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Waste Bin

One man's trash is another man's booty call.


King Thorax has his hooves full leading the Changeling nation. More often than not, he wishes he had somepony to share it with.

Unfortunately for him, his kingdom would like nothing more and will not stop bugging him about it.


Cover art by Watermelon Changeling. Go check them out on Derpibooru: https://derpibooru.org/profiles/Watermelon%2BChangeling.

Warning: Footnote heavy. Don't read if you can't stand footnotes.

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Spike groaned. Leave it to trusty old Spike to wonder aloud whether there was a changeling Blueblood. Then, forget to knock before entering once , and he now believed in Karma.

:rainbowlaugh: changeling blueblood!

Obviously, the proprietor must’ve thought the building would soon get destroyed anyway—this being Ponyville and all—since they had elected to skimp out on any form of carpet, among other things.

Jokes on them, then--that hotel is the only building in all of Ponyville to not even get so much as a scratch in well over two decades. Not even the Cutie Mark Crusaders were able to do anything to damage it in anyway (despite trying).

On the footnotes--I have nothing against them, and have always thought them fun...but in this case, except for #5 there, I don't think they really add anything that couldn't have just as easily added directly into the main text itself.

“Twilight showed me this spell she’d once learned to help out her friend, in exchange for staying out of the castle today. Pretty sweet deal, eh?”

Not really, considering that you're still in the castle anyway. :rainbowlaugh:


Interesting, I hadn't thought of adding the footnotes straight to the text. I figured It'd break the narrative (more so than it does anyway). Thanks for the idea, I'll have try it out and compare the next time I'm writing stories with footnotes.

Thank you both reading and commenting. Hope you have a great day ^^

Poor Thorax, poor poor Thorax, or his pelvis at any rate. Guess the Hive gets a Queen.

Or the Queen gets the Hive. With benefits.

Thank you for taking the time to read ^^ It means a lot to me

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