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The Castle of the Two Sisters has a long history, dating back to Equestria's early beginnings. Back when Star Swirl still taught the ponies who would become the future rulers of Equestria.

In the present day, Star Swirl's research into dimensional theory has created connections between two worlds, and even helped facilitate cross-dimensional friendships.

But not all of his experiments were recovered or even recorded. And not all of them were considered dangerous enough to be destroyed.

[Human-kitsune transformation]

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A decent start. Looking forward to where you take this keep it up!

This fics name makes me think of wild magic from D&D. This fic probably has nothing to do with that but I just wanted to say that

I am more of a fan of Human turn pony, but seeing that he is turned into something this could actually be interesting to read. I am guessing that he is going to mostly have contact with Fluttershy and Zecora at first seen that they live in proximity from the Everfree Forest. I wpnder what will be the goal of the story for him that should lead him back to his home?

Looking forward to see what you come up for this story

Also if you are looking to commission for a cover art you can look me up, here is the link to my DA gallery if you want to see what I can do.

I can tell you that he will eventually have the capability to return home (and not end up in a zoo), but it will take a while for that to be a possibility. If you caught some of the hints, you might understand how/why.

Edit: I would like to also mention that this won't be one of those fics that will just keep "home" as the final goal, and just ignore any friends or relationships he makes in Equestria. Or one that makes him just abandon everything he knew for no reason.

Good story! Keep it up!

I honestly can't believe that I've been updating this every day. I swear, I didn't even pre-write these chapters.

I'm really liking the story so far! Especially since I can't recall reading about a kitsune transformation before. Keep up the good work, but don't burn yourself out! :twilightsmile:

Alright, you've caught my attention. Tracking this for now.

So im guessing that he's a kitsune and that the orb is his Star Ball?

Oof, yeah . It’s always a problem when your portal stops portalling.

Nothing besides Narina? Lord of the Rings dude :pinkiegasp:

I know, but the reason Narnia is on his mind is due to, you know. The portal to another dimension, which other, normal humans walked through. (I should have shaken it up a bit, yes.)


Can’t wait to see how Twilight will react :rainbowlaugh:

That actually has a bit of a purpose. When we think of "magic" in relation to MLP, we immediately associate it with the various kinds we are aware of. The title frames the events that happen to Ryan in a different light than what might come naturally.

She might..................

Okay, now I have a decent outline of this story again.

I mean, I had one before, but this story was once very different. Things should be a bit faster now.

Given he didn't turn into a Kitsune when he entered equestria, it seems his transformation is more of a curse to me. Less him always having been a kitsune in human form, more his real form being altered into something else. As is it seem him being a fox is more an imposition than actually being who he is. Besides, he isn't in the forest anymore so he has no reason to be a fox, and he wouldn't be able to go home if he wasn't human.

She narrowed her eyes at my tail. "And for Faust's sake, get a saddlebag or something. Walking around with your star in your tail is just asking for trouble."

As opposed to just giving him one? He doesn't actually have any property or anything so he has no way to get one himself. Just telling him to do it is kinda stupid.

I don't see qhy he insists on not using his actual name. The fox form was forced on him, as was the name so why woukd either be preferred to his real self? Personally him insisting on being called Shining Light rubs me the wrong way, like hes already given up on his life and has decided to just stay in equestria as one of them. He doesn't identify with it and it was forced on him, so him saying it ischim now is basically like saying he isn't himself anymore, saying that "Ryan is dead", a rejection of himself. It just feels terrible reading him saying that. I honestly thi k he shoukd just stay as Ryan instead of othwrs deciding who he is.

She winced. "Ah. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do. But, uh, just to let you know, not every animal is like that. I've heard from my... uh... well, my old griffon friend that only Equestria makes animals intelligent and stuff. Something with magic, or harmony or something. I dunno about all that egghead stuff."

Not exactly related to the story, but it coming up mean I just gotta say it: Pinkie Pie deliberately sabotaged their relationship out of jelousy, and RD cruely discarded a lifelong friend for her new "cool" friends. Vit of a pet peeve that people always ignore that.

I have to ask, is he ever going to drop the "Shining Light" thing? Its not his real name and it takes away what little he has left of himself. If he goes an discards everything that makes him up then there was no point in his origin or the story. I just think it woukd be better if he called himself Ryan is all, more enjoyable to read.

Perhaps it wasn't that obvious, but it was explained.

He would have turned into a fox immediately after entering the portal (Equestria Girls style) if the portal was properly made and not an unstable prototype.

The timberwolves weren't particularly nice about it, but they knew that most that came across in a form that wasn't the "correct" one for Equestria got turned that way slowly, and usually died as a result. (You might be able to figure out why.)

The "Shining Light" thing is a whim and a desperate attempt to fit in. It is also a symptom of his feelings of his lack of control or direction. His real name will return.

At the same time, his mind is being confused right now, as he was very abruptly shifted into a body with instincts that he does not know that much about. His body knows that it's just fine as it is, so most reactions are delayed, as his subconscious is just fine with how things are.

I wish I had been a bit smarter when I started writing this story, and provided a chapter or so of him actually just on Earth. It would have made more sense that who he was on the other side correlated with what he would have turned into in Equestria.

Oh, and the Gilda reference means that (if I can fit it in), Gilda will get a reconciliation.

I didn't particularly like that episode, either. Or the entire bit with Griffonstone. Or the bit with the changelings, either. It implied that an entire species could just be "jerks" or "evil," with only one or two exceptions. And Rainbow didn't exactly try to keep Gilda as a friend when she was trying to get her to stop harassing her new friends, or even asking why she was doing it.

That's why I made Rainbow pause here. She still thinks about her as if she were a friend, but the fairly recent memory reminds her of her "betrayal," and it feels uncomfortable.

Way, way back, this story used to be about timberwolves. My old outline was all about that. I changed the whole thing, and never made a second outline.

Ah, that makes more sense. Maybe it seem silly to get hung up on the name, but it just really bothered me.


Ah I see, I’ve seen a few Timberwolf stories sort of like this... But was a bit more... gore to it blah :pinkiesick:

wow, just judging from this first chapter, this story's got potential, not just because the idea presented in the description is interesting, but because for once, the way the human got stranded is actually interesting. and on top of that, the writing seems competent

This felt a bit rambl-y... but at the same time I guess it does accurately reflect Ryan's mental state.

The rabbit was drained of blood? :rainbowderp:
Wow. Quite the generous vampire, Rarity has become. :twilightoops:
At least Angel finally bought it! Thanks, Rares! :raritywink:

Intriguing that the timberwolves weren’t instantly hostile or a danger, but rather sporting about him being there.

I like the slower pace of reveals that Ryan is experiencing about what the world is like and how magic works.

Good start to this. Looking forward to seeing where it’s going.

Perhaps she'll even introduce them... :)

Time to mincraft a home.

Best of luck, Ryan!

I wonder what kind of kitsune he will be. There are technically 13 kitsune types; Celestial, Spirit, Wild, River, Wind, Time, Sound, Forest, Mountain, Fire, Thunder, Ocean, and Void.

You could make him one, or all of them. Or even give him a type for each tail as he gains different elemental aspects. If learning the magic types would affect his tail growth instead of time. Usually kitsune are immortal and gain all nine tails after a thousand years, turning white or gold in the process.

While that is not necessarily a universal classification, and some interpretations (even Japanese) modify the myths greatly, I am using that system. Ryan will have to discover that on his own.

I'd say the lack of immediate transformation, (which by what the Timberwolf said was still happening, just slowly) is really just a side effect if the imperfect early prototype mirror he came through.



Do you have any links or sources I could read more? This sounds really interesting.

Well, if we are speaking strictly from Japanese legend, there is only one source that describes there being 13 types of fox. They haven't been named, and they don't appear in any legends. But that concept has been used in a lot of media. It kind of stuck, and it's a concept that fits well in MLP, which is a magic-centered world.

If you want to know more about common fox misconceptions, here's a source:


However, even Japanese stories (modern ones, not ancient) use a lot of these "misconceptions", and I will as well. Like foxes existing separate from Kitsune. There literally is no difference in legend. I will also make things up on the fly. For example, the star ball is not supposed to hold a fox's power at all. It is very valuable to a fox, but in most legends, it's about as useful to either party as a kid's toy.

I was particularly interested in the Elemental associations but haven't been able to find anything other than just a mention or a list.

Unfortunately, a list is all we have. Further elaboration is only really given with individual stories that use the idea.

I mean, that's good for me, as it gives me more to work with, but unfortunate for most everyone else.

It wasn't a matter of how it got here or how humans aren't supposed to eat raw meat . His stomach was telling him something very different.

It is completely possible for a human to eat raw meat, provided it has no serious bacteria or germs. It's gross, but plenty of people have done it. In fact, there are some people who intentionally "age" raw meat, and eat it.

I looked at the remains of my fish, which was mostly eaten, but still had a bit of good stuff attached to it. I looked at my tail, which was no longer was flaming, but still had the potential.

I wonder...

Do it, you know you want to.

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