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Brony since 2011. More of an artist, but slowly making my way into becoming a better author too! Known for Age of the Alicorns and Flurry Heart's Story.



Years after Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation, a young Flurry Heart longs for adventure and to learn friendship lessons like her aunt. Her royal life in the Crystal Empire has become boring and predictable, so Shining Armor and Cadance decide to allow her to spend some time in Ponyville. After meeting up with Spike and getting settled in, a new villain appears, seeking to cause terror to all of Equestria. With little time to think and the new Tree of Harmony coming under threat, Flurry must find a way to stop this rampaging creature.

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Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series I created called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

Flurry Heart's Story and its author are in no way associated with Hasbro or any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This series is entirely fan-made and is created in honor of the official show. No copyright infringement is intended or encouraged. Please support the official release.

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Based on your artwork I'm very much excited for this story. Its always fun to see an older Flurry Heart.

Thanks! :)

Yeah, that artwork alludes to something huge that happens towards the end, but it's actually part of what is supposed to be a bigger picture that i might complete some time down the road...

Glad to see the beginning of this story finally posted, especially after seeing your designs for the future MLP crew on your DA page Alex! :raritystarry:

I love Flurry's personality so far, between a proper noble but also barely tolerating their stuffy nature! :rainbowkiss:

Looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

This is a good start. After all the pictures and background info you have made for this series I am sure it is going to be great.

I have to say, this is a really good start to this story. Love the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations (including Flurry's older, but not yet adult, self) and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

So, ten years after "The Ending of the End", but ten years BEFORE (the "present day" portions of) "the Last Problem". Definitely makes sense.

Anyway, I could see Flurry getting bored but, the old adage of being careful what you wish for probably applies here.

Anyway, I'll certainly be looking forward to more of this.


Yeah, Flurry's gonna have a hard time dealing with all the noble stuff in the next chapter.

As time goes on, a lot of the things I've drawn will soon come to fruition and she'll come in contact with various characters we all know and love! :)

Yup! It takes place a bit under 10 years, more like 8.5ish. It's definitely happening some time in May-Juneish since it's the beginning of summer for her.

I’m tracking this. I’ve heard about your plan for a few certain characters on deviantart, and as a guy who loves stories centering around them, I’ll follow this.

Not gonna say who to avoid spoilers. Even though it’s not necessary. But let’s say these three characters did not have a “rock solid” ending.

Thanks and glad you liked my art! :)

Oh I totally agree. I thought for sure they would but any hope that they would change got completely canned cuz the staff either didn't care or they wanted to do it but were running out of time and couldnt' do a Season 10. Maybe the S10 comic will delve into that, but if it doesn't, it's up to us now.

Haven't made a comment on this website in a long time. :applejackunsure:
Anyway, I'm not an experienced writer, but this seems to be a pretty decent start to far.

Geez louise if someone doesn't open a window fast Flurry might choke with all the stuffyness inside that ballroom! :twilightoops:

Those 3 *friends* of Flurry sure were a joy to meet & that Principal sure didn't make things easier, glad to see Starswirl taking Flurry's side here in terms of coping with all of these nobles, course something tells me that announcement may be the turning point for our young alicorn. :facehoof:

Looking forward to see what happens next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Not much I can say other than great job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Again, I can see where Flurry would get frustrated, considering how much pressure is being put on her by the higher up adults and the jealousy of her age peers (I'm not going to call them her friends). At least Starswirl is TRYING to be supportive.

At any rate, I'm very certainly going to be looking forward to more of this.

Poor Flurry. She’s surrounded by false friends and politics that only see her as an asset. Starswirl was nice here though, trying to help Flurry.

Wait till you see how she handles it in the next chapter!

The announcement will definitely have an effect on her life with how she reacts to it, though she isn't going to take very kindly to it...

It's definitely meant to be a challenging event for her, but it will also be what throws her into the adventure she embarks on this summer. It's going to be very exciting even if it seems like all hope is lost right now.

Nice showing of Flurry's issues with being a princess. Its funny to see Starswirl being less uptight then he was during his debute episoded.

Wow, 2 chapters today & what a doozy it was!!!:twilightoops:

I know Shinning & Cadence meant well but I'm both mad & disappointed at them for putting Flurry in that situation, she had every reason to blow off Polished Hoove's pushy attitude at that scholarship, plus the comments from those 3 didn't help any. Glad that the most sensible one in there was Starswirl, at least he had Flurry's back! :twilightangry2:

Hopefully this is the start of a better road for the little alicorn from here on out, can't wait! :twilightsmile:

That could have gone better. I think Flurry was right to reject the offer, but I also think that she should have done so more gently.

Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series created by Aleximus Prime called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

I'm confused. Are you talking about yourself or not?

Again, a really good job on this story. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked Flurry Heart's reaction to that offer. As other reviewers said, she had every right to refuse that pushy principal (reminds me WAY too much of Cinch from the Equestria Girls universe) and, if she tried to be more gentle, the Principal would just think Flurry was playing hard to get. And, yeah, Starswirl's input is very definitely welcome here.

Again, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this.

As much of a scene as it might of made, I think Flurry made the right decision by refusing that offer. Now Shining and Cadance need to listen to Starswirl and think about what will be best for their daughter.

I'd like to think he's changed over the years but also cuz since he's a magic teacher, he's had to put up with Polished Hooves and all the other aristocrats in the Crystal Empire so he definitely sees her point of view.

Yeah, I didn't want Shining and Cadance to be written as flawless parents, but they quickly change their stance after this chapter. They themselves have been through what Flurry is going through since they became the leaders of the Crystal Empire a while ago and were expected to behave a certain way. They've gotten used to it of course, but seeing their daughter go through this will remind them how hard it was.

That's why she feels bad. She's only 10 so she's not exactly mature enough to handle these situations. Both she and her parents are in the wrong.

Thanks! I had fun writing it and coming up with these things as I went and I'm surprised at how well it went together. I originally wasn't sure what was going to happen in this scene, I just knew it was something that would make Flurry mad and she runs off in her anger and it becomes the catalyst for what causes her to go to Ponyville.

Definitely. Starswirl's going to give them some very helpful advice before they speak with Flurry again.

Go Go Power Range.... oh wait wrong story :rainbowderp:

Interesting start I'll see where this goes, it is pretty good so far

Well you are doing great character and world building though I'm seeing a trend with Flurry that happen to a lot of kids as they grow up and it isn't anything negative to the story; it seem as children start becoming teenagers their feelings are taken into consideration far less than when they were younger when it comes to events like the gala that is the introduction for your story, a 10 year old's comfort and feelings are considered more important than a 15 year old's in situations like this which is honestly weird because your teen years are supposed to be when you are given more freedom but your parents treat you like you should do what they want regardless of if you are comfortable with it or not ( I don't mean things like doing the dishes to putting rubbish in the big outside bin) things like this Gala where Flurry doesn't get a choice on if she goes or not

Thanks! It's been picking up in chapter 2 and 3, but it will get a lot more interesting and familiar as we progress into Ponyville eventually.

Good observation. What's funny is I originally was going to have Flurry go through the exact same thing Twilight did where she wasn't interested in friendship until she was sent to Ponyville and then made friends and probably became the Element of Magic after saving everyone from some new villain and so on. This time it's the other way around. Flurry is BORN an alicorn princess and WANTS to make friends and leave her royal life behind.

And so it begins! Nice to see Cadence and Shining being reasonable and understanding.

And here we go, good to see Shinning & Cadence been reasonable, especially since it seems they were pressured by Polished Hooves himself in getting Flurry to the ball in the first place so he could pressure her into accepting that scholarship, which makes me even more glad that it blew up on his arrogant face! :raritywink:

So glad to hear that Spike would be Flurry's guardian during her stay, can't wait to see the dynamic between these 2 when the next chapter comes along! :moustache:

“We’re not too sure just yet; maybe a week or two. Your father and I will talk it out while you’re gone.” Cadance replied.

Yeah, things don't always go according to plan, especially in Equestria! :applejackunsure:

Looking forward to Spike & Flurry's meeting each other next chapter, and whatever trouble they get into! :rainbowlaugh:

The synopsis makes it sound like you're talking about somebody else. Where can I read that story, anyway?

Thank you! I'm really excited to start giving some personality for Spike and writing the interactions between him and Flurry! :)

This is going to be good

Looks like Flurry’s adventure has officially begun. I can’t wait to see her meet Spike and Twilight in Ponyville.

Excellent job on this latest chapter. Loved Flurry's chat with her parents during the train ride to Ponyville. The fact that they cleared the air so well is rather nice. And also glad that Spike is going to get a chance to do a bit of Uncle/niece bonding with Flurry. Yeah, it makes sense that, to bodyguard a ten-year-old alicorn, you would get somebody who can fly, breathe fire, has a reasonably high resistance to both physical AND magical attacks and is stronger than most Earth ponies short of Big Mac in his prime (it stands to reason that Spike probably got a bit taller and stronger in eight-and-a-half years).

But, yeah, very certainly looking forward to more of this.

Yeah, Spike's gonna be fun to write for! :)

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. I especially loved Flurry noting how her arrival in Ponyville is kind of the inversion of Twilight's first time in Ponyville as well as Flurry's chats with Starlight and Sunburst AND her Uncle Spike. Also really liked the description of Spike and Flurry's wondering if there was a friendship problem she could look into later.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

And we're back, just loved the interactions between Spike & Flurry here! :pinkiehappy::heart:

And it seems something's coming soon by what happened with the map there, that should be interesting to see! Not to mention meeting the older Young Six next time around! :raritywink:

Already liking this setup Alex, till the next one!!! :twilightsmile:

That thing with the map will definitely be important!

I knew I was going to have a lot of fun describing the interactions between her and Spike. :3

I see Spike is the cool uncle figure for Flurry which is quite fitting for him. I wonder what kind of problem the map was trying to show. The setup so far is great and really makes me want more.

Nice job with this. Spike and Flurry were so cute together. The way Flurry was fascinated by the map kinda makes me hope the map calls her for a mission eventually.

Yeah. I kind of figured that. :-D

It was cool seeing the older Young Six finally interacting with Flurry, even though the inhabitants of Ponyville can go a bit far with the regal treatment of the young alicorn, especially inside the hayburger. Glad that at least Spike & the Young Six have her back at times like these! :twilightsmile:

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