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Love Sickness - XenoPony

Dragons are not hot! Or at least Twilight keeps telling herself.

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Chapter Five: Can't Hide What's Inside

To say that tonight was shaping up to be a mess was an understatement. When somepony is stuck with a body that is insistent on slowly changing into the body of another, the last place they want to be is in the middle of a crowded hall with noise, desserts flying like artillery, and every single pair of eyes in the room on them. Twilight stood as stiff as she could, even as parts of her body bubbled and morphed under her clothes and the smearing of pie filling. One draconic eye poked out from her slanted glasses. Bones in her back were grinding, spines asserting themselves and steadily ripping through her dress at a painfully slow rate.

Dear Celestia, how about everypony just gawk at me changing in slow motion while they're at it! Twilight thought, mouth twitching as she resisted the urge to smile at the ponies looking at her. No, don't show them the damn teeth, Twi

Yet before anypony could scream at how horrifying she was starting to look, everypony burst out laughing. Despite her better judgment, Twilight offered a weak smile, straightening her glasses and desperately looking for Starlight's assistance. That fire in her gut was building far too strong now, but the lilac mare was thankfully still right next to her. Of course, like the universe was some sick joke, somepony else was swift to interfere.

"Oh, Twilight... Looks like you're it... Sooo, wanna throw a pie?" Pinkie Pie asked, materializing beside the princess with a fresh pie in one forehoof.

Oh, I'm going to kill you Rainbow! Twilight's mind seared as she noticed the pegasus hovering behind Pinkie barely able to contain her laughter as she muttered a weak apology. No, Twilight, no! Don't think about setting her on fire on her anniversary!

"Errrrmmm," Twilight's voice was like that of rocks grinding together, at least until it cracked and she slammed her one good forehoof to her muzzle, folding the other to her chest in an effort to cover her claws.

"Sooo, Twilight?" Pinkie pressed, almost muzzle to muzzle with the princess, eyes staring right through her shades into her very soul. Words caught in the alicorn's throat like bricks, the fire in her chest swelling against the awkward plug as she trembled.

Pinkie cocked her head, a curious look blooming before she was interrupted. "Oh, Pinkie, dear, you might want to just give her a little space," chimed Rarity, waving a hoof to the pink mare.

Pinkie's curious look turned to concern as she glanced over at the primly dressed unicorn, taking a small step back. Both her face and that of Rainbow hovering behind her were a mix of worry and confusion as Twilight trembled, desperately trying to stammer out a word through her body's explosive attempts to break free of the disguise. It was like a pressure now, she could feel muscles bulging, scales cutting through fabric and her folded wings rippling. She coiled in on herself, trying to cover everything as she looked about in desperation.

"Say, ya’ alright, sugarcube?" asked Applejack from across the table, shooting her wife a disapproving look.

"What, I didn't aim for her specifically, AJ," Rainbow responded with a shrug.

"Bathroom now!" Starlight suddenly declared, marching into Twilight and shoving the paralyzed princess aside with her head as well as the full force of her magic.

The motion went by like a blur, every pair of eyes was still on her as her butt slid across the floor and Starlight dragged her right over to the furthest corner of the room. Before any more attention could focus on her, however, Rarity stepped into the place she'd been occupying and called out.

"Nothing to see here everypony, you just go right back to your games," she declared, laughing before she added. "Rainbow Dash, you throw one pie at me and so help me I'll have those wings of yours plucked!"

"S-Starlight... I think the spell is..." Twilight began to stammer, doubling over before Starlight forced a hoof to her muzzle.

"Don't talk, your voice is really, really not like it usually is," she insisted as she sat Twilight down by the bathroom door and looked her over. "Oh, it's completely breaking down, give me a second I might be able to give you a little more time."

She lowered her horn, face scrunching as she focused her magic and poured a little more power into the spell. Twilight felt her throat clear and the bubbling in her muscles stop, yet one look down and it was clear what draconic features had managed to break free were still prominent.

"Er, Starlight..." Twilight asked, her voice at least her own for the time being as she lifted her one claw-hoof and flexed her sharp talons. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Into the bathroom... I can put more into it without anypony noticing..."

"Oh, there you are, Glim-Glam!" Before the lilac mare could finish she was assaulted from behind be a light blue hoof, and from nowhere Trixie materialized to snuggle her wife's neck. "I have been looking all over for you!"

To say Starlight's predictions about her wife's state had been right was a testament to how well the pair knew each other. Trixie had either drunk much more than everypony else, or she was the biggest lightweight in town.

"Oh, Trixie... Hi, I thought you were going on stage," Starlight stammered as she showmare hugged her tightly.

"Oh, I am, Glim-Glam, don't you forget it... You'll be comming with me. But first, you don't want one drink with your little Lulamoon?" Trixie pleaded, sparkles in her puppy like eyes as her bottom lip quivered.

"I... Trixie, sorry but..." Starlight began to say, but Twilight shook her head.

"Just go Starlight, she's your wife. I can just hide for a few minutes." Twilight could not believe what she was saying as the words left her muzzle, but she at least felt she owed Starlight some time with the pony she'd married. "Just don't be too long, please," she added with an equally pleading expression.

"Twilight, I don't think that's a good..." It didn't seem the unicorn was permitted to finish any of her sentences as once again she was interrupted.

"Splendid, thank you, Twilight. Come on, Glimmy!" Trixie declared as she dragged Starlight into the crowd by a forehoof, the lilac mare stammering in protest.

An uneasy smile crossed Twilight's muzzle. Then her gut gave a sharp cramp and she doubled over as a puff of smoke escaped in another rude outburst.

Get out of sight, you dolt! Her mind ordered as she felt her muscles starting to shudder once again. She spun, darting right into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her. Safe, okay... I think it's safe. She assured herself, pressing her back to the door and sinking down until her balding butt it the floor.

There was a small sniff, and her whole body feeling as it were sitting on pins, Twilight's head shot up to find she was not alone.

"Oh... H-hey there, Twilight," murmured Fluttershy as she locked eyes with the stunned princess.

Oh, no, no, no... What is she doing in here! Wait, is it just me or does she look like she's been crying? Twilight's mind observed as once again lumps caught in her trembling throat.

Startled a little, Fluttershy took a step back, mane falling over her somewhat puffy eyes. Yet without a response other than heavy breathing from Twilight, the timid mare shifted her head and asked weakly. "Are you okay, Twilight? And... Is that pie all over your face?"

Oh, come on, you are seriously finding it hard to look at Fluttershy. This is usually her thing! Twilight's mind raced as her eyes darted about, ears twitching like buzzing insect wings and a fresh pair of horns slowly pushing up her hat.

She pressed a hoof to her head, sweating as she stammered. "Erm, yes it is! But I'm fine... Perfectly fine, Fluttershy... I'm fine here." She had to resist the urge to force that smile as she felt her long draconic tongue licking against fangs. Her muzzle gave a subtle crunch, extending a little as her voice cracked several times. "Sooo, good here... How are you?"

Fluttershy peeked out from between her mane, a little perplexed looking. "I... I'm... There's... Something was bothering me but..." She peeked further, leaning forward as she sniffed and wiped her muzzle. "Twilight are you sure, your face looks swollen, and your voice is... Erm, Maybe I should take a..."

"Nope, I'm perfect, Fluttershy! Just had a little too much to drink... I..." She looked around rapidly. "I think I need to throw up!" Twilight declared and in a flash, she darted into one of the room's two bathroom stalls and slammed the door shut.

Oh, of all the times you had to pick to mope in the bathroom Fluttershy. Why is she even in here? Twilight's mind exclaimed as she pressed both forehooves to the sides on the stall, taking long deep breaths as her whole body began to tingle. Oh, it's just getting worse.

Feeling claws, not hooves, dig into the sides of the stall, it was pretty clear that Starlight's mask had failed even with the momentary boost. The sensation of her bones popping and muzzle stretching forcing her to wince and grit her newly sharp fangs was even more of an alarm. It was an odd sensation as her expanding form ripped through her dress, hat falling to the floor as a pair of curled horns expanded out of her frazzled mane. A long tail snaked out from the rear of her dress, her size almost doubling along with it. To have the transformation have a sudden growth spurt as it was, was painful, her body felt like putty in a foal's hooves as she bit back and tried not to call out.

As if seeking revenge for being repressed, the transformation dragged on, slowing only when it left her looking far more dragoness then mare. One look at her reflection in the sheen of her broken glasses and she gasped. On her face, under the last drabs of pie filling, was a large and narrow snout where her squat muzzle had once been. Her eyes were unrecognizably lizard-like and her nostrils flared with every deep breath. It wasn't hard to know why as she felt her newly large barrel of a chest expand and contract, far stronger wing muscles wrapped around her bones than when she'd been an alicorn. The only things left that even suggested she was once a mare were her mane, a few odd feathers, and rear hooves. Yet even the foremost of those features was now more like a dorsal trail of lavender fur dotted by short spines and the lattermost were already starting to look lumpy.

Well, at least I still have my cutie mark? Her mind offered as she placed one claw on her rather sharp and freshly scaled flanks, ears pressed flat by her new horns. Note to self, don't try to suppress a transformation curse again, it only makes it so much worse!

"Erm, Twilight... I know you said you were okay but that really didn't sound good. How much did you drink?" Came Fluttershy's voice and Twilight smacked a claw to her face.

Oh, if only this was happening because you were drunk off your tail. Her mind chimed as she clutched the scale plated underside of her throat.

"I..." The claw instantly slid to her muzzle as she heard her voice. "I'm fine," she offered, forcing a higher pitch best she could.

It did not sound as if it had Fluttershy convinced. "You know, it's nothing to be ashamed of right,? Just because I don't drink doesn't mean you can't," the butter yellow mare reassured and despite herself, Twilight rolled her eyes.

Damn it, why is she so innocent! she mentally screamed, wishing the timid mare would just forget what she'd heard and leave like nothing had gone wrong. Keep it together, Twi, she’s terrified of dragons remember? Don't let the frustration get the better of you. You're still a mare in your head!

"I... I know... I just had... Kinda hard to talk... You know, throwing up..." Twilight choked and hearing Fluttershy gasp she huffed and finally added. "You know... If you really want to help, please, please, please go find Starlight for me!"

There was a long pause and for a moment she was worried Fluttershy would just fly over to look what was going on for herself.

Then there was a sniff and the pegasus finally muttered, "Okay, Twilight, you just wait right there I'll go find her for you."

There was a tapping of hooves and the sound of the party once again drifted in as Fluttershy opened the door and left, the thing lightly shutting behind her. The moment the music was once again muffled by the wall, Twilight let out a sigh, small puffs of smoke seeping from her muzzle.

Goddesses, what's got her tail in a twist? The mare turning dragoness asked herself, recalling how Fluttershy had looked in the briefest of glimpses she’d gotten. Probably something a lot less pressing than what's got your tail in a twist, Twi. I mean look, your tail is huge now!

Before she could look back at the large mass of lavender scales in question, there was a crunch and a clatter of porcelain before the princess lurched to the floor with an eep as the lavatory shattered under her new weight.

Oh, come on! She inwardly cursed. Haha, really let yourself go, Twilight.

She dropped her head with a huff, finding that her new tail was at least good for plugging leaking pipes as she shifted what was left of the sharp porcelain away from her and sat down in the newly formed puddle. She could only guess this was it, what was there left to do now but skulk back to the castle and pray to Celestia nopony noticed her. Given her new size that seemed unlikely, the bathroom stall could hardly contain her. She even had to keep her head low to avoid sticking up or going through the roof for that matter.

Damn, pony things are not designed for dragons! She mentally screamed as one wing broke through the wooden cubicle divider.

She'd have to compensate the Cakes for the damage later. Looking at the white material and water scattered around her, she figured that would be a lot of bits. A hoard of soaked porcelain scraps and a tattered disguise, great start to my draconic career.

She huffed smoke again, resting her head on the new knuckle of her left foreclaw as she waited for Starlight to come and save her yet again. As if she'd expected anything else to happen, coming out to the party in this state. Sure enough, the door to the bathroom opened a few seconds later, the sound of the party blasting in along with new, slightly staggered hoofsteps. Twilight's ears perked, a toothy smile parting her muzzle as she expected Starlight. The voice that hit her hearing, however, made a cold pit of dread form beside that burning in her chest.

"Oh, Pinkie Pie, what would we do without you?" Rainbow Dash's brash voice was unmistakable as she chuckled. "Almost the best game of tag I ever played."

Twilight swallowed, a lump like rocks in her throat as she trembled. She had to brace her claws against the wall to avoid the whole cubicle shuddering as she fought to make sure her wings did not punch another hole in the frail wooden frame. All the while she could hear Rainbow's hooves tapping on tiles as she moved to what Twilight could guess was the sink.

Oh, please, please, please don't need to use the bathroom! Twilight silently begged Celestia.

Then came the sound of running water as Rainbow spoke again. "Urg, need to get out of this stupid thing, Rarity can't make anything aerodynamic." There was a shuffling and a huff from the cyan pegasus, then a clatter as she seemingly fell over. "Whoa, okay, maybe had a little too much already."

Twilight dared lift her head, longer neck providing more than enough means by which to peek over the top of the stall and see Rainbow Dash tussling with her dress, biting at the sleeves as she tried to rip it off. The pegasus' face was scrunched as she growled at the thing, yet the second the scent of the gems adorning the fine attire hit Twilight's nostrils she had to slam a claw over her face again. The force ushered an involuntary grumble from her newly enlarged throat and a small puff of smoke.

Dress now hanging limply over her rear, Rainbow Dash's ears shot up and her head snapped to attention, looking right at the stall Twilight was crammed into. By Celestia, if the broken pipes are not enough of a giveaway... Oh, I hope she's so drunk it doesn't matter!

"Wait... Did I..." Rainbow began, seemingly confused as she stammered. "Think I better cut down on the cider, I never usually see things this early... Wait, is it still early?"

Twilight had to keep in the breath she'd been withholding in fear that it may be a deep, smoke blasting bellow. She still had a claw pressed to her snout, eyes downcast to the space below the stall door. Then she saw a pair of cyan hooves on the other side and her eyes widened, fiery blood running cold.

"Ooooooh, Dashie, you in here?" Pinkie's presence was announced by the door swinging open, then a brief rush of air as the set of bouncing pink hooves shot up next to Rainbow's.

The pegasus was just about able to give a confused mumble before Pinkie declared. "Oh, come on, silly. We still gotta play pin the tail on the pony!" There was an audible scraping as the pink hooves dragged away the cyan set. Meanwhile, Pinkie added in a sly voice, "You know how fun that can get when we've had a few."

Twilight smacked her head against the stall door the moment the pair were out of the room. Still unaware of her draconic might, however, she yelped as the door fell right off its hinges and slammed to the floor before her. She sat in petrified stillness for a few seconds, terrified that somepony may have heard. Yet the sound of thumping music and partying ponies seemed to have covered up her destruction quite well.

You can't wait for Starlight now, there won't be a hiding spot left at this rate. You need an escape! Her mind declared and she looked about, eyes fixing on the large tinted window to her right. That was before she sniffed. Oh Celestia, that smell!

Her eyes went wide, head turning like a grindstone as she lost control over her body and her eyes fixed on the dress Rainbow had left, the large gem sitting on the chest piece in particular. She planted her claws firmly, talons cracking tiles as they dug in. Yet her resistance lasted all of two seconds before she was uncontrollably gravitating towards the gem like it was some kind of super magnet.

No, no, no, stupid body, I'm in charge, not you! Twilight waged a mental war with herself, desperately trying to pull herself away from the gem.

Her face scrunched and contorted as she attempted to force it away. In retaliation, it snapped back, and her long tongue lanced out like a whip to ensnare the gem. Oh pony feathers!

Her forked appendage wrapped around the gemstone, yanking both it and the whole of the fine dress Rarity had crafted back into her eagerly waiting mouth. Fangs bit down instantly, cracking stone like hard sugar candy, the gems magically melting in her mouth like sugary ice cubes.

Great, so that's two of Rarity's dresses you've destroyed tonight, any more and she'll make a purse out of... The sensation of taste hit Twilight like a solid wall of bricks.

It was like nothing she'd ever experienced. She'd not exactly been the worst off when it had come to food in her life, what with being the student of Princess Celestia, and then a princess herself. Yet there was nothing in the assortment of royal delicacies she'd tasted over the years that even came close to what was in her mouth right now. It was like an explosion of flavor, a strong, peppermint like sting mixed with a delectable strawberry sweetness and a refreshing, almost lemonade kind of aftertaste.

Her dire predicament was all but forgotten as she munched down happily, crushing the gems and shredding the fabric with her fangs. She could feel a smile spreading on her muzzle, and imagined she must have looked rather like some kind of giddy puppy as she relished every second of the amazing treat. She knew now why Spike had always been so insistent on getting every gem he could, even the smallest ruby must have been divine. Never again would she withhold gems from him, that was if she did get her old body back. If not, then her keeping them just to stop him from getting fat would be the last of his concern.

You know where he keeps them right? You could go get more, this is wonderful! Her mind prompted, but at that, some of her sense came back to her. What, no! He trusts me with that information, I can't do that!

It was about then that the last of the gems were devoured and Twilight swiftly came to realize she was just munching on what was left of Rainbow's tattered dress. The odd speck of flavor lingered on the ragged fabric, yet glancing down at it Twilight felt her dread grow. How uncontrollable was she? It was just a dress but what if somepony ended up getting hurt?

I think getting out of here is still the best idea. Get back to the castle! The little princess in her mind ordered and she glanced to the window. Also, make sure you don't try to eat it when you get there.

Before she could calculate a way home, however, her ears perked as she caught a muffled voice from the door. "Don't worry, AJ, I just left it in here, give me a second."

That was Rainbow's voice! She knew then that dragon scales could go white as she paled and tried to drag the dress off of her fangs.

When she failed to rip all of it free she dove for the window as fast as she could. The glass shutter swung outward without cracking, and Twilight let out a breath of relief as she gasped, cool, outside air! At least the front half of her did, one glance back and it was clear that her body was now a little too wide for such a swift escape.

Oh, no, no, no! Stupid fat dragon butt, get out here! Twilight mentally screamed as she wiggled and pulled with all of her might, wings flapping. Damn, at this rate the wall's going to give out before you do.

"Wait, Dashie, you still have the blindfold on, silly!" Came the voice of Pinkie Pie, and Twilight froze, rump stuck in the window as she heard the door open and hooves trot in.

She braced herself for the pony's reaction to seeing a draconic rear sitting right across the bathroom from them, tail swaying and scaled flanks in the air. Yet nothing came from Rainbow other than a dry chuckle.

"You said it doesn't come off until I pin the tail, Pinkie. I can totally find this dress with my eyes closed... Or blindfolded, whatever," Rainbow snickered and Twilight craned her neck back just enough to peek around her butt and see the cyan mare blindly staggering around the bathroom.

Okay, so she's blindfolded and drunk. This is your chance Twilight! The princess's mind declared as ever so gently she started to wiggle her way free.

"Now where did I leave..." Rainbow muttered, trotting so close Twilight had to lift her tail to avoid it being stepped on. "Oh, the sink yeah!"

Rainbow moved over to where she'd been battling her dress only moment ago. Twilight bit back a groan as she heaved as hard as she could, wall buckling under the strain and window frame bending outward as she finally popped herself free and fell face first from the broken window frame... Right into a pool of thick, wet mud.

Oh, seriously world, why me! She screamed internally, only to go rigid again as Rainbow announced triumphantly.

"Ha, found you... Wait, why does it feel so... Was I really that rough?" Twilight sank low to the base of the window, forced to cover more of her fresh lavender scales in thick mud as she heard Rainbow trotting about.

Her folded ears perked, catching another voice from somewhere beyond the small layer of bushes she'd also found herself behind. "But I don't want to go in yet... What if they, you know... think I look terrifying or something."

"But I thought you liked looking scary," responded another voice that instantly caught Twilight's attention.

"I never said I didn't. Not like I care what they really think... But they're your friends and I do care what you think," snapped the first voice, somewhat reluctantly, and it was followed by what sounded like a sweet sounding 'Awww'.

"Stop it, that's too cute for out here!" the voice huffed again.

Twilight swallowed, hoping the bush would just protect her from everything. Unfortunately for her, one suspicious pony was not so oblivious.

"Wait, why is there water all over the floor, and what in Equestria happened to the bathroom?" Rainbow Dash asked as her hooves squelched in the flow of the leaky plumbing. Then Twilight could assume she finally saw what was left of the window. "Okay, I know I'm not that drunk!"

So much for the blindfold. Time to move Twi, time to move! Stuck between a dragon and a hard place, Twilight's mind did not relent on telling her to get her butt moving back to the castle as fast and inconspicuously as she could. It's okay, sure you can make it, just tip-hoof... or claw, pony up and get out of here before Rainbow finds you!

Closing her eyes and swallowing her fear, Twilight bit back the urge to hide and crept out from the bushes, trailing mud and branches behind her. Taking one step away from the broken window, she opened her eyes, ready to let out a breath of relief. She found two sets of draconic eyes very similar to her own new eyes looking back at her with puzzled expressions. Just like that the blood completely drained from her mud smeared face as she once again forced a toothy smile.

Oh Celestia, I knew I recognized those voices! Her mind croaked, even her little mental avatar lost for words.

She raised a claw to wave awkwardly as her raspy voice finally whimpered. "Eheh... Hi there..."