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A year since they last saw each other, Fluttershy and Dash decided to catch up with each other at Fluttershy's cottage over dinner.

FlutterDash with other shipping mentioned.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Rainbow Dash :Hmm... just some fun, huh? :rainbowwild:
Apple Jack: WHERES CHAPTER 2!?!?:ajsmug:

Not bad, you have Fluttershy's voice down much better than I thought you would.:yay:

For your next mission: CheeriMac!:raritywink:

I trusted you not to write something like this...
You know my hatred for Les-Dash, man. Why did you do this to me?! :flutterrage:
But since I consider you a friend, I won't dislike. But I won't like either.

Sorry dude:twilightblush: I was just experimenting here. I don't like Les-Dash either but I wanted to see if I can do it.:twilightsheepish:
CheeriMac? Hey there! I'm a fanfic writer...not a miracle worker!:flutterrage:

Fein... :ajsleepy: :facehoof:

*Walks away, cursing in German*

I dont appreciate the FlutterMac...
other than that, it was an interesting take on things.

Kinda disappointed that they didn't get together again at the end as Dash could always take Flutershy with her on tour.

Interesting story, but I think I see where all those dislikes are coming from. Not to be a jackass, but your grammar and sentence structure was pretty atrocious. Did you get a proofreader to look over this? Hopefully not. This was definitely an interesting idea, but it could be improved and turned into a much better story with some polish.

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