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Pathfinder Update · 1:10am Mar 7th, 2017

Well I know there are people waiting for this, really sorry. I got into a game called Rust last month and for those that played that game, they know how much time goes into it. Well I'm done with that and have been working on the next chapter. With luck it should be out this week.

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Story Idea · 4:27pm Jun 14th, 2016

Okay I have this itch to try something new, mainly a one-shot clop fic about Starlight, Trixie and Sunburst but I'm not sure if anyone would actually want to read that. If there is some interests in it then I could give it a shot and try to have it out in a couple of weeks. So I'm asking, is such a thing something you all might like or should I just stick with what I have so far?

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New One Shot coming · 6:42pm May 6th, 2016

Just giving everyone a heads up I got a comedy one-shot that I've been working on called "So...are unicorns evil?" mainly it has the cast talk about how for some reason most of the evil ponies they've dealt with have been unicorns (even if they have reformed) it's something that came to me after watching No Second Prances.

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Should it be cancelled · 4:50pm Jan 10th, 2016

I was wondering should I just cancel and delete my story mountain of shadows? It doesn't seem like anyone is really interested in it at the moment. Maybe I should come back to it at another time or something and focus more on Pathfinder?

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Subspecies of Equestria? · 1:46am May 7th, 2015

With the new episode featuring the character Trouble Shoes I couldn't help but think about something. He is obviously an actual horse instead of a pony and it made me think. Could there be different pony subspecies? Those 'Bat-ponies' for instant seen pulling Luna in that one episode about Nightmare Night seemed to be a Pegasus offshoot so would that make Horses the offshoot of Earth Ponies? If this is true then I have to wonder what the Unicorn equivalent is and will we see it?

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