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Sweetie Belle's life always contained a fair amount of frustration. From a lack of magical ability to her flank's stubborn refusal to develop a cutie mark, Sweetie has many a reason to envy her classmates. But her friends share many of those problems, making them somewhat bearable.

But at a certain fateful wedding, the changelings seem less interested in putting her in a pod, and more interested in attacking her outright. More evidence starts to appear, and she starts to realize something about herself that she would much rather forget.

While this story contains several adventure-like stories, especially in the beginning, it will mostly focus on slice-of-life material.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 37 )

Looking forward to see where you go with this.

hoooh boy they are looking into the sap itself this cant possibly end well funnily yes well not a chance :rainbowlaugh:

I've been waiting for this to be addressed ever sense the invasion

Hmm. Slow burn on this one, ironically. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Using sap as a fire starter? That's not gonna end well. :twilightoops:

Looks like Cutie Mark Crusaders PyroTechnicians is a no.

I wrote a fair bit ahead until I was sure that this story wouldn't just peter out and die. (A result of more good ideas than time to write them.)

I'm interested to see where this will go. It's the first Sweetie Bot story where Sweetie Bot seems to have something to do with changelings.

I’m interested in this story, very much what I tend to read in my free time.

What could possibly go wrong?

Alright, very good.

Keep going.

Getting struck by lightning is bad enough if you're a pony, imagine what it could do if you're a robot! Sweetie's systems could be fried, or long buried protocols could be reactivated! :pinkiegasp:

Scootaloo crossed her hooves. "I don't know why I'm even doing this. I know I'm not related to my parents."

:trixieshiftright: I mean, Sweetie's true nature already established this as an AU, to say nothing of her prompting Chrysalis's tactical retreat. But I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Ah, you were using it as a stepping stone to super-orphan Sweetie Belle. Still a pet peeve of mine, but I see where you're going with it.

Now there's just the tiny little issue of that complete identity crisis with accompanying electrocution. I'm sure that'll get resolved quite quickly.

Sweetie-5 is alive!

I wonder if this story will be just as good as the story 'Sweetie Bot A Hearths Warming Eve'

Yep! I actually don't like the "Scootaloo is an orphan" trope, but it fit too well, and it gave Sweetie the in-universe reason to suddenly jump to the conclusion that she herself was adopted without all that much evidence.

I doubt it. I absolutely love that story. But I'll certainly try.

So she activated safe mode (or tried to)? I have a feeling that's going to make her more "bot" like.

Nah. She was in safe mode after the lightning strike. She accidentally deactivated it, and is now searching for the switch again so she can get away from all her unfamiliar senses.

(Saying much more would be spoilers, even though I could clear it up quite a bit.)

9771167 So with "Safe Mode" disabled she is essentially just a machine, whereas before she was deviant?

Nope! :trollestia:

As I said, explaining further would be spoilers.

I think safe mode is for her mind to more easily interact with her body. Just my guess.

The rest of the weather team always kept a close eye on the storm, to make sure it didn't get out of hoof and to make sure non-trained pegasi stayed well away.

:derpytongue2: "You blow a few holes in Town Hall once and they never let you forget it."

In any case, this isn't the kind of self-discovery Sweetie was expecting, but it may be exactly what she needs... after she figures out how to return some of her systems to automatic.

"Safe mode" seems more like a sleep setting. Or a medical coma. After something catastrophic (like, say, a direct lightning strike) most systems power down to avoid further damage. The lightning itself may have been what gave Sweetie direct access to her settings.


"Safe mode" seems more like a sleep setting. Or a medical coma. After something catastrophic (like, say, a direct lightning strike) most systems power down to avoid further damage. The lightning itself may have been what gave Sweetie direct access to her settings.

You are definitely the closest. While there is a little more, this is the best with the current information.

I suspect Safe Mode disables all extra inputs and outputs except for the core functions, and rudimentary I/O. i suspect she had some sort of cloaking device that got burned out which made her 'look' like Sweetie Belle to everyone else.

I kinda hope she makes the Windows startup sound when she "wakes" back up. :rainbowlaugh:

Her current appearance explains the odd behavior of the lightning.

She seems pretty positive of that charge.

I like it so far! Keep going!


There will definitely be Sweetie Bot shenanigans, though unfortunately, the tone of this story is too "serious" to do so blatant of a reference. Maybe if I make another, more silly story, I might do things like that.

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