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Love Sickness - XenoPony

Dragons are not hot! Or at least Twilight keeps telling herself.

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Chapter Four: This Night's Gonna Drag-on

"Everything's going to be fine, right? Just act casual," Starlight whispered to Twilight as the pair walked through the dark Ponyville streets, gravitating in the direction of thumping music with along with a range of other ponies.

"Casual, yeah... Just act casual," Twilight muttered, straightening her hat and pushing a pair of dark-rimmed sunglasses up her muzzle as she stepped awkwardly on shifting limbs. "It's not like I feel like I'm about to explode right now or anything."

Starlight winced at her former mentor's words. To say the illusionary mask spell had been successful would have been pushing it. At first, aside from Twilight's strength and odd cough of smoke, nopony would have been any the wiser of her worsening condition. Yet the longer the mask was up the more it was starting to slip. It started with the princesses' eyes, now amethyst purple and slit like that of a dragon. Her horn was tarnished a darker shade of lavender and her fangs had once again begun to peek from her mouth in addition to the stubborn ridges reasserting themselves on the bridge of her muzzle. Her legs were starting to bend in odd ways and flecks of hair fell from her coat, disintegrating into nothing as a new pair of horns threatened to push the hat off of her head altogether.

The dress Rarity had made for her, in combination with the large headwear, glasses and thick scarf covered everything up rather neatly. What was left of Starlight's spell took care of any major details, yet with every step Twilight could feel the lean draconic body lying under the magic yearn to break free. Her attire could barely contain some of the draconic details, she could feel scales cutting through it as they once again asserted themselves from under her fur. Those instincts were still there too, a hunger for gems, the uncontrollable attraction to the draconic form. There was anger as well, she felt like every buzzing insect her twitching ears picked up needed to be swatted. Her tail was good for that at least, or what was really left of it. Part of her simply wanted to snort fire at the offending bugs just to get the burning out of her chest.

"Casual? Ha, you can't seriously expect me to act casual!" declared the third mare traveling alongside the princess and Starlight. Trixie rapped a foreleg around her wife's shoulder, pulling her into a sidelong embrace as she boasted. "You just wait, the moment the stage is free the great and powerful Trixie is going to put on such a show!"

Starlight giggled, nuzzling her wife's neck. "Oh, I sure can't wait for that, my little Pixie," the lilac mare teased and just like that the showpony's confidence waned slightly.

"What... Starlight, what did I tell you... Not in front of Twilight," Trixie muttered, floundering as she moved Starlight away, then smiled awkwardly at Twilight.

Oh, she has no idea what I've heard. The little alicorn in Twilight's head muttered as the princess rapidly returned the same awkward expression.

"Oh, don't worry about me... I'm sure whatever you put on will captivate everypony, Trixie," Twilight chuckled, waving the idea away with a hoof.

Oh, wouldn't you like that, Twilight. All eyes off you and your dumb, warping body. Twilight shook her head, eyes and ears twitching as her mane crawled.

"You'll sure have my attention, superstar," Starlight added, bumping Trixie's rump with her own, forcing the light blue mare to blush.

Face scrunching, Trixie retorted. "Okay, kinda wishing I saved telling you until we were somewhere more private, you tease."

Starlight batted her eyes. "Yeah, but just think about what I will end up doing to you in private later."

Trixie's ears stood tall, cheeks red and eyes wide as Starlight nuzzled her neck, giggled. "Okay... The Great and Powerful Trixie has water needs, catch up, please!" Just like that she was gone, darting toward Sugarcube corner like a bolt of blue lightning.

"Good distraction. I don't think I've ever seen anypony other then Rainbow Dash move that fast before," Twilight admitted, hoof pressed to her throat as she coughed.

By Celestia, no not the voice too. Damn it, I'm starting to sound like a prepubescent filly again! Twilight's mind screamed as Starlight shot her a sly look.

"Well, I wasn't lying about it. Sex helps me think afterward, all the better to solve your problem too." Now it was Twilight's turn to blush as Starlight chuckled.

Okay, after all the amazing things I have seen her do... She was able to do them because... Twilight spat out her tongue, gagging along with the little princess in her head. Way too much information!

"Whoa, watch the tongue, Twilight!" Starlight prompted, and Twilight was swift to notice that her long, gem grabbing tongue had begun to show.

Slamming her mouth shut with a shrill eep, the princess grumbled. "Erg, I really thought we had it under control for a moment... No way is this going to last all night." She glanced at Starlight as the lilac mare winced.

"I thought I'd put enough power into it, but the magic in you must be stronger than I anticipated," she admitted, then seemed to think. "Usually I'd suggest a subconscious magical flow to keep power to the spell... But with your magic out of commission, I don't know how to sustain it for much longer?"

"Please don't remind me," Twilight huffed, all too aware of the lack of any magical feeling in her head and horn as the spire atop her skull slowly faded back into its crooked, darker draconic form. "Guess I really will just have to show my face and be off... Or at least what I can of my face."

She straightened her glasses again, catching sight of her slit eyes reflection in the glass and feeling a spike of dread down her spine. She'd wanted to at least make a night out of two of her best friends' most special evening. Yet it seemed everything in the universe was conspiring to turn her into a monster instead. All she could really hope is that she did not end up seeing much of Spike or Ember, no way did she think she could keep the dragoness inside her from coming out then.

"Sorry, Twilight. If there was a way I could sustain the spell without anypony noticing then I would. But if Rarity already knows something is up, they're all going to be suspicious," Starlight apologized.

And there she goes again, bluntly reminding me of how stupid I am and how dire this situation is. Twilight's thoughts grumbled before she slammed a mental door in the face of her accusations. That's the dragoness talking, Twi, not you.

She sighed. "It's okay, Starlight, don't worry about it. All I have to do is keep my head down and, well, everything should be..."

"Oh, my goodness, you're actually here! Oo, oo, oo, Twilight, I was so worried you wouldn't come! And Starlight too, hello there my favorite magical ponies!" declared the sudden energetic voice of Pinkie Pie the moment either of the pair's hooves took one step on the doorstep of Sugarcube Corner.

Keep your head down, nopony will notice? Yeah, spoke way too soon. Twilight's mental avatar smirked as, in reality, the princess once again manufactured her signature awkward smile. You know I think you're using that a little too much, Twi. It's getting hard to hide those fangs of yours.

There was a nudge from Starlight as the lavender mare chuckled and Twilight zipped her muzzle shut. "H-hey, Pinkie... You know I wouldn't miss this for the world," Twilight stammered, words broken by chuckles and eyes darting between the pink earth pony and Starlight.

"For sure, we just had a little trouble getting ready, that's all," Starlight added, gesturing to her own, far less conspicuous, dress with a hoof. "We may, or may not, have had a magical accident with some permanent dye."

Wow, nice improvising there, are you sure you didn't train her in charisma too? Twilight's mind chirped as Starlight shot her a subtle wink. What... No, how else do you think she managed to get an entire town to follow her that one time, brain!

Pinkie Pie giggled, forehooves pressed to her muzzle. "Oh, you silly-fillies, sounds kinda neat... Oh, oh, could you make me more pink for a day? Oooorrr, maybe give me a mane like Rainbow? Oooo, the pranks I could pull on her with that!" the giddy mare exclaimed before she flicked Twilight's hat with a hoof. "Explains the super silly get-up though, Twilight. Are you some super secret agent now? Oh, I should have so made this a fancy dress party!"

Twilight was swift to press a forehoof to the headwear and make sure it didn't fall off as Pinkie beamed at the pair of them.

"Yeah, that sounds like it would have been a great idea," Twilight offered, considering just how much easier it could have been to hide her new features if everypony had been in costume.

"Yeah... That's if AJ would have let me, she's so stubborn about things around Rainbow," Pinkie huffed, waving the idea away with a hoof.

Starlight giggled. "They're married, I think one of them has to be the sensible one and it's sure not Rainbow most of the time," she offered, and in a flash, Pinkie was giving her a sly look.

"Oh, you'd know all about that wouldn't you?" the earth pony pressed and Starlight raised an eyebrow as Pinkie nudged her side. "Don't think I didn't see Trixie run in here just now all flustered... You're such a tease."

Starlight choked, coughing, their antics at least drawing a laugh from Twilight. Then she swiftly slammed a hoof over her muzzle as her giggling voice cracked again. Pinkie was none the wiser as she was too busy giggling herself.

"Hehe, you're all so cute nowadays... Hehehe, she made right for the punch, Starlight, bet that's where you'll find her now," Pinkie practically sang, before bouncing on the spot. "Oh, look, more ponies! You two enjoy the party, I gotta go meet and greet!"

In a pink blur and a gust of wind, the giddy mare was gone, darting around groups of newcomers like a cotton candy hurricane. Twilight looked to Starlight, who still had the faintest hints of pink in her cheeks before she shook her head and took a breath.

"You know, sometimes I'd really like to figure out how she knows so much about everypony," she stated, watching Pinkie dash around like a mad mare.

"It's just Pinkie being Pinkie, there's no explanation," Twilight retorted.

Yeah, just like there's probably no explanation to why you're turning into some freak of nature, Twi. Admit it, you're doomed. Twilight's mind droned and she tapped a hoof on the floor nervously.

"So you wanna head in? Trust me, if Trixie is drinking already nopony is going to be looking at you," Starlight asked, then rolled her eyes, ears folding back. "Celestia knows I'm going to have to cart her drunk butt home later."

"Sure, head in for a bit, mingle then go right back to wallowing in the castle until I turn into a dragoness... What could go wrong ?" Twilight choked awkwardly, and Starlight at least tried to make her next smile reassuring.

Oh, sure, you're in a confined space with loads of ponies while there's a virtual time bomb ticking away inside you. What in Equestria could go wrong? Twilight's mind commented, the little alicorn seemingly taking bets on how long it would take for everything to turn into an utter mess as Twilight stepped into the party. Well, hope everypony is ready for another Ponyville disaster?

The inside of Sugarcube Corner was decorated exactly as one who'd been to a party conjured up by Pinkie Pie would expect. Streamers and confetti littered the floor and ceiling, balloons were strung to just about everywhere they could be anchored. A large banner strung above the counter at the far end of the room boasted the faces of the two mares of honor. Applejack and Rainbow Dash, along with a heart and hastily written text. The music that had been audible as a distant rumble from back at the castle was now like thunder thumping in everypony's ears. A familiar white unicorn with an electric blue mane sat at the controls, purple shades concealing her eyes as she bobbed her head to the beat.

Oh Celestia, what I would not give for glasses like that right now! Twilight mentally yearned, eyes passing from the DJ across the sea of partying ponies. Yeah, you can't see strange, freaky, purple dragon eyes through purple shades, right?

The heart of the party was dominated by a long table covered in food. Cakes, pastries, and candy sat among other treats. Piles of hay burgers and fries made Twilight's mouth water. As her gaze continued to a mound of blue sapphire cupcakes sitting next to them, however, she was almost drooling uncontrollably. Her hooves started to pull her forward without thought, tongue lolling as she marched like a zompony in the direction of the table. Then a hoof wrapped over her shoulders and Starlight's face contorted as she put all of her strength into heaving the entranced Twilight in the other direction.

"This way, Twilight, look this way... Don't think about those, they're for Spike," Starlight encouraged, panting as she took Twilight by the cheeks and stared through the princesses' glasses, right into her eyes.

Twilight shook her head rapidly, breaking out of her stupor. "Gems... Spike... Oh no." She pressed a hoof to her muzzle, her dry mouth yearning for tasty sapphires and rubies. "T–thanks, Starlight... I, think I need to be as far away from food as possible."

Starlight nodded, giving a salute with a hoof as she looked around and identified a safe spot at the far end of the room by some empty dining booths. In the same moment, there was a whoosh of air and everypony's eyes were drawn to the middle of the room as a familiar brash voice announced to the crowd.

"Evening everypony!" Rainbow Dash declared as she hovered in the center of the room, dressed in a dress that looked half gown, half Wonderbolts uniform.

Wonder what she had to say to Rarity to get her to make that? Twilight asked herself, trying not to think about the pale gem set above Rainbow's chest. Something cool, awesome. No, not fancy! That's my guess. The little alicorn offered.

"First of all I'd like to thank you all for coming to the awesome second-anniversary bash of me and my awesome wife AJ!" she went on, pointing a hoof to the crowd, ponies clearing to reveal Applejack.

The farm pony looked a little put off as she was singled out, blushing even as she rolled her eyes, forelegs crossed as she shot Rainbow Dash a wry look.

The prismatic pegasus chuckled. "The love of my life, I'm pretty sure," she joked, drawing a laugh from the crowd. "But it's more than just that, neither of us would be here today if it wasn't for all of you. We have some pretty awesome friends here in Ponyville, or wherever else you've come from tonight!"

Before she could finish there was another whoosh, this time a pink flash shooting up to wrap around Rainbow's side.

"Oh, don't forget about me, Dashie! I know just how to throw the perfect party for both of you!" Pinkie Pie added, pressing a hoof to Rainbow's muzzle as she effortlessly clung to the hovering pegasus' side.

Rainbow chuckled again. "Nope, no way I could forget about you, Pinkie, without whom AJ and I would probably not be together in the first place!" The pair finished with a hoof bump, before breaking out into laughter and Applejack once again rolled her eyes.

"Now who's ready to shoot this party up to eleven!" Rainbow called, lifting a hoof as the crowd cheered.

"Oh, oh, do the cake trick, Dashie, the cake trick!" Pinkie added with equal enthusiasm as she cheered too, somehow not falling as she did so.

"Okay, Pinkie... So long as you clean it up afterward," Rainbow responded, and Pinkie grinned, licking her lips.

The cake trick? Oh, no. Twilight paled under her disguise, looking at Starlight who had an equally concerned look on her face. It's not good to be standing near that stunt at the best of times.

"We need to get out of the way, now would be a really good time!" Twilight insisted and Starlight was swift to clear the way for them both to dart over to the dining booth as Rainbow began to circle, the cheering growing in magnitude.

The pair ducked into the cover of the booth just in time as Rainbow flew up toward the stairs, gaining as much height as she could before locking eyes on a large cake in the middle of the central table. Pinkie darted to stand right behind the towering dessert, mouth open as she bounced on the spot. Almost everypony was cheering now, many moving to mimic Pinkie, save for Applejack still singled out on the far side of the room who simply pressed her hat to her chest, lowered her gaze and shook her head as she chuckled.

"Cake trick!" Pinkie called as Rainbow recoiled in the air before launching full force at the tower of baked magnificence and cyan icing.

There was a prismatic blast, followed by a torrent of sugary dessert shooting everywhere. Like a hurricane of frosting, the deluge of icing was blasted around the room, covering walls, doors, seats, and everypony standing out in the open. Open mouths were filled instantly, giddy ponies munching down as they were caked in cyan swirls. Pinkie Pie was the foremost to explode into a fit of cheers, everypony else following her a moment later as Rainbow, miraculously unscathed by any cake debris, swirled in the air to bow for the crowd.

Protected by the cover of the booth, Twilight had just one spot of frosting to flick from her muzzle, ears folding back as she muttered. "She does that with the gem cakes and I'm going to lose it."

"How does she even do that without getting covered in..." Starlight mused, tapping her chin before she caught a glimpse of Twilight shuddering so much it almost rattled the whole booth. "Oh, no, no, you're doing great, Twilight... Maybe another half hour, then we go?"

Yeah, you think you can last that long? Her mind asked, counting down like a doomsday clock to the moment she'd break. Oooo, why do my hooves look like they're flickering?

"By Celestia, the nerve of that mare. This is an anniversary, not a wing-rally," huffed Rarity, and the pair looked to see that in their haste, they'd not been the only ones to take cover in the dining booth.

Dressed in a far more appealing looking version of Twilight's dress, the fashionista looked practically glamorous without the additional hat, scarf and other random attire the princess was wearing. Rarity flicked a slip of icing away from her with a forehoof, before looking at Twilight somewhat awkwardly. The princess paled at the sight of her, no idea how to dig herself out of the hole a second time.

"I'd say you had the right idea dressing like that if they are throwing cake around like ruffians now, dear. Please, please, tell me that it's not because of the makeup reaction," Rarity offered, face stricken with guilt once again.

Oh, so she still thinks it's that? Maybe you can still cover it up? The little alicorn in her head offered as Twilight's eyes darted to anywhere other than Rarity's face, ears folded back.

"No–no, nothing to do with that... Like I said, alicorn issues..." Twilight improvised once again, shuddering as she chuckled awkwardly. "I–I have it all under control."

"It's magical exhaustion, when a lesser alicorn like Twilight expends too much magic and they need to refuel. Hence the consuming of gems... smoke is a side effect too, kinda like an engine running on fumes," Starlight interjected, resting a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "It's kind of an awkward subject. Considering there are like... Only two mares that even go through it."

Wow, improvised again? She really is good. Twilight's thoughts noted as she glanced at Starlight's cool, composed expression. Then the little princess in her head frowned. Hey, who is she calling a lesser alicorn?

"Oh, my," Rarity pressed a hoof to her chest. "I had no idea it was such a touchy subject... I'm sorry for pressing, Twilight. I just worry about you, that's all," she responded, smiling at her friend.

"It's okay, Rarity, really. I usually handle it in private, but it's just hit me at a really bad time," Twilight assured her, nodding to the party going on around them.

"Quite so, it's always such a pain when our bodies catch us out, hm?" she giggled, catching an awkward chuckle from Twilight.

Oh, she really has no idea. Celestia forbid she catch whatever I have. Then again, that happens and I guess I would not have to worry about Spike again. He'd be all over her, Ember or not. Her mind chimed as she glanced around the chaos. Bet you're so glad they're not here yet, huh?

She blushed, trying not to think about it too much before another pony caught her attention, and she looked back towards Rarity.

"Hello there, my little diamond, I was wondered where you'd gotten to. Rainbow's about to blast some pies!" said a pale, cloudy-colored pegasus stallion as he peeked over the rim of the booth, darker mane and tuxedo marred by cake frosting. "Duck and cover, right?"

Rarity looked at Soarin and frowned, but reluctantly nuzzled the tip of his muzzle regardless. "More than you, it seems, some of us still wish to keep our glamour intact. You're lucky that tux looks so good on you... and that it's an old one. I should have known better than that, now that I think about it," she responded and the stallion smirked.

"Cake or no cake, you'd be no less glamorous." He nudged her with a wing tip and she blushed, horn lighting up and yanking him forward by his tie.

"Twilight, Starlight, you've met Soarin before, have you not?" Rarity introduced and the moment her coltfriend realized who he was standing before he dropped into a bow.

"Princess Twilight, my apologies I did not recognize you," he offered, forcing Twilight to blush as her distorting feathers ruffled.

"D–don't worry about it, really, Soarin," she chuckled, tapping a hoof as he lifted his head. The stallion's look turned quizzical as the floorboards buckled under the force of Twilight's step, yet before he could speak Rarity chimed in.

"Oh, such a gentlecolt, isn't he?" the alabaster mare admired, nuzzling his neck as he blushed sheepishly, ears folding back. "Handsome and well mannered!"

Twilight glanced at Starlight, the pair sharing an awkward look before Rarity's attention became focused on the latter mare.
"But enough about my love life, how about you Starlight... I saw Trixie before but you weren't around. How are you two doing?" Rarity asked, and Starlight swiftly recomposed herself.

"Oh, you know how she is. I have a feeling everypony will know she's here by the end of the night," she responded, chuckling before she added. "We're both doing great, I just kinda had to help Twilight out with her alicorn issues first. Didn't want other ponies noticing."

Twilight nodded at the confirmation, as did Rarity. "Oh, I completely understand, darling. Also, if there is anything you need me to do too, do not hesitate to ask," the fashionista offered.

"Wait, alicorn issues? Are you okay princess?" Soarin asked, only to be nudged aside by a pale flank and a somewhat sultry looking Rarity.

"Mare issues, honey. You need not concern yourself with them," she assured him, muttering something inaudible in his ear that forced him to go redder than ever and shrink back.

"Oh, okay." The shrill cough that left Soarin's mouth at the words pretty much confirmed he'd not be repeating whatever his marefriend had told him any time soon.

And here I thought your voice was breaking, goddesses. For once the little alicorn in Twilight's head was impressed by something other than her own bodily changes as Rarity smiled back at her and Starlight.

"Thanks, Rarity, I'll be sure to come find you if we need anything," Twilight assured, offering a smile, only to be cut off by Starlight as she was hugged from the side.

"Or more accurately I'll come and find you... You know how things can get," the lilac mare added, before whispering in Twilight's ear. "The smile, Twi... Your fangs are showing again."

The princess let out a shrill eep, lips doing their best to stretch over her persistently prominent fangs as she turned away from Rarity and Soarin. Her retreat was covered by Starlight who stepped in to cover her former mentor's rear, flanks starting to weep falling fur again as scales forced their way outwards. Twilight swallowed, her throat aching as fire bubbled in her chest. The more she worked herself up, the more the mask seemed to slip, and her head drooped, neck cracking. She saw one of her forehooves flicker like a dying candle, then large claws appeared from under the illusion as it failed. Gasping a small puff of smoke, she covered the offending limb with the forehoof that still maintained its disguise. Her head shot up, sharpening ears tall. She needed a place to hide, she needed Starlight again!

The mare in question's voice chimed just behind her as she addressed Rarity and her pegasus coltfriend with a joke about how much magic could mess a pony up sometimes.

Funny Starlight, haha. Her mind droned. Then it hit her, not so much a realization, or the sudden sensation of all of her draconic features all erupting out at once.

Instead, it was the warm, hot stickiness of fresh pie sliding down her face. Twilight's eye twitched, dark glasses slanting as she fought hard to keep herself composed and not let the dragoness out from under the illusion. What was it Soarin said about pie? Oh Celestia, that's going to leave a mark.