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Commissioned and conceptualized by Venerable Ro
Cover art by Jowybean

In another time, in another world, a dragon's egg is a rare treasure, one that can shape the fate of nations. In a desperate bid for possession of one, two opposing powers send it tumbling through worlds, where it inadvertently lands in the possession of a young filly named Twilight Sparkle. Now, rather than being raised at the center of a war, a dragon named Saphira gets the chance to grow up as the youngest member of the Sparkle family, with all the privileges that come from being directly under Princess Celestia's tutelage... and all the challenges, as well.

What kind of place will a dragon from another world make for herself in Equestria? Only time will tell.

A crossover with the Inheritance Cycle, specifically Eragon.

(For commission info and prices, check here, check out Patreon, or contact me directly via DM!)

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seeing the smaller image for the cover in discord, i thought the dragon was a Spiral for a moment.

this is what a spiral more or less looks like in terms of body shape, not so much color as that could be anything

As it turns out, scragging about with a delicate and already rushed teleportation spell can have, unforeseen consequences.

Been shopping this idea around for a while now, looking for the right author with the proper knowledge and enthusiasm to do the concept justice. Penn has done a magnificent job, and I think you all are going to like what we've cooked up.

The story is great so far

This was great! Thanks for a fun read.

This, this is going to be fascinating!
I can't wait for more.

OML, I freaking loved the inheritance cycle, though I never did get around to reading the last book. I'll be giving this a read asap!

I have roughly four questions.

Will Saphira be as awesome as she is in the books?...
She is literally the best part. So wise and sassy....
Will her ancient dragon knowledge Become important...?
Oh...wait will she(Saphira) conflict with Celestia at all...(she is a dragon?) Because...conflicts are FUN.
Or...since (Saphira has ancient knowledge that may conflict)
Which could be...very interesting. :)

Ps. This is more a me thing...but is this going to play exactly the same as the show? Im not sure how to express this. But when ever I read a...everything changes with a new addition story...
The story does not really. Do anything really different.

I hope I expressed myself well here. Too be honest. I have not been this excited by one of these in a while.
So cheers!
And good luck!

Luna cough cough. And saphira!

Lets see how Twilights unicorn magic is reacting to the bond :trollestia:

Ooooh, sahira gonna make twilight have a much more fun life


Well avoiding spoilers as much as I can, the Saphira we see in the books was/is a proud, loving, vivacious sort of dragon. When she wasn't busy living through a war and worrying about her fated-to-suffer human pretty much from the word "go". Here, Saphira enjoys a loving family, the ability to be openly out and about in a peaceful society, and an actual childhood with a loving sister.

The story changes because Saphira's presence demands change, but one blue dragon is not going to shake the pillars of the earth. This is, as the tag says, slice of life. Very much focused on Twilight and Saphira. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

Ooh! Such a fun story already!
I read Eragon a few years ago and I really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us! Yay! :pinkiehappy:

Well this is a pleasant surprise for a story. Love the idea and premise of the story. Can't help but wonder how the bond will effect Twillight. Personal theory Early Alicorn?/

So do you have the direct link to the cover art and not just the artist? Because I can't find it on their page. But I do love the story already.

I feel obligated to recommend you read inheritance. It is a solid ending to a phenomenal series and a good book in its own right.

Oh wow, that's an unexpected crossover concept. It's been years since I last read Eragon... and I never got to read the last book in the series (hell, I remember when it was supposed to be the Inheritance Trilogy...)

I am, as such, immensely rusty on how things in that universe work, and how things were supposed to go. Though clearly, it probably won't matter as much what's going on in Sapphira's home world (that I forget the name of), now that she's here. Not to say her contribution won't be important, however!

I am mildly concerned as to what happens to Spike, if he even exists in this universe at all. It'd be unfortunate, but ultimately less sad than him forever being no more than an abandoned, unhatched and unhatchable egg... But his presence would possibly feel redundant, here, and he seems to be difficult to write as an interesting character, and not as an undeserved butt of some mean-spirited joke (that not even the writers of the actual show could really escape portraying him as). He'd probably need a major overhaul. Heaven knows he could use one.

Speaking on how Saphira's personality is going to be different, I actually have a personal headcanon/theory for why Saphira's personality developed the way it did in the books.

*Sees dragon in cover at*

Aight, time to read this.

*See's that it's an Eragon crossover*

Aight, have to read Eragon now.

Add X get same story but with X? Maybe I point you towards a series that DOES change quite a bit, with one addition, it solves some problems, creates others.... and the background is slightly different, but a LOT changes with the added X

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/384960/twilight-gets-a-puppy This seems to change quite a bit with the introduction of this puppy, and his species :trollestia: It's up to season 5 of the show now too, so that's 5 stories, one for each season

Thanks thats very considerate of you! Props!
Have a Twilight!

ooooh, I loved the Eragon series(movie not so much), I'll definitely give this a read.

Tracked faster than any other story because simply, Eragon got me into fantasy in the first place

Oooohkay, you've got me watching this with curiosity now.

I'm a sucker for pony-world getting extended beyond what the series has shown, all the while not letting go of the general feel of the series' world in fics (most authors just do wild AUs :c), and so far it looks going in just that direction I so adore - and with a hell of a potential to boot.

(Pls pretty please don't overdo it with "Aristocracy is Stupid Evil", "Celestia is a Dumbledore scheming manipulator" and just overall conflict during the set-up. Let Twily and Sapphire have plenty slice-of-life?)

Also, I have a (potential) correction!

Shining Armor dropped to one knee

Maybe better to phrase it as "crouched down to her", or otherwise implying the hunching down?

Ponies are quadrapedal, "one knee" is awkward as all hekk anatomically.

Well what an interesting start to a new story, I'd say you've got me invested

Funny image (Twilight should have got a saddle and a bag with zippers), well written, great premise :
I'm hooked!
Now I imagine Sapphire (?) insisting for Twilight to sit on her back as she lands and walks (with poise!) in Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebration...

"Promise me you won't go out by yourself again! If you want to go hunting, I'll go with you!" It was a hastily-made promise Twilight knew she wouldn't enjoy keeping, but the fear of losing Saphira she'd gone through just now vastly outweighed the disgust she felt at watching her eat another creature.

Yeah, let's just go ahead and skip that old saw about ponies being completely terrified of the very idea of carnivores.

Hmm....what Saphira did at the end isn't going to have repercussions. Nope, none at all.

I feel a bit sad about the way you set up Minuette and Lyra here. - especially Minuette
At first it seems like a well meaning but misplaced clash of Intro/Extro kids and priorities - but then Minuette gets down right mean.

( I'm probably fairly coloured on filly Minuette by 'Bug in the mirror')

Saphira will have to get used to hugs... they happen quite often around these parts. Nice to see Velvet and Light accept the new member of their family. Though, they might need a bigger house soon. I am eager to see the next part.

I’m looking forward for the day they go to the dragon lands and Saphira says.

Are you sure I’m related to these idiots as a species

what is the ancient language for hoof....

i don't think that ever came up during the story....

(if you dont get my musings its cause dragon riders are ususaly marked on there hands with there dragon mark, hence argetlahm, silver hand)

right up till she meets ember then shed probly be like 'okay yeah shes a bit tsunadere but i can see the resemblance now'

And ember would be like.

Ok who let the pony in and why is she riding a dragons back

smolphira is best saphira


Alright, I suppose this ought to be addressed here, since it really can't come up in-world. (can't discuss something that nobody knows about.)

Twilight is not, was not, and will not be a capital "R" Rider. She is neither an elf nor a human, and in addition the tumultuous interdimensional journey shredded the enchantments that had been placed on Saphira's egg. They are merely sisters and friends, which is quite an extraordinary bond already methinks.

While we're on the subject, I'm afraid this was very much a one-way trip, and utterly untraceable, if anyone was wondering. Alegaesia's problems will stay in Alegaesia.

Thst was sufficiently cute, and very well-written.

Feels like the events are rushing a little, though?
The parents not bothering to ask "how?!" to a dragon appearing in Twilight's bedroom (though reasoning behind the rushing of the decision on Twilight's mom being quite adventure'y is decent), nor any legalities happening is mite weird.

Like, they essentially adopted Saphira, yes?
And she's been seen out in the city, a baby dragon in ponies' company.

I recon there ought've been at least some bureocracy happening, along with Twilight's parents running around trying to make sense of things.
While Twilight relaxes studies for her entrance exam and bonds with Saphie.

That the other side of crossover is not going to bleed-through (at least in foreseeable future) is good news. Stuff like the story here needs set-up time, rushing crossover events would just make a mess of things.

Also, am echoing the sadness over the handling of Twilight'a social ineptness and other ponies.
Woild've been nice if Saphire's involvement cracked that shell a little, but I suppose Twi's still too laser-focused and driven to study to care about social niceties.

The only thing I didn't like by this chapter was that they accepted the Saphira a little to fast to their family.

I usually just see things like that as "Oh, that's just bleed-over from the show being both a cartoon and for little kids." It helps me dismiss anything that doesn't seem "realistic" enough. And then I can enjoy the moments that ARE realistic enough when they do occur.

Congrats on single hoofedly ruining any hope of me enjoying this...pardon us for making assumptions based on your improper taging if it's just one character pulled from a world with nothing else from that world involved that's a displaced story not a crossover

Kind of also means Algesia is f:yay:ed! Eragon never finds the egg, never meets Brom, doesn't become a rider, therfore doesn't go on the journey... etc. The more you think about it, the sadder it gets...

Looking at your profile, it doesn't seem like you've submitted any stories, so you probably don't know... There is no "displaced" genre tag. I can take a screenshot later if you need it.

Displaced stories are just a subset of crossovers, anyway.

I would argue that around Fimfiction, "Displaced" is not even Crossovers in a regular sense - but a variation of HiE/Isekai genre overall.

This story is a proper crossover, even if only a single character is transferred between the settings.

Now, if Saphire was in fact a reincarnated human...
....Still wouldn't be a "displaced" story :V
Because that subset generally has the shoddy "bought the costume at a con and became the costume"-set up :p

I would say that the description does a very good job of describing the story, Saphira has "crossed over" in the most literal sense possible.

Indeed, this is exactly why I made that comment, to properly set expectations so that nobody's waiting for unicorn Eragon to show up sometime in the second act dragging his baggage behind him.


Indeed. This is a proper crossover, with the actual character. None of that done-to-death costumed impostor nonsense. One of the benefits of commissioning, yeah? You get the story you want to read.

Just how bad were things in Alagaesia anyway?

It's been years since I last read the books (and I couldn't bring myself to finish book 4), but I recall that the Empire was relatively stable and peaceful at the start of the series. Galbatorix didn't dip back into war crimes until Arya and the Varden rekindled an age-old conflict that most humans wouldn't even care about.


As fun as the ideas of watching how the rest of Canterlot react to Saphira and her actions here are, the commissioner (Venerable Ro) wanted the focus to be on Saphira and Twilight, themselves. They're both too young to really know or understand what other ponies are thinking or saying about them, so it's not going to be part of the narrative. It might be touched on, but it won't be a major plot point.


I can only applaud your dedication to doing things exactly as asked then.

I, however, will still argue that seeing the reaction of the setting to an outside element being thrust into it is not just a good thing, but one extremely important to keeping everyone's SoD intact.

Meanwhile, it would also allow you to show off more of Twi and Saphire - seen by the adults, the perspective change serving all the better to show their relationship.

Bottom line, the events of this chapter are felt like "rushing" because there isn't much time spent establishing the down-to-earth matters and the logistics of Sapjire's appearance in pony-world.

I mentioned "bureocracy" before.
It is a truly vile concept, but would it not serve to better ground the readers in the setting, if while in one scene we see Twi forcefully cuddle Saphire, in the next one we see her parents trying to set up the events on the "adult" side, discussing the situation beyond "yes, Twilight, you can keep her", and thinking up the solution to actually doing that legally?
So there isn't the "Saphire appears in the pony world and has zero ioutside impact she should logically have in a world with existing concept of laws, child protection services, and magical researchers"?

It is still competently and heartwarmingly-written, mind.
I just want this story to be the best it can possibly be :3

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