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Co-authored with Gideon020 Big thanks for his help with this story!

Buried in the stone beneath Canterlot, an ancient secret is about to be uncovered. One that will forever change Equestrias view on the places beyond the stars

Going far from the Galaxy we call home.
A faint gleam of hope and a promise of knowledge.
Farewell, Equestria, farewell, beloved ones
Bearing the fate of the Elements.
These ponies fight and the romance burns high
Somepony has got to do this
If we are the ponies they count on...
Going far from the Galaxy to space unknown.
A faint gleam of hope
The Space Battleship Yamato

Cover art made with love by Daniel DiCenso
Brutally edited by Metallusionsiamagic

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Awsome... question have you read UC77's "Hotblooded Pinkie" tumblr?

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2486729 i believe i know that specific comic your referring to :P

Now you have your benchmark. Go forth my friend and be epic!

Ponies on the Yamato?
:yay: FUCK YES!
We're getting 120% cooler now! :pinkiehappy:

2488518 always nice to see another member of the star force!

Eh, my fan-boyism stems more from a history-buff perspective, rather than the anime series... :twilightsheepish:
Still a great show regardless. I have faith you'll do it justice. :ajsmug:

Holy shit. I thought there would never be a crossover between MLP and Star Blazers (or Space Battleship Yamato), but it seems like one of these came true.

2489062 i was thinking the exact same thing. So i remedied that

OMFG!!!!! I grew up watching Star Blazers!
Still wanna get a DVD copy of the Japanese live action version of Space Battleship Yamato

2489568 i've seen it its not that good the modern day reboot Yamato 2199 is much better

2489586 I want that as well... But I have seen the whole live action movie, and LOVED IT!:pinkiehappy:

So much childhood nostalgia. But seriously though, this is awesome.

Also, if you need any help with proofreading or stuff, I'll offer my services for this. I'm well versed in Space Battleship Yamato as well so I know what's going on and stuff.

“...is the Yamato.”

The Yamat...


Well at least we know the basis of the Cockatrice then. But yikes. Okay, you have me hooked. you have me wanting more.

I am hereby watching and waiting for more chapters.

Frankly sir, as a self proclaimed Pacific War historian (ish) and knowledge of both the Yamato, and the Star Blazer's show. I am, I am very much interested in seeing how you proceed, you, I am, this is going to be awesome I think.

2499766 all in good time my friend

2498593 i could always do with some helping hands

One of the best things about the show was the awesome soundtrack. This one always stuck with me, specifically from 1:35 onwards:

Battleship Yamato! HAHAHAHA OMG YES.

Holy shit - Manly tears are already flowing... I was always a big Leiji Matsumoto fan (Notice the 999 in my username).
I wish I still had that Yamato kit model from back in the day.

Fun fact: In the Japanese dub of Star Trek TNG, the ship is called the Space Battleship Enterprise.

2501032 I loved galaxy express 999 and i was thinking of writing a fic about the Galaxy railways spinoff but then i discovered SBY and fell in love so here we are also about the star trek thing: interesting that makes me proud to be a Yamato fan

I like where this is going. Please continue... :pinkiehappy:

What the hack? I forgot to fave this story! If hadnt been paying attention to the "Latest Updates" I would have complettly missed it! :facehoof:

Anyway, a :yay: for Yamato comming back to life! Now however I have questions. Where is Kodai/Wildstar and the crew? They sure wont leave the Yamato behind without any sign of where they had gone. Did they leave the ship at all? Are they beeing in cryosleep in some hidden part if the ship that will be revealed now that the Wave-Motion Engine is back online? Will you go with the Japanese or English names (considering you choose "Yamato" I think you will go with the japs)? What about Deslar/Deslok (the english name sounds weired)? So many questions! :derpytongue2:

Another :yay: for the Doctor but I think he could have helped a bit more. The TARDIS has enough power to blow up the entire universe for crying out loud! :flutterrage:

Looking forward to when they pump the engine to 120% for the first time. Not to mention the actual launch!

Mother of Primus, I remember this series... :fluttercry:I wish I knew where my dads DVD's where...

and another awesome story updates. this is, I remember how the ship always needs a large boost of energy just to get started. Still, this was fun to read and good fun events in having the Doctor show up.

Hmmm... I wonder if he knew the elements would be needed anyway, and I can see that he would rather not risk the Tardis too much. all things considered, a good thought out events. Go Yamato.

The Doctor only protects the humans (or in this case ponies), he does not help them advance technologically. He is on the project because, as Celestia said, this is the most important part of equine history, the first time they go to space (with the exception of Luna i suppose).

2506646 Hmm, this makes sense. He must think that the Ponies are ready for the next step because otherwise he would have simply ported the ship away before they had found it.

2506127 One can say about the movie anything they want but the CGI was pretty damn neat! :rainbowkiss:

I never really saw anything of Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers for most of my life, so I have no attachment to any particular version. All I know is old WWII Battleship converted into a badass starship with the biggest "F*** you in your FACE" gun is awesome.

I wonder, though, what the Japanese would think if we had come up with Space Battleship Arizona? ;p

but as she stood just a stones throw from the imposing ship she felt very, very small.


“This is the Wave motion engine!"

Capitalize everything in that proper noun. It is the Wave Motion Engine, power source for the Wave Motion Gun.

“What!” Twilight shouted. “A starship? Princess (comma goes here) don’t take this the wrong way but there’s no possible way that that thing is capable of interstellar flight! We don’t even possess the technology to put even a small object higher than a few thousand metres! (replace exclamation point with comma) Let alone an entire spacecraft! In fact(comma) there’s no way that something that big and bulky would even fly! How could it be a starship”!?
“We didn’t.” The princess replied without missing a beat.

Twilight was doubting that the ship was spaceworthy, not that Equestrians could build a starship this size. Celestia responded to the wrong statement. She's responding to something like, "How did we build a starship this big?"
Also, the punctuation should go inside the quote marks. This is an issue that occurs multiple times throughout the chapter, but oddly enough it does not happen everywhere. As for commas, a rule I go by is that if you would pause there while saying the sentence, then you should put a comma there when typing it out.

“I’m sure you're all confused as to what exactly is going on. and I believe I owe you some answers”.

Replace middle period with comma.

the elements will be able to do it. After all, they are magical energy, this ship is electrical we’re not even sure the two are compatible”.

Use more technical terminology and fewer wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey thingummywuts.
The Elements are not magical energy; they are jewelry. They do run on magical energy, however. Likewise, the SBY is not a being of pure electrical energy, but its systems are powered by electricity. Also, that's a run-on sentence. You could splice them together with a comma or semicolon, I suppose.
(PS: The odds are that they already know if magic and electricity are compatible, seeing as they have been reverse-engineering electrical devices for the past two hundred years. How could they have done this without powering up the electrical devices on the ship, unless they had already invented electricity? Either way, I'm sure that experiment has already been conducted. Regardless of this plot hole, reverse engineering tech from an advanced starship is an interesting explanation for all the tech anachronisms in Equestria.)

The flywheel made a spun just a fraction, then it spun again, and again. soon it had completed one full very slow rotation.

Remove "made a," capitalize "soon" and place a comma b/t "very" and "slow."
I look forward to what they plan on doing with the ship, and in the meantime suggest you proofread harder. Waiting a day or two after writing it out can help you spot mistakes more easily!

2506720 either that or he didn't know it was there before they found it, and was on the project to make sure they didn't mess up too badly (and too clean up the mess if they did).

Oh. My. God. Yes.

while it didn’t affect most of them, the modest dress Rarity had donned instantly became damp.

While needs to be capitalized. :twilightsheepish:

...and I am a little disappointed. I saw "Yamato" and was thinking "Yamato Cannon" from SCII... soooooo you can see where MY mind was taking this story! :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile: :rainbowlaugh: Asides from that though, I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

.......wait wait wait... wait... no never mind I think my 1st thoughts were right. Especially based off your description of it. It was the picture (and the fact that it's half buried) that threw me off. But, really thinking about it I'm realizing I'm just a dunder head. xD

2515478 those cannons were infact named after the the Wave motion gun of the Yamato

The most amazing things i have ever seen were found aboard this very vessel.

"I" needs to be capitalized.

“The electrical lamp, coffee, the coffee machine, the hairdryer, the oven, Arcade machines, Records, Film and several classified items I’m afraid i’m not allowed to discuss”. the princess listed.

The second "I'm" needs to be capitalized, and you don't need any of the devices that you've listed to be capitalized either. Oh, and the "." should be inside the quotes. :twilightsmile:

The flywheel made a spun just a fraction, then it spun again, and again. soon it had completed one full very slow rotation.
The gentle hum became louder and more prominent. the soft vibrations now evident to all those nearby.

Need to capitalize "Soon" and "The"

the once dormant lights suddenly exploded into life bathing the engine room in proper lighting.

"The" needs to be capitalized. After reading your work I'm 1) certain that catching capitalization mistakes is one of your weak points so you should keep an eye out for them and 2) I'm enjoying this story! :twilightsmile:

I was kinda expecting an adjutant to turn on and start speaking to somepony. Looking forward to whatever you have next... just hope they don't accidentally Yamato Cannon some poor pony's face off... that's a lot of hurt for one small pony. :twilightsheepish:

2515527 and the continent said pony was stood on.

But thanks for your keen eyes! i'm sure i'll improve as I go.

2506740 If you need some reference then I can give you this: New Star Blazers Ep01
(Warning: Japanese with english sub!)
Its Yamato 2199, a refit of the 1977s show, updated visual, slightly altered story (but still true to its core) and still 120% kickassery (120% is an Yamato meme, when they warp or fire the main gun they first have to put the energy output to 120, so no 20% jokes here :twilightsheepish:)
Its not completed yet so new episodes might pop up in the future.

2515537 Hey, if a Yamato Cannon can be focused onto one zergling I'm sure it can be focused onto a single pony! xD :twilightsheepish:

And I'm sure you will! Just keep writing and keep editing! I'd recommend trying to read out loud if you're not already. That's a pretty solid proofreading tactic.:twilightsmile:

Actually you linked me to Episode 11 there, not 01. :derpytongue2:

I'll give it a look-see. If only to watch more wave-motion gun awesomeness.

2518603 i encourage you and anyone reading to watch Yamato 2199 it is easily the best anime I've ever had the pleasure of watching it sits just above spice and wolf.

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