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Luna was always alone on the moon, and it was obvious why. It was a banishment, but...

Sometimes she swore she heard a voice, a low and rough voice that could sound like crashing waves or gentle tides. She assumed she was hallucinating, because who would be connected enough to the moon to speak to her? Who would care enough to speak to her?

The Sea finds himself in a body he hadn't donned in over a thousand years. With only a vague guess as to why, he ventures out to right the wrongs his subjects had committed over the course of his incorporeality. Surely, he'll be able to accomplish it with no orphan-pegasi-related complications, right?


Edit: Featured on 3/24/21! Thank you all, I'm over the moon about that!

Chapters (4)
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Oooh! I'm digging this!

Bit of a shame you aren't recording likes, you might possibly get featured at some point with this writing, in my opinion.

Looks good! Can’t wait for more!:twilightsmile:

Now this looks interesting! :yay:
Hope the next chapter is soon! :heart:

Interesting... I'm liking this new character. Can't wait to see where this goes.

It's not that the author's not recording them, there were just too few of them at the time. There's 10 now, which is the minimum needed for the ratio to show up.

I really enjoying this

Interesting. You have me intrigued at the least. Interesed to see where it goes and what happens.

Huh. An oceanic alicorn avatar. That's a new one. You have me intrigued, especially the implication that Scootaloo comes from a line of penguin pegasi of all things. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.


Scootaloo comes from a line of penguin pegasi

I've seen someone make that joke before. Presumably someone who has seen a bantam hen before and therefore strongly disagrees with the Chicken Consensus.

Looks like you were right and I'm glad I was right that this would get featured! Congrats to the author!

I hadn't checked on it until now, and woah! You spoke it into existence for me :pinkiehappy:

"You got my Curiosity."

Curious question tho', where do Sirens, Seaponies and/or seaside hippogryphs fit in?

I'm veering from canon a bit in regards to the canonical sea-ponies and their settlements, so I plan on including a chapter or part of one where Sovereign goes and visits his cities to see how they evolved, and we'll meet them (along with sea serpents and various other lovely sea creatures) and see how they function with and without him :)

But, why would a force of nature be anything but the embodiment of his aspect?

Nature is cruel, the Sea is just as, if not more so.

So why then, would the Sea be a pony, a personification of non-lethal order, and why then, would the Sea be so insultingly passive?

you'll have to wait and see just what happened for the raging seas to become so friendly! :trixieshiftright:

Damn this is great, hope you update soon cuz I need more

oh fuck i think i know who those ponies who were killed

So is he like a Aquaman version of a pony

Can’t wait to read more! This story has got me hooked!

Aquaman is just a mortal king of the creatures that live in the sea, though really just the mermen that live in an underwater nation in the Atlantic. This dude is literally the spirit of the entire sea itself, if I'm interpreting it right.

Known powers:
- Communication with all oceanic critters - no confirmation on land ones. NOTE: certain sea creatures are observed to have unique languages, and Sea can speak them all. Thus, he is a polyglot and can quickly pick up a new language if he tries to.
- Intangibility.
- The usual unicorn stuff - no observed cap on power level, but probably God tier since he's literally the Sea. NOTE: when in sea-spirit mode, has nigh unlimited range - could reach Luna on the moon during her banishment.
- Shapeshifting - observed turning into a pony from his sea-spirit form, possible other forms. Observed modifying pony form according to level of depth in the water and once on land.
- Magic armor - no observed special effects other than looking awesome.
- Illusions.
- Track anyone anywhere to the ends of the world.
- Kingly/godly authority over giant underwater civilizations. NOTE: mentions of serpents - possible connection to dragons.
- A connection to the moon - remains to be clarified. Possibly to Luna herself, though probably just the moon, since if he had a connection specifically to Luna then she would've known all about him before being banished up there.

my perspective was that he like used to be a guy, then he had to sacrifice himself to be the sea, and can now be a guy again because the sea doesn't need a hands on approach anymore

Alright, ya got me hooked!

I don't think Fluttershy would be too thrilled about Dolphins and pufferfish party-game either :derpyderp2:

I don't think sacrifice is the word we're looking for, more like overwhelmingly occupied, but otherwise - seems about right.

He looked back to the chest, spying a rusted pocket watch, sealed shut by age. However, it had a barely indecipherable scrawl along its edge, presumed to be a name ending in “loo.”

Taking a shot in the dark but im guessing trixie looamoon

Good point. Cutting too the quick are we?

10737355 Actually, the sea itself is calm and tranquil in its natural state. Currents, waves, and storms are all due to the winds... the WINDIGOES, which bring strife.

By itself, the sea would simply lay smooth and flat... and be very stagnant and stinky. Like New Jersey. Ewwww. :trollestia:

Why would one make a locket out of metal that could rust?

They tended to be made out of gold whenever possible, which is an even more common enough metal in Equestria, and gold resists corrosion effectively forever in seawater.

It could be silver, which would corrode to a degree in sea water, but that's not 'rust'. Rust is an oxide. Silver's corrosion in sea water is a combination of silver bromide and chloride. The blackish to greenish patina crust that forms outside actually protects the rest of the metal; and words and dates can still be read, once the silver is cleaned, thousands of years later.

But if you REALLY want a locket that will last until the heat death of the universe, ya gotta go with iridium! It's the most corrosion-resistant metal, and is slow to oxidize even up to 2000oC!! It's melting point is 2446oC (4435oF!!). Even liquid-hot magma wouldn't melt it!

But it's very rare in the crust, since it bonds with iron very well and thus most of it sank into the planet core.

You could also use rhodium, platinum, palladium, but not osmium... unless ponies are immune to its oxide toxicity because of MAGIC! Maybe osmium is the SOURCE OF UNICORN MAGIC!! :raritystarry: Because Oz.... though it was actually not named after Oz, given it was discovered in 1803, but rather the Greek 'osme', meaning 'a smell', because of the smoky smell of osmium tetroxide. :twistnerd:

This is quite interesting, I shall eagerly await more.

This story is FIRE!!!!!


scootaloo's not an orphan
catch up to canon
edit: this is apparently an alternate universe, please tag it as such

totally forgot, thanks for reminding me! :twilightsheepish:




MOAR!!! the beast hungers!! :moustache:


Well this has my interest. Can't wait to see where this goes.

I've always wished for more feedback than passive interaction in the form of votes or tracking list removal, so I'll try to live up to that and give my thoughts on what I read here.

The way every character seems to instantly swoon for this guy, particularly with the way Rarity acted, and the way everyone instantly either knew who he was or realized that he was important, broke my suspension of disbelief, which knocked out my interest in turn. Nothing against the guy being obviously handsome and recognized as such, but it feels more right when at least some iota of rapport is built up, rather than everyone being overly familiar with the character right off the starting line.

I really appreciate your feedback (no really, I'm so grateful for it because as it's my first fic, I don't know how to pinpoint errors just yet, so you giving me specifics on what to edit is more helpful than you know)!

I'll try to remedy interactions in the future, thank you for taking the time to read and analyze my story :pinkiesmile:

Sovereign is just like I dunno whats going on help I just wanna return this necklace-
meanwhile luna is mc fucking losing it and i don't blame her.
Anyways good chapter, excited to see what happens next. Your writing is quite pleasant to read and I'm rather glad that it caught my eye when you submitted it. I'd have hated to not have read this fic.

No sooner than I finished reading the last chapter you spoil me with another update. Today is a good day. This was an excellent chapter.
It kinda hurt actually and I wish that things didn't end that way with Orek but what can you do. Anyways looking forward to more!

I am hard-core digging this story.

Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

I was prepared to wait a few days for another chapter to this amazing story, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a new chapter today! You keep up the good work!

Good chapter, I do wish Orek had had a better run of things with the pony’s though

My heart was not prepared :applecry:
A beautifully written chapter! Wonderful work!:heart:

“I thought you were bigger?”

And he thought someone of your reputation would be a little bit older--so your point being? :trollestia:

Jeez, my chapters are getting long. I need to cut them down a bit

Pfft, when your chapters start averaging around 10,000 to 20,000 words, then we'll talk. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, though, 3,000 to 5,000 words like you've been doing thus far is a perfectly fine average for chapters, even going as high as 7,000 to 8,000 so no need to go trimming anything just yet. :twilightsmile:

I'm loving this story! Sovereign Sea sounds great, and I suspect that Scoots is going to get a father figure soon
The mane six dialog could use some polish tho. I mean, it's completely functional and all, but it doesn't flow like the rest of the story does, if you get what I mean. Like, there's nothing wrong with any given line, but they don't interact well with one another?

I think it might be that there are too many characters talking at the same time, so the conversations go a lot slower when you read them. Because when Sovereign is talking to just Pinkie, or just Twilight, it reads like a conversation, with a back and forth and stuff (btw I loved the little quip with Ponk, she's so adorable and he's so annoyed, and there's a fundamental misunderstanding between them so each has a radically different idea of what the other is saying, and I just adore that). But when there's more than three characters the thing breaks down a little

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