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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Theodor Geisel


The Castle of the Two Sisters has a long history, dating back to Equestria's early beginnings. Back when Star Swirl still taught the ponies who would become the future rulers of Equestria.

In the present day, Star Swirl's research into dimensional theory has created connections between two worlds, and even helped facilitate cross-dimensional friendships.

But not all of his experiments were recovered or even recorded. And not all of them were considered dangerous enough to be destroyed.

[Human-kitsune transformation]

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Sweetie Belle's life always contained a fair amount of frustration. From a lack of magical ability to her flank's stubborn refusal to develop a cutie mark, Sweetie has many a reason to envy her classmates. But her friends share many of those problems, making them somewhat bearable.

But at a certain fateful wedding, the changelings seem less interested in putting her in a pod, and more interested in attacking her outright. More evidence starts to appear, and she starts to realize something about herself that she would much rather forget.

While this story contains several adventure-like stories, especially in the beginning, it will mostly focus on slice-of-life material.

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Most ponies would have called it a magic accident. They would be wrong. Most ponies would call her dead. They would also be wrong.

Her magic wasn't even affected. But that was part of the problem.

Cirro Stratus, or just Cirra for short, was a pegasus hard on her luck. Down to her last remaining bits, she accepts an odd help wanted notice that pays suspiciously well. Is it really worth the risk?


This is a slice of life focused story, meaning that while there may be interesting events and mini-adventures, it is more focused on character interaction or the episodic kind of adventure rather than overarching plots.

Time frame: Right before Season 1. More than one original character gets caught up in the Nightmare Moon incident, so expect any show canon to be uncertain at best. Butterfly effect and all.

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Dinky considered herself an average sort of filly. She didn't quite have her cutie mark yet, but it wasn't late enough to have any worry about it. She was a bit shy, and a bit bookish, but that was probably Twilight's fault. The library never had a lack of interesting material.

Her mom was amazing, but that was just a given.

She never considered herself a hero, though. She was never particularly brave, particularly smart (though her mother told her otherwise), and she never had any real talent with magic.

So she never considered that such a simple decision could have such a big impact on so many ponies. She never thought that she could have this much responsibility.

And she never thought that it could have this much impact, personally.

That's what she thought, at least.

It was the first decision that started it, yes. But that first decision would have ended up getting her killed. It was the second decision that made her a hero. A hero to the changeling race.

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An Undertale crossover.

When Asriel breaks the barrier and frees all the monsters from the Underground, he stays behind, knowing that soon, he won't be able to maintain his form, turning back into a flower.

But Frisk won't accept that, no matter what he says. After countless tries, he finally gets Asriel to accept his soul, fusing both of them together and saving Asriel from life as a flower.

But when Frisk tries to load a save, things get a bit glitchy, and they are thrown from the dimension to resolve the paradox.

Disoriented and spinning in the space between worlds, they attempt to return to their own. Instead they find themselves in Equestria just before Nightmare Moon's return.

Note: Frisk and Chara are often considered "genderless" by some, since Toby Fox said that they were intended to be assigned a gender based on the user's choice. For this story, I have decided to make Frisk male, mostly for the convenience, and to avoid the "changing genders" dilemma. (I made Chara female, but that really doesn't matter all that much for this story.)

Also, I would like to direct you to a neat little comic series called A Dreemurr Reborn. It is based on a similar premise (although without MLP). There was a bit of influence for this story, although I had this idea way before I saw that, back when I first played the game.

Yeah, I know the hype for Undertale has died down by now, but so has the hype for ponies. I don't really care. :rainbowwild:

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This story is a sequel to Guiding Light

For those who have not read it already, Guiding Light is required reading. This is the second book in the series.

Warning: Description contains spoilers for Guiding Light, and the first chapter of this one.

After learning of her ascension from the Princesses, Aurora must deal with her changing instincts, the secrets she must keep, and the scorn of the nobility, who see her only as an undeserving student, and a threat to their lifestyle. A threat that must be removed.

Note: This story shares canon with Rites of Ascension (with permission), and is "set" a significant time after it ends. Since Rites is still unfinished, there may be minor differences in canon and story elements that have not been explicitly stated. New additions to RoA will most likely not result in a change in this story. Also, there may be personality differences - copying a character's personality doesn't do well for good writing.

However, this will certainly not be just a clone with an OC. It is part of the reason I had not cited the canon influences in Guiding Light, since readers would make assumptions. Even if there was no ascension element to my story, I still would have likely used the same canon.

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An unexpected alteration turns a leisurely hike into a strange adventure for two good friends. Will they be able to return to their own world? Will they even want to, after all is said and done?

This story is something to relieve writer's block, but it will be taken seriously, and it will be finished.

However, it won't have as predictable as an update schedule as my other series, Circadia. (Guding Light and Breaking Dawn.)

For those looking for a specific flavor of HiE: This story both contains a pony transformation, and a human that retains their form.

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In Canterlot, every foal goes to Magic Kindergarten. Every unicorn, every pegasus... and even a certain earth pony.

I have to be the only earth pony here. Why in Equestria does this have to happen to me?

It wasn't as if Aurora was uninterested. It was that she was bored. Extremely bored. They taught her nothing about theory, nothing interesting. Class time was all about levitation for the unicorns, flying for the pegasi. But nopony really knew what to teach an earth pony. Not really. All of their magic was passive, right?


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An eight-year old boy runs from home in a carefully executed plan that somehow does not go the way he expects.

Perhaps water is a good thing to pack, even if it is heavy.

(This story contains some really old writing, but people still seem to like it, so I have restarted writing it. Still, updates may be infrequent, due to the sheer number of stories I keep writing and updating. I don't like giving up on any of my stories I have published.)

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This story is a sequel to Rewritable

Important: This is one of my early stories, when I was not very experienced as a writer.

FYI - reading the prequel is mandatory to understand what is going on.

My name is Starry Night, and my life has never exactly been normal. Living around Twilight Sparkle ensures that. But that is not normally the cause of my problems. Trouble finds me just fine.

You see, banishment is always temporary.

I found where the Nightmare resides. It is a place very far away. But that gives me little comfort. Because the Elements never destroy. It is against their nature. The Elements can be separated. But the Nightmare never gives up.
With it alive, Equestria is always in danger. And I can't allow that to happen.

Sequel: (Deleted - it was terrible)

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