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Agree 100%. I'm in the same boat, being a longtime fan of Ponies in love. I'm very sad to see it go.

Oh my god it's gone, I read your story "Ponies in love" religiously around 2014 and have a lot of memories of it. If you ever return to this page and see my comment, I wanna say thanks for making it and I'm really sad to see it disappear. I would've loved to reread it or see how it ended.

Hey. I know you haven't been logged on since February of 2017, but I just wanted to drop on by and say that I really enjoyed 'Ponies in Love' and I'm still a bit upset that you never got around to finishing it. But I can live without that. I just hope that you're still alive and well. Should you ever come back to this site and check this page again, just know that we've missed you and we would be delighted to see you return and potentially even write up another story. But don't feel pressured into doing that, of course!

Wishing you the best, wherever you are! :pinkiesmile:

Hey, RainbowDasher21 here.

This is just a quick message (albeit an important one too). I'm currently writing a Flutterdash fanfic called Fluttershy's Secret (the first two chapters are up at the moment), but...and this is where things get slightly awkward...my story takes place one year after the events of your Ponies In Love story (up to Chapter 13, as in up to the end of said chapter number). As in, any events up to the end of Chapter 13 of your story have happened within the past. But, because my story takes place in high school (Dash is 16 and a half, Fluttershy is 15, one month away from being 16) - this means that the events of your story have taken place earlier (as I assume that both Dash and Shy are at least 18 in your story - seeing as the 'Sex' tag is used).

Now, I'm telling you this because I want you to know that in no way am I trying to purposely steal your amazing ideas. Believe me, Ponies In Love is by far the greatest fanfic (certainly the greatest Flutterdash fanfic) that I've ever read. It's really stayed close to my heart, and I'm with everyone else when I say to continue writing it - the cliffhanger is so intense.

Anyway, I hope you don't mind. I mean, I've given you plenty of credit throughout my blog posts about my story (as well as in the long description of the story's page). If you feel like it, you could even read it if you wish. Of course, you don't have too.

Until next time... bye! :raritywink:

You need to finish working on the "Ponies In Love" story because I think I speak for all that have read it, you left us on a Really big cliff hanger and I'm pretty sure everyone (me included) are going to be Really bucken pissed if you abandon the story.

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