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Rarity has a hypothesis: color synergy between lovers' coats increases the odds of a successful romance. Twilight is good at testing hypotheses.

What's that? Test it themselves?

Nah. They're gonna make Rainbow Dash do it.

Written for Monochromatic's Interwoven Colors contest.

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...crap I really like this one bu it isn't one of the entries I did cover art for, so im not sure if I can root for it!

8196311 That's an... unusual metric to judge a story by. Especially since the point of the contest isn't winning or losing, it's making a bunch of RariTwi.

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Heh yeah its possible im being too competitive. Its just that the months leading up to the contest deadline I've befriended a lot of the writers for those stories that I helped preread or made cover art for and so I've got a bit of personal investment in them, almost like I helped write them myself!

But this was seriously so well written and everyone was in character! I'm not a judge but if I was I'd be tempted to vote for this, even despite my aforementioend bias

Which of these mares will have to tell Spike about this?

Good read! I enjoyed the interactions here.
Though I think you made Tree Hugger way, way too slow. Oh well, it was for a good comedic purpose, so you're forgiven :raritywink:

Heh, Dash thinks she's devious... and then it backfired spectacularly. That relationship was set to crash and burn indeed.

As for AJ... ouch. She genuinely tried, only to get ditched.
... then again, Rarity did ditch Tree Hugger without so much as a goodbye as well, so yeah.

Oh, Pinkie. I knew that the stain on the roof would not be anything intimate, but I didn't expect that :rainbowlaugh:

I think you explained Twi's unwillingness for blind dates, or dates in general, quite nicely. Indeed, why have any substitute if you want the real thing?
At least she'll try with someone who will genuinely try. After all, Rarity is looking for the same thing.

Nice. Kind of fun to see Twilight and Rarity plotting together. Just thinking of the disasters those two could cause is making me cackle.

8200800 I think this Treehugger was inspired by Dash from Zootopia.

8206131 yeah, I immediately thought of that sloth as well :rainbowlaugh:

I just want to say that "In the distance, a ukulele strummed ominously" is one of the better sentences I've read lately. Alsp that this was fun and cute.

Author Interviewer

I've been working under this theory for years now, I'm glad someone finally wrote a story about it! :D

Okay, this was fun, and funny, and it all came together in a nice, natural, and kind of touching way.

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