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Taking place 14 years after A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life, Applejack and Rarity finish the last of their Hearth's Warming preparations, just in time for more of the Apple Family to join them for the evening.

A short little one-shot of slice of life and fluff, that's sweet and to the point. Set in a world where Applejack and Rarity has been married for 13 years and they've taken over the care of Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac has gone to start his own farm while Granny Smith enjoys a wild retirement.

Reviewed by Gwg.

Made for and luckily in time for the winter holidays. Happy holidays guys! Thanks for sticking with me for so long. Here's to many more!

Want to see the deviantart picture of this? Click HERE!

EDIT: Please remember, if you don't like the story, please leave a comment as to why. Then maybe I could improve it or offer a reason why I did whatever. Also, if you notice any grammatical issues, please let me know. Just in case.

Chapters (1)

Fiona Buckner-Smith (human Fiddlesticks) wishes to expand her musical horizons, and enters Celestia's Royal Academy with this goal in mind. But she finds that her country background and scholarship marks her as vastly different from the other freshmen in the music section.

Viola Krauss (human Symphony) is a rising star in the violin section, expecting her way paved with her family heritage and skills, only to find some backwater amateur upsets her plans. Finding herself suddenly challenged for first chair, she tries to answer with one of her own.

Two girls, both violinists and wanting to reach the top, find the other in their path. Can they work together to reach there or will jealousy and envy for one another drive a wedge between them?

EDIT: Yes, I changed the names. I used their pony names to get it to pass submission. I feel guilty and yet not. GTVS: The Great Teacher Vinyl Scratch is the sequel to this story (though this story was made AFTER GTVS started and got really far). I got the author's permission to write this and everything in here is correct and aligned with the cannon of his story.

Chapters (4)

Princess Luna has come down from Canterlot on this particular night, a night of long standing tradition, when the ponies of Equestria stave off monsters and the monstrous Nightmare Moon by collecting and offering sweets to appease their hunger. The lunar princess had questioned the holiday for the past year and when it came around once more, she sought out the knowledgeable Twilight Sparkle. Luckily Pinkie Pie knows everypony who is anypony to ask and directs the princes to the greatest DJ around, DJ Pon-3, to learn of the night life.

But will she find the answers she seeks? Will it be enough to show just how times have indeed changed? Find out in, Behold the Night!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Party Animal and the Bookworm

After the what would seem like an ordinary birthday party, Twilight and Pinkie Pie have found a new kind of party of the heart with one another. Can either mare put up with the ecentric nature or will their differences tear them apart? Then there's usual trials of relationships, something neither mare had any previous experience with. Can they see past the differences that would otherwise divide them to enjoy and a new kind of party?

Find out!

This takes place in the same 'universe' as my other stories; The Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders - Fillies on a Mission!, A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life , and Taming the Storm. These are not required to be read to understand what's happening, but it helps to give a full picture.

The 'sex' tag is for how cuddly these guys get from the very start.

Co-made with Gwg, who helps with story, ideas, and editing/reviewing this story.

Chapters (22)

Applejack is a simple farmer, Rarity is a complex and up-and-coming fashionista; two very different personalities and two very different lifestyles. So different that they had very little contact or interaction with one another until a certain lavender unicorn came to town and six near strangers became the best of friends.

Can Applejack and Rarity learn to get along or are they just too different? This is the story of a simple farmer and not so simple fashionista....

Co-made with Gwg, who helps with story, ideas, and editing/reviewing this story.
Also, a large thanks to those who also helped to edit and review this story; there have been a few people who have taken turns helping with the editing. Since different people have done different chapters, the individual chapters have the thanks attached to the corresponding editors.

This takes place in the same 'world' as Perfect Pitch, The Party Animal and the Bookworm, and the Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Please point out anything if you find errors and leave a comment or message about why you dislike the story. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapters (26)

Vinyl Scratch wants to put the past behind her as she starts her new life at Equestria United Community College. But can she overcome that past to get along with her new classically inclined roommate Octavia and learn new ways to enjoy and express music with the Equestrian Girls, the local A Cappella group of EUCC?

Yes, I know, it sounds an awful lot like some other american movie *cough cough* Pitch Perfect *cough cough*, but I couldn't help it! I watched the movie, all I thought of was that Beca was their DJ, and we had our own. So while I did get a lot of inspiration from the movie, this will have a few of it's own twists and turns.

Two side-notes to make: One, thanks to Gwg for the editing and some suggestions for this story! Two, this story takes place in the same universe as the rest of my stories, but happens 4 years before Twilight first comes to Ponyville. ENJOY!
EDIT: Yes, I've added the 'sex' tag.
SPOILER: Nothing explicit, but they get real cuddly and friendly towards the end.

There is a collection of pictures of the rest of the A Cappella team, which can be found here. Just the OC team members though, the others have rather nice pictures made by Dhx and Hasbro.

Also, I can't help but ship. I'm a romantic at heart, and I like TaviScratch. As always, please comment or message me if you give it a thumbs down, I like to learn about what went wrong.

Also also, it's been a very long time since I've done much musical stuff (I was in band for 5 years until 4 years ago) so please forgive me/excuse me if I get something wrong, and feel free to point it out by comment or message. Thanks!

Chapters (15)

Twilight moves to Ponyville, learning about friendship with the help of her five best friends. Little does she know that one of these friends has always wanted a little more than friendship. Can she learn about a new kind of friendship? How does 'Pinkie Sense' work? Will two of the most polar opposite mares in the town ever realize what they mean to one another? Find out in the story of the Party Animal and the Bookworm!

Edit: yes, I've changed a few things if you are re-reading this. I'm trying to get it all updated and fixed up; please let me know if anything's wrong. Gwg is a HUGE help in editing this among all my other work.

If you don't like it and give it a thumbs down, please let me know; I like to learn what I did wrong to either fix it or grow from it.

This story takes place in the same 'universe' as all my other stories; The Cutie Mark Crusaders - Fillies on a Mission!, A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life, Taming the Storm, and Tank's Monologue. Reading the others isn't required but it helps to give a fuller picture of what's going on.

The sequel is A New Kind of Party. Enjoy!

Chapters (15)

This is Tank's monologue of how he earned himself an owner through Tenacity. Due to time constraints, this monologue was sped up by 3, so that the reader can enjoy other stories during the time that they have to read.

This will also have Tank's view of his owner acting more oddly than usual when it comes to their mutual shy friend.

This is a oneshot. While I have written some stories before (nothing posted on this site, but still) I have never written from a 1st person POV and for a pet no less.

Chapters (1)
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