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Dragons are a lot of things. Strong. Brave. Confident.

Smolder has all of these qualities in spades. For example, she needed strength, bravery, and confidence to ask the object of her crush to visit her in the Dragon Lands.

She just didn't expect Ocellus to be such a good dragon too, or why that would be such a problem.

Edited by my dear friends FamousLastWords, Not Enough Coffee, Ice Star, Semillon, Muggonny, and MissytheAngle

Cover art by Raikohillust!

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I'll reiterate what I said to you personally after pre-reading/editing this story of yours. While not the strongest I've seen from you, it certainly isn't lacking strength by any means. Smolder and Ocellus a written incredibly accurately, and the central drama had me turning the digital page to see what was gonna happen next.

I'm incredibly happy you wrote my favorite ship from the student six, and this is one of my new favorites for them. :heart:

This is a good idea for a story.

Editing this story was an absolute delight even if 10910423 was being a big slacker in voice chat most of the time. The first-person look into Smolder's mind was a great blend of dorky realism with an array of thoughtful touches that really just foiled the heart of the story: the struggle that both of the girls have fitted in with their homes, species, and truest selves. I'm actually glad you gave me a tease of the themes of their conversation and some of the intended parallels. There was a reason I left them mostly untouched, like Ember they were already based and well-written. Ya did well the first time around. Thank goodness these two nerds have each other.

This story isn't about birds, but it still puts me in the the groove for this song:

IT'S FUCKING GOOD very cute great dialogue fun character work charming voice A MILLION OUT OF TEN THANKS FOR FEEDING MY DESPERATE NEED FOR SMOLCELLUS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Loved it as I do all your work. Not just saying that because I edited it. I really enjoyed reading this.

I agree. Loved the dialogue and tone.

Thank you for editing, my guy. Glad to know I did the idea and the couple justice :)

I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen a similar story tbh. For as many fics as this fandom generates, there's always more ideas to be had :)

That was an amazing SmolCellus fic. I need more SmolCellus in my life :yay:

I was so worried I wasn't going to get the core conflict right, bro you have no idea. Identity issues are such a delicate subject and it's so easy to write them distastefully. I'm wearing it as a badge of honor that I was able to get it right on the first try :twilightsmile:

The world needs more bug and lizerd, I'm just glad I was able to provide some for everyone to enjoy :)

I am sorry I was distracted with the fun we were having! But hey, I managed to focus and get it done eventually!

Your editing is always crucial when it comes to getting relationship dynamics right, bro. Couldn't do it without you :heart:

Heck yeah, dude. I always have your back.


I am sorry I was distracted with the fun we were having!

Gay gay homosexual gay.

I sadly never got to give you a big banger of a comment after finishing through the story (I'm a busy, tired slut what can I say?), but better late than never, I suppose. Because my gosh, editing through this sent me on a journey. A changeling having a self identity crises, but more so in not wanting to be herself? Tragic! The conflict just hits you right in the gut, and Smolder and Ocellus's interaction is so, so beautiful. Your dialogue hits all the right spots, in being both realistic but also incredibly emotional and even a bit heartbreaking.

Also, gotta love a brash and confident character like Smolder turning to mush and acting so dorky around her crush. And for Ocellus to be the brave one to take the step forward. How cute! What a nice and delicate blend of all too real existentialism and cute just girls being girls. As always, great work from my dear friend, Jack!

For you. 🖤

I been looking for these type of fanfic about ocellus for some time now THANKS YOU

I'm just going to be honest when I first saw that profile picture on my foot start with who was that dragon and why are they with smaller, then I realized that I was ocellus and I smiled

“Tap out when you’ve had enough,” she said, her voice calm through the exertion. I stood there with my jaw slack as my big brother was effectively taken out without so much as a fight. By Ocellus.

Oh Garble, didn't you know that even a cornered mouse is dangerous?

Missy I'm gonna CRY thank you so much :fluttercry:

Sin for the win, tragic imposter in the bin. Lend this story a friend, write more and my heart will bend. The end. Fin.

I really wished we had seen more of the intervening time between arrival and confession - to really see Smolder's feelings, well... smolder.

That said, though, so goooood! Quick, fun, and good characterizations throughout. Really enjoyed the dialogue: it played out very smoothly and felt authentic to the characters. I really like that Ocellus ends up being the more aggressive character in the pair throughout the story, against all my expectations.

“Why did you backpedal when you were going to say you love me?”


Congrats on putting this love out into the universe. I'm glad to have read it.

I love that line, too. When I first read it, I legit had to sit back in my chair, lol.

It was one of my favorite lines too, and made me re-read it a few times to really take it in.

This is very good stuff. Can't really put it into words properly but it was just so good from start to finish!


A changeling having a self identity crises, but more so in not wanting to be herself?

Over in Eberron we call 'em passers. Very different species despite the shared name, but it works.

This was a lovely short read, and a great exercise to get back into writing regularly, I would presume. The first half or so worried me that this was the setup to a much longer story (as long projects tend to pass the baton to the next before crossing the finish line, as it were), but the ending made it a wonderful little slice. The dialog and pacing of their conversations feels wholesome, sure, but also very natural, which is a difficult thing, especially when mixed with such powerfully evocative and yet character-reflective descriptions of the world around our protagonist.

If there was one thing I would like to see done different (which perhaps wouldn't work as well for this story, but nevermind) is a different approach to relationships or potential relationships. Maybe this reflects more on me as someone more than half a decade removed from this sort of feeling, but the "I can't let them know how I really feel or I'll ruin everything" vibe is strong and constant in your stories, at least as they pertain to shipping. Maybe that's just the nature of friends-to-something-more, but perhaps that's something to think about.

Love to see more from you, and love knowing that there's more of other work to come.

They say write what you know, so unrequited feelings is what I write! 😔

But for real, that was actually a conscious choice! The fact that this was written as a warmup for other projects is reflected in the choice of internal conflict for Smolder. Since I'm getting ready to get back into writing a story of "i can't let them find out how I feel", what better way to get back into that groove than by writing a similar conflict in this story?

Thank you for reading, bro :)

I love the dichotomy in Ocellus's character. She's timid and shy on the surface, but you have to remember that for pretty much all of her life until recently, she would have been trained in how to steal love. At least by my own headcanons, that would give changelings a general familiarity and comfort when approaching matters of relationships, if only because they were taught how to manipulate them to their advantage.

It's a good thing she has no want of manipulation and genuinely cares about Smolder. The end result with Ocellus is a shy, timid character who paradoxically doesn't shy away from matters of romance and can even be surprisingly confident with them. After all, a bug's gotta eat, right?

And yes, that was one of my favorite lines to write in this whole story! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed :)


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Cute and adorable

Daw, this was beyond cute. Love the way these two interact and Ocellus’s dilemma is a very compelling one for her character/race. With so much baggage attached to the changelings it’s obvious that some of them would want to just head away forever.
Great work as always man

As Tom would say: "Don't you believe it?"

i wish we had so much more of this shipping, that I am trying my best to slowly contribute it over the next couple of months.
This was a truely wonderful story and I really hope there will be more of this either here or from other authors too!

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