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Running the Equestria Games is more about resolving one disaster after another, but after three years Ms. Harshwhinny was almost used insanity of it. Yet she finds a small calm in the chaos in the form of a quiet gray mare who fate or luck seems to keep crossing her path.

Now with Dramatic Reading #1 and Dramatic Reading #2!

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Yes, this is Ms. Harshwhinny/Maud Pie fic. Sometimes an idea for a crackship hits you, and you just have to write it down!

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Being a fan of Maud fics, this is going into my read later folder.

That was excellent. And Olympia joins my growing list of Harshwhinny first names.

This was good stuff. Unusual and interesting pairing. You are to be commended for that. :pinkiehappy:

oh my god yes

4627188 I'm glad you liked the story and my choice for names. Thought it worked well with her being all about the Games.

4627775 Thank you!

4629177 I take that as a ringing endorsement? :)

That'll teach me not to doubt check if I've already commented XD

1) Harshwhinny

2) Well-written

3) Sold!

This was surprisingly relaxed compared to most shipping stories I've read.:ajsmug:
HarshMaud, it sounds like a game where you have to fend off forty velociraptors that can walk on the walls and ceilings while you yourself are armed with a plastic fork.:pinkiecrazy:

Crack pairings are always the best when they just work. And this, it more than works, it's perfect!. Loved the fic, love the first naem you gave Harshwhinny and hate the fact it was so short! Easy fav

Why is it Maud has a ton of oneshots...I haven't been able to find a romance story with Maud that wasn't...


I have been playing around with the idea of a followup with these two. Honestly they were fun to write.

4918247 I shall be waiting then!

This is the best crackfic I've ever read. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you approve! :)

Author Interviewer

I cannot believe that A) this turned out as good as it did, and B) it wasn't based off a Crackships, Inc. prompt. (I have added it to that group.)

The best thing? Ms. Harshwhinny's first name. That's perfect. If I ever write a story about her, I'm stealing that. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I would be flattered if you stole the name. :)

Author Interviewer


(Too bad it wouldn't really work on the story I already wrote. <.< I named her "Golden Accolade".)

All of my yes! That was glorious. :twilightsmile:
Also, why is there no character tag for Ms. Harshwhinny?

I enjoyed this fic. I thought it was clever that Miss Harshwhinny just casually signed the paperwork that created that whole ice archery mess in the end.

I chuckled at the Vancouver Olympics joke.

Nice to see Ms. Harshwhinney has a tag now to promote stories like this.

I got a crack shipping for you.

Our favorite dragon and the zebra enchantress.

Cute pair, they're kinda perfect for each other

We had a reading of it sometime ago. it was very intriguing.

6152897 Oh that's cool! That would explain the rush of faves around then. Thank you so much!

I'm a big Maud fan, in fact she's my favorite pony so I understand that usually it's quite difficult to accurately write Maud. This is especially true for ship fics. I'm also really quite surprised you actually thought of a pony who could appreciate Maud for Maud without a lot of build up :pinkiegasp: . It was all very natural as well as plausible to mlp cannon considering that neither Maud, nor Ms. Harshwhinny were actively featured during that episode. It leaves plenty of room for follow up too as Ms. Harshwhinny's job aside from a coordinator for the Equestria Games isn't elaborated upon, nor is she featured in I think any episode following that. Maud also has nowhere specific to be until episode 7 of season 5 and even then for the most part she just makes a few cameos and says one, maybe two (I should rewatch that) lines. All in all I feel that this story was brilliant in a number of ways and quite an accomplishment. :twilightsmile:

A decent little story. I enjoyed reading it.

I...Wasn’t expecting to ship this.
Yet I do.
Huh, go figure!

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