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Pegasi aren't the only intelligent species which can fly, and the Wonderbolts recognize that. There is no racial restriction placed on the open tryout sessions and over the centuries, the team has had a few unusual members. They have proven methods of working with griffons, self-levitating unicorns -- anything known to get in the air might find their place.

However, it's probably safe to say nopony was expecting a minotaur-sized duck.

(Written in celebration of the revival.)

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Well what did they expect?

I-I didn't know I need this in my life until now:pinkiegasp:

Best crossover ever :yay:

The sheer level of dumb out there is going to turn into a storm of stupidity

The same thing is currently happening at my workplace!

So for those wondering why this story exists, all I can tell you is this:

What can I say? On Monday I'm out here making duck tales.


One of my favorite things about your writing is how you celebrate every aspect of every character, both positive and negative. Here, not only did I see one of the most uplifting Dash moments you've ever written—no pun intended—but I also got to see you handle a non-MLP character for the first time and give him that same exultant treatment.

Magnificent work. Thank you for it. I can only hope someone does develop more sophisticated heavier-than-air vehicles in Dash's lifetime. (Pedal power only gets you so far.)

Did you want us to be singing the Ducktales theme tune, right from your very first sentence? You did, didn't you? You evil writer, you.

This is a joyfully silly story, and I like it a lot. Bravo, Estee.

Thanks for writing this. Launchpad was always one of my favorites.


Okay, this was excellent. It made me smile, a lot, between the humor and Rainbow's pure enthusiasm. :pinkiehappy:

Really cute and funny.

This, this made me smile like an utter idiot. Thank you :pinkiehappy:

This story had me laughing from almost the first paragraph, and it continued all the way through. Good show, this is the funniest story I've read on FimFic in quite some time.

Edit: I know he's officially a duck, but his father's bill looks more pelican-like, and his looks like a mix between that and typical Disney duck bills. I'm surprised you didn't have them comment on the shape of his bill.

Spitfire attempted to deal with reality.

I just read my first Discworld novel today. I got partway through before I realized I basically been reading them since I found you.

"He's alive and he can think. He's got magic," Spitfire declared.

So everything capable of thought in Equestria (CDA notwithstanding) has magical powers? Cool.

We've got magic, back home. I know a couple of people who can do it.

Huh, that wasn't in the comic I read. I hope its in the movie, I just rented it.

She also wrote for Songbird in CD:A.


Isn't Magica de Spell a pretty frequent antagonist of Scrooge McDuck? She does real magic. There's been infrequent magic users both in DuckTales and in Darkwing Duck.

... This is a crossover even my insanity didn't see coming. :derpyderp1:

7891490 Indeed she is. Magic is quite canon in the Duck Tales universe.

The Canterlot Deportation Agency.

I only had a few of the comics. I'm not even sure I had one with Launchpad, though I do remember Gearloose.

I cannot believe you even started out this story with such a blatant reference. Well-played. :rainbowlaugh:

Like how 7891361 put it in his comment, you really did well with Launchpad's characterization - pros and cons included - as well as the Wonderbolts shown in the story. I especially like how you utilized the meaning behind High Wind's nickname :eeyup:

This was a wonderful read, comedy and all, the dialogue mixed well with the exposition, and vice-versa :moustache:


To the best of my knowledge, it's the second such crossover on the site -- for the franchise as a whole. (Here's the first.) We might see more after the revival premieres, but it doesn't look as if Launchpad has ever been used on FIMFic before this.


Which Discworld novel did you start with? I usually encourage people to begin with The Truth or, if they're in a deep thinking mood, Small Gods.

7891535 No one has ever crossed "Pandamonium" with Pony!

The last segment of the Pyramid of Power went into Equestria!



Actually, it was Thud! that I got from the Library. I've never had this much fun being totally confused before.
I'll try and order Small gods at some point.

I love this guy.

I wonder if Launchpad would end up fighting with my personal Equestrian HTA flight system.

I like to nickname it Mojlnir.

Because its a flying Hammer.

Think of a Psychlo Gas Drone, but without the style.:twilightoops:


You had me at the edge of my seat silently cheering for a prop plane to take off. The enthusiasm and characterization of each being was just exhilarating. I now want to see Rainbow and Launchpad become BFF's as well.

But this story was wonderful without being corny, and ridiculous without being painful. I loved it and want to see more if possible. This was just great!

LUNA BLESS IT ESTEE ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME KILLED?! My roomies are sleeping and I am trying so HARD to not laugh out loud! So, very, very, VERY hard! My ribs hurt... But BLESS you for the humor!

7891355 Nostalgia Critic may hate me, but I cannot in good conscience not play this.

Btw, any chance of doing more of these? Using different characters of course. Hewy, Dewy and Lewy with the CMC maybe? Perhaps Scrooge with one of the princesses and/or Filthy Rich?

"Because..." The stallion swallowed. "...injuries from crashes are down by sixty-eight percent."
"You said that already."
"The actual crashes are -- up."
"Up," Spitfire repeated.
"Up," Soarin reluctantly confirmed.
"By how much?"
"...three hundred and ninety percent."



Launchpad actually managed to land most of the time without crashing in Darwing Duck, indicating he did improve with time. Of course, this could just be pre-Darkwing Launchpad, or we can consider Darkwing Duck an Alternative Continuity.

Imagine Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight are called by the map to help Daring Do out with an adventure... involving the richest duck in the world

That's... is really awesomely (Rainbow's term, not mine) is great!

This was beautiful.
Giving him a talent that explains cartoon physics in his verse so he can do the same thing in ponyverse, very clever and well done.
That ending though, that was hella funny.

One note for those new to aviation history: the Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) is a circa-WWI plane which was initially used for training pilots and then found a new role as America's premiere airshow plane, introducing the concept of such events during national tours. The search for enough open ground to take off from meant those tours often moved from farm to farm, something which became known as barnstorming. (Don't tell Applejack.) A number of Jennies survive in the current day, and more than a few can still get off the ground.

Stamp collectors may also recognize the name as the feature subject of the Post Office's most collectible mistake. Original price: twenty-four cents. Current price: just short of one million dollars.


7891600 It looks like Huey, Duey, and Louie will be getting more individual personalities along with Webby getting an overhaul, so you may want to wait until the show starts before doing a CMC and nephew crossover. But I bet it would be fun.

Well, that would explain a whole lot, wouldn't it? Also, there's another possible candidate that doesn't crash nearly so much if she can help it.....just don't ask her about door-to-door salesmen.:rainbowlaugh:

While the comics make out Scrooge to be a total badass, you need to watch THIS:

Oh yeah. And there was that malfunctioning Law Machine, and the people from Alpha Complex...

Well, most of my point still stands. :derpytongue2:

7891683 Fair enough, but the Scrooge one could still work right?


7891750 Sure, even though he's now being voiced by the 10th Doctor himself the basic character should still be the same.

Dear Heaven. One thought occurs to me...

Twilight Sparkle and Gyro Gearloose must NEVER meet. NEVER.

7891769 No, he'll be even more awesome, it's the freaking Doctor voicing him.

Spitfire seemed a bit...contemptuous of the idea of a flying machine.



Whoa......did not know David Tennant was Scrooge......

7891600 Holy Crap!:pinkiegasp:

David Freakin Tennet in Duck Tales!

What did they expect when they hired Launchpad McQuack, not crashing?

Crashing, building, flying, crashing, traveling and crashing are Launchpad's life, he can crash anything. He got better with the Thunderquack though he still crashes the crap out of it too, but he always rebuilt it back to full working order.

This is a nostalgia trip for me, Launchpad made crashing an art form where everyone survives to see the end results.

7891910 Yeah, that was my reaction.

I am now going to arouse the ire of probably everyone, even possibly Estee....

I did not watch Duck Tales. I did not particularly like Duck Tales. Not even the by-all-others beloved theme ever really caught me.

On the other hand, Launchpad was in Darkwing Duck, and I DID like that very considerably.

(Mind you, I haven't seen it in decades, so I don't know how it'd hold up now.)

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