best is Donna, I will fight people on this!)

Enjoy your fish fingers and custard!

Would put many doctor who references in this comment, but I am on my iPod, so I will favorite it and post the references tomorrow. Love doctor FICA, 11th being awesome, great change from 10th Doctor, even if David Tennate is awesome, and best doctor. I also loved what you did with dash and shy being Amy and rory, I just came from a fic where they were shipped. This is going to be epic... Wait... That was used in a comment all ready, ok, this fic is going to be very Timey Whimey! :yay: I love Doctor Who, and if it wasn't for Doctor Whooves, then I wouldn't have even known the show existed. MLP has changed my life for the better. I love Doctor Who, and Bowties are cool :yay: I'm not always sorry, but when I am, I'm so so sorry :facehoof: WHAT! What! What? :yay: Time and Relative Dimensions in Space :yay: Tardis :yay: I love Doctor who, and I love Amy and Rory, can't wait to read this story, should be awesome.


Seriously man, I don't see these kind of fanfiction much around this site. You have earned a stalker/follower and a vote up on your story. Cheers! :pinkiehappy:

Postscript: There was also some minor grammar errors but it didn't interfere with the reading.

2474609 If there isn't FlutterDash in it, I probably didn't write it :scootangel:

....Well except for that RariJack story I wrote :twilightsheepish:

Hope I can deliver on everyone's expectations... heh... No pressure...

2474661 thanks for the follow :pinkiehappy:

Everything I write has a few grammar errors unfortunately, I don't have a proof reader and my grammar is, well, not great. Not terrible, but not perfect.

I wonder if he's ginger this time. :derpytongue2:

2473690 I know, I still get the feeling 11th doctor will be saying hi to future rainbow dash/fluttershy. What will happen to flutterdash pairing when doctor whooves resets the universe

If anyone knows/is a good artist who can make me some cover art for this, it would be much appreciated. I have a crappy sketch that I feel ashamed to post as cover art, but if someone could redraw/improve it... Well that would be just awesome!

Awesome. I expect great things from you, I hope you keep up a steady pace of updating because I am really into this story.


hmm, it is either derpy/ditzy or fluttershy


hmm, it is either derpy/ditzy or fluttershy


hmm, it is either derpy/ditzy or fluttershy


I know this is Matt Smith but, allons-y!

why do i feel if this were to do the whole pandorica arch rainbow dash would be the rory who keeps on dying becomes a roman and dies again and fluttershy becomes amy

2478209 Gonna try my hardest to finish this story in the next two weeks or so, but no promises.

At the very least expect an update every week. :scootangel:

I love how you aren't copying the episode exactly, opting instead to take the personality of the doctor and weave a brand new adventure for him.:twilightsmile:

2479262 but fluttershy seems more like amy and i can see rainbow dash as rory so much easier

2479561 I always see it as the opposite, Amy and Dash are bold, daring, and assertive. Rory and 'Shy are caring (nurse/caretaker), less assertive, and perhaps a bit less keen on danger, more pragmatic over adventurous.

Aside from that, Dash would be expected to guard the Pandorica, there would be no character growth there. She is already the Element of Loyalty. 'Shy, on the other hand, like Rory, certainly wouldn't hesitate to stand guard and would grow considerably from the experience.

Simply put, the effects of the experience on Fluttershy would be too tempting to ignore. Plus an exploration of what Rainbow would feel being placed in the 'damsel' position (something she would undoubtably be uncomfortable with) would also be interesting.

Buuuuuuuut... I'm not even sure if I'll adapt that story... Though I think I just talked myself into it :twilightsheepish:

It sounds like you are using Discord Whooves' color scheme, not Doctor Whooves. The Doctor is brown/tan with blue eyes, while Dizzy is gray with blue eyes and black mane.

2479658 if you do i wonder how you would include river some substitute for he r

2479950 Haven't quite figured that out yet. Honestly, I was not expecting quite the response I got for this story (Bronies and Whovians, who knew?) and had only mapped out this particular 'episode' in terms of plot.

But believe you me I'll be hard at work forging an overreaching plot arc now.

2479930 This is an 11th Doctor Hooves story. You know, Geronimo, not Allons-y.

For the color scheme I'm working with see further down in the comments, or google "Eleventh Doctor pony"

2480062 please don't be like moffat and kill a character every 2 or 4 episodes

2480276 Rest easy, I'm no Moffat. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Pheew, this is taking up some real-estate in the ole comments thread, eh? If you wanna talk more shop we should probably switch to PMs

Nice... I wounder how you are going to handel Atraxi and 11th Doctor's EPIC INTRO " Hello I'm the doctor basically.. run. " :pinkiehappy:

2480315 oh good you're not going kill a character ever few episodes unless of course you are the doctor and i know rule 1 The doctor lies


In that case, will they marry? And will Flutters die. like, eight times? :rainbowwild:


TRI-TRI-TRI-TRIPLE COMBO!! :rainbowwild:


Who knew? Do you not understand how many bronies are whovians? I mean, look at the Doctor Whooves stories-WELL... the Tenth Doctor stories.

2482131 Not sure I want Flutters as "the mare who dies and dies again."

As to your first question.... Spoilers :raritywink:

Are you going to have doctor say 'the doctor will see you now'

Is getting on my fave list :raritywink:

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