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This story is a sequel to The Howlite Howler

After finding herself turned into a diamond dog and plopped in Equestria under very unpleasant circumstances, Shiva found a way out of Equestria, and has started a new life as leader of the Diamond Dogs.

But the reach of Equestria is long, and the events that brought her there and her treatment by ponies are not easily forgotten by the Princess of the Sun.

How can one say 'I don't want you around' to an immortal goddess and six national heroes? Shiva intends to find out. But with the enemies of Equestria looking for ways to undermine Celestia, the alicorn of the sun will be forced to choose between the safety of her nation and the atonement of her subjects.

Based on Drawn with the Night by Dan_S Comments. Specifically the second half.

Cover image can be found here. Fun fact; Shiva's design was inspired by Amaterasu from Okami. But, then her story took a bit of a different turn.

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I still wish Blueblood will get what's coming to him of his arrogance.

Don't worry; Blueblood is not going to get out of this without paying for his abuse towards Shiva.

It's just going to take a while for Shiva to get at him.

She is sending twilight and her freinds? The ones who have Added to her trama greatly? I'm sorry Celestia but it seems that your rule might have just been luck if that is your solution to this.

At least Shiva will have contact with the changelings. Sending Twilight and her crew is just going to add more salt to her wounds.

Just a suggestion for the diamond dog military if there is going to be fighting:

I believe that the dogs will take advantage of their ability to literally construct battlefields. Constructing underground tunnel complexes and trenches in strategic positions to force the enemy to attack. The dogs have two warrior groups.
1. Ironpaws: the true warrior caste of dogs, these dogs are equipped with the best weapons however they prefer one-handed axes and swords along side metal round shields, they are armoured with full helms and chest pieces, the armor is made from a unique alloy only diamond dogs know that is superior then steel. These forces are often used either in the first wave as a distraction for the main block or in reserve to cover retreat
2. Speardogs: the main bulk of forces. These dogs are equipped with long Sarissa’s. They are armoured with helmets and a scale mail armour. These forces form blocks in tunnels often behind bends deep in the earth forcing the enemy to attack in melee agains the wall of spearheads. On the ground these forces fight in large blocks advancing toward the enemy.

Awesome! :raritystarry: I didn't find any of this on the MLP wiki. Thanks for sharing it.

I'll definitely bring this into consideration, as there will be a lot of fighting in the chapters to come.

Thanks again. :twilightsmile:

I just made it up. it seemed to make sense for a subterranean civilisations that surely have good blacksmithing skills

Agreed. The Diamond Dogs feel like a combination of both orcs and dwarves, and I do want them to be seen in a slightly more heroic light here, since Shiva's allied with them.

PS: You don't mind if I still refer to the dog warriors as Iron Paws and Spear Dogs, right? Because those are awesome names, and I just really love the idea of Shiva barking, "Iron Paws; attack!"

This should also go without saying, but I will give you full credit for the names. :scootangel:

Totally go ahead. Also if you wouldn’t mind I have an OC who could help Shiva develop this military strategy just let me know if you are interested and any limitations on them

It might take some quick editing to meet next week's deadline, but I'd definitely be interested on working your OC in.

I'd need the information about him or her before next Friday, which is when the next chapter drops. The OC should be a Diamond Dog - Shiva's not about to trust ponies at this point in time - and they can't become a couple with Shiva. Sorry, but romance isn't something I want to focus on.

If you can work with that, I'd love to put your OC in this story. Just send me the details (name, description, personality) and I'll figure out how to add him or her in.

Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing more about this military expert. :twilightsmile:

let's hope Shiva is immortal with her magic, otherwise, the empire dependant diamond dogs will fall fast without her

Also, Shiva is capable of having pups. And those pups would inherit her abilities in magic.

I did toy with the idea of her magic having a bleed effect where repeated exposure to her magic eventually gives her dogs the ability to use magic themselves, but I wasn't sure if that would work or not.

Please let me know, and thanks again for commenting. :twilightsmile:

I just realized that Shiva and her Diamond Dogs can destroy Canterlot. From underground if they wanted to.

Big note there: if they wanted to.

Shiva knows that doing so would call down Celestia and Fluttershy on her, and no amount of revenge or gems would convince her to willingly or intentionally invite the wrath of either of those mares.

It's ironic; Fluttershy's easily the most harmless pony and the one that's the most sympathetic to Shiva, and yet Shiva's the most scared of her due to her Stare.

I wouldn't be surprised if Shiva believes that Fluttershy can also knock her unconscious magically due to Rainbow's actions when they captured her.

I have read this story and I love seeing Ponies have the villians.

my question is can fluttershys stare could be turned back on her and do her frends even know what they are getting her to subject others too?

10185929 Fics where ponies are villains are rare, especially when in a fic with other species.

To answer your question, no; Fluttershy has no idea her stare affected Shiva that way, and her friends don't realize it either. Although the idea of Shiva turning the stare back on Fluttershy (letting her see what Shiva saw) is a good one that could contribute to Fluttershy's character development in this fic. I'll need to figure out where Shiva can get a mirror.

Ponies as the antagonists is rare indeed, and I want mine to be unique in that the ponies are unintentional villains.

Tyrantlestia isn't going to be in here, and none of the Mane Six are cruel or evil. They're just misguided, and far too assured in the belief that they're the good guys.

Chronologically, this takes place in Season 2; they've only gone up against Nightmare Moon and Discord at this point in their lives. Discord hasn't been reformed, and the only 'not-bad' non-ponies they know so far are Zecora, and maybe that dragon who Fluttershy had to brow-beat into leaving Ponyville in Dragonshy. So they think that anything that isn't an equine should be regarded as an enemy, either to be defeated or to be given a lesson in friendship and tolerance.

By the end of this, I'm hoping for Shiva to help them develop, and become better ponies, just as Shiva develops and grows in her story as well.

you tecnicly wouldnet need a mirror maby just a reflective surface like a big gem or crystel and in the show they treat the stare like a wepon so if fluttershy didnt want to use it anymore because she knows the damage it can do to someone and twilight not wanting to disapoint her mentor tries to force her could be the shock needid for twilight to see what she is doing

In interesting story. It really keeps your interest.

Well done and Im looking forward to more.

The Monk
Her hands were still bound with rope, she debated an escape before all the stupidity gave her an aneurysm. -Scarheart

I had a really bad day at work today, but I got to tell you that this story and a few others are what gets me through the day so that when I get home and I refresh the feed and see new story notifications I can just sit back and just enjoy the works of others for a time. Thanks for the the story, great as usual can't wait till next Friday!!

I'm starting to think that the Diamond Dogs linked through her can become an Equestrian ally that can counter Changelings.

I'm really glad you're enjoying my story, and especially that it's helping you through a bad day.

I also look forward to sharing the next chapter next Friday. Hope your week goes a little bit better. :twilightsmile:

Ironically enough, that's Celestia's whole goal here: to convince Shiva to become their ally. Not just against the changelings, but against anything that threatens Equestria.

Okay, yes, this version of the prologue is much better. I'm glad you took my suggestions to heart and that they were useful to improve the story :twilightsmile:

Mmm, I actually think Shiva showed some remarkable restraint and character growth here.

Also it might be petty of me, but I kind want Canterlot to fall and the ponies to crawl begging for Shiva to help them only for her to say "No".

But that's just me :trollestia:

Good job, Shiva is not antagonistic to the ponies though she and her pack are ready to defend themselves if need be. Chrysalis’s manipulations are spot on too.

Great job


Also it might be petty of me, but I kind want Canterlot to fall and the ponies to crawl begging for Shiva to help them only for her to say "No".

:rainbowlaugh: Makes me wonder if Shiva should get a rorschach mask for the occasion.

In all seriousness though, thank you for the feedback. Though Shiva was confronting the more sympathetic Mane Six. It's going to be a much bigger challenge when she has to confront Blueblood later.

Until then, thanks again.

Shiva did a good job on her restraint. I'm almost impressed that Chrysalis hacked the diamond dogs' telepathy.

Glad you liked Shiva's restraint.

I just wanted to clarify though, Chrysalis didn't hack the diamond dog's telepathy: she snuck right next to Luke and was talking directly to him.

In Rise of Darth Vulcan, some changelings were able to alter their disguise ability to camouflage, allowing them to blend into an environment. I thought the ability was interesting, and tried to incorporate it into my story.

Thanks again for commenting.

Hah! That's exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote that (well, not in Shiva wearing Rorschach's mask, but you get my meaning).

Conversion Bureau. Wether unintentional or not, there’s a good example of arguably-evil pones.

10198446 It’ll cause some discord for sure. Heh...
10199733 True.

Uh oh, big brain Twilight is onto something, how long do you think its going to be until she spills to Celestia about the telepathic link.

Not that long, honestly.

Shiva never made Twilight promise to keep it a secret, and many ponies are still suspicious about Shiva, so they'll want to know every trick she's got.

Well THIS just got more interesting! Xd

There is a lot of hatred and racism pointed at the diamond dogs. It really doesn't make much sense for Shiva to defend the ponies. The ponies represent a real danger to the dogs. the ponies don't really see them as people and the dogs are aware of this. Its literally only a matter of time until like minded ponies gather together to torch DD businesses, farms, and other above ground, flammable resources.

Everyone needs their strong and hostile enemies weakened. To prevent this is foolish on Shivas part. She already has enemies in the changelings, The Griffins are hostile and unreliable, the ponies wouldn't shed a tear if the entire DD society burned down. Hell, most would throw a party. No one who remembers what happened so far in this story would expect the ponies to help the DD if they ever needed it.

Lets say Shiva helps the ponies defeat the changelings. Down the road if the DD needed pony help militarily, the chances of getting that help is slim. If the Princesses did send the help, those soldiers (With that upbringing and racism drummed into them for years ) wouldn't really do much to help when they finally got there. Not only would they take their time to get there, when they did arrive, they wouldn't risk their lives very much if they could help it. The way they see it, ponies are more valuable than diamond dogs, and if the dogs did loose, "Oh well, one less threat to Equestria".

So whats the point of helping? Shivas risking the lives of her people, literally for nothing.

She has to see this on some level. If not then her advisor.

The Monk

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Chrysalis is not going to stop at Equestria she will go after Shiva next

NGL, I had been waiting for FLuttershy to get her Stare turned against her perhaps a tad too eagerly.

And that ended up better than I thought it would, mmmh.




Well F***** SCREW the Pony Xenophobic Assholes!!!!!! It WILL be a lot easier if she had Human Technology like a Gun or even better, a TANK or a AC-130 Gunship!!!! That will surely make the Ponies FEAR HER!!!!!! 😈😈😈 :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

And please, stop it with the Stare thing. It's getting ridiculous!!!! It's NOT some sort of weapon. A really evil bad guy like the Joker, Megatron, or even a Human Gangster in GTA will be Unfazed by it, thought it's stupidly cute and annoying. And just put a bullet right between her eyes. 💀💀💀

the changlings are using the packs tunnel?

Question: If Celestia knows that Cadence is a impostor. WHY DIDN'T SHE EXPOSE HER ALREADY!!!!???? Surly it will help Shiva with the stupid Nobles already.

Plus, why the HELL does Shiva need Redemption for anyway??!! She DIDN'T DO NOTHING WRONG, the stupid Xenophobic Ponies started it, and She was using Self Defense. This is BULLSHIT on what's happening to Shiva!!!! WHY didn't she get a Gun or something from our Weapon Technology to teach this dumb Ponies to leave her alone!!!! :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :facehoof:

Yep :eeyup:. They can't directly take or replace the pack as long as Shiva's got them linked into her magic, but the changelings can follow them through the tunnels they dug.

Answer: Celestia didn't expose Cadence because, at that moment, she was focused on keeping Shiva from ripping Blueblood's head off (even if Shiva was intending to go for Cadence, I think we can all safely assume no one would've batted an eye at Shiva silencing the pomp :pinkiecrazy:). Sure, Celestia's presence did calm everyone for the moment, but an angry magic diamond dog seemed like far more of a threat than a shapeshifter who was surrounded by guards, minding her own business for the most part, and more importantly, not contributing to the tension that Shiva's appearance caused. However, don't assume that Imposter Cadence is in the clear yet; Shiva still knows who she is, and Celestia is not like the nobles who try to gain her favor.

Also, you are right; Shiva doesn't need redemption, and she doesn't want it. Luna is indirectly projecting her own atonement for being Nightmare Moon onto Shiva, and it is going to blow up in her face later when she tries to befriend Shiva.

And as for Shiva having guns or our weapon tech... well, there's no feasible way she can access that stuff right now. And even if she could, she likely wouldn't use them unless she had no other choice. She was a domestic dog before coming to Equestria, so not only would she have very limited knowledge on guns or human tech, but things like the Stare affect her like they would other animals. And her getting subdued after her violent escape from the pits taught her that fighting these ponies isn't going to work. They own the land she's in, they collectively have a much better grasp on magic than Shiva does, and they've proven that some of them aren't afraid to pull out all the stops on creatures they don't like. The rational side of Shiva is worried any fight she picks with the ponies will be a fight she'll lose. That being said, if she's pushed too far, she'll decide she just doesn't care. And when that happens, she won't need guns to make the ponies regret messing with her :rainbowdetermined2:.

Thank you very much for your feedback and replies. I hope I helped clear up some of your questions, and appreciate your investment in the story. I'm working as hard as I can on getting the next chapters written, and I look forward to sharing them in the weeks to come.

Until then, thank you very much for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful week. :twilightsmile:

OH!!!!!!! Opps. I thought she was a Human Woman before she turn into a Diamond Dog. I didn't read the first story really, because it involves the Protagonist being frickin Tortured. 😳 😠 So I didn't know that she was a Normal Dog in our World. Guess I read too many of the Human in Equestria stories here, that it confuse me with this story.

And they think a Magic Diamond Dog is MORE dangerous than a Shapeshifting Changeling???!!! You joking right??? I THINK having a Shapeshifting Ability is MORE useful and MORE Dangerous than Magic powered Anthro Dog. Because of spying, deception, and the potential to turn into more giant predator beasts.

And I guess it make sense on WHY Fluttershy's Stare is "Powerful" here. Because Shiva is born a Animal in our world, then Equestria. BUT, I still HATE the stare!!!!! I get it, IT can work on animals, BUT it's NOT THAT SCARY!!!!!! IF they want to see REAL SCARY??? They WOULDN'T LAST 5 SECONDS IN Dead Space, Halo's the Flood, Gears of War's Locust Horde, Resident Evil, Silent Dead, DOOM's Demons, Left 4 Dead, Horror Movies, AND WARHAMMER 40K IN GENERAL!!!!!

And for Luna wanting Shiva to "Redeem" herself. That F***** Hypocrite Bitch!!!! She is FRICKIN RETARDED!!!!!!:facehoof: :facehoof:

You know what!!!??? I WANT Shiva to Punch Luna really hard on the snout for saying that STUPID redeem thing to her. And I also want Shiva to make a BIG "Why you SUCK" Speech on Luna, where it goes like this:

"WHY THE HELL SHOULD I NEED REDEMPTION!!!??? When one: YOUR MOTHER F****** NOBLES ENSLAVED AND TORTURED ME, FOR A SCREWED UP XENOPHOBIA REASON!!!!!!! And I just TRYING TO SELF DEFENDING MYSELF. And if you think about it. YOU, yourself have DOES say worse Sins As Nightmare Moon. YES, I know your greatest sin, I read your Pony History. And it said you tried to make a CIVIL WAR that might Cause HUNDREDS of your Pony Subjects Blood. ALL BECAUSE YOU WERE JEALOUS WITH YOUR SISTER!!!!! I do somewhat pity you that you didn't get affection from your Subjects and your Sister."

"BUT THAT DOESN'T EXCUSE YOU TO GO PYSCHO AND NEARLY DESTORY YOUR WORLD AND MADE XENOCIDE ON EVERTHING!!!!!!!! WHAT?? You didn't know?? If you make "Eternal Night": Without the Sun, you kill all of the Plants, Crops, and Food. Thus, Starving your Pony Subjects to A SLOW AND AGONIZING DEATH TO EXTINCTION, As well as every Creature on the entire planet!!!!! Plus, if that's not BAD enough. On the other Side, the Sun itself will BURN EVERYTHING TO ASH!!!!!! YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!! Thus, your the BIGGER "EVIL HEARTLES AND CRUEL MONSTER" than me. Your pony Subjects should have the MORE REASON TO HATE AND DESPISE YOU THAN ME!!!!! "

"So you can take you stupid "Redemption" and SHOVE it in your Stupid Dumb Face. You NEEDED it more than I do. Because I DON'T need REDEMPTION in the FIRST place!!!!!" :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

A bunch of Cool African American's in the background: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😝😆😅😂😎😎😎

As for NO Human Tech or Guns! Damn it!!!!! That sucked. Because that WILL HELP Shiva and the other Dogs greatly if they did. It's just since Shiva is a amateur and a beginner on Magic, because WE don't have Magic in the first place on earth. And their are out numbered by the Ponies and their Royal Guards. I thought with SUPERIOR HUMAN WEAPONRY, the Ponies will SHIT THEIR PANTS, and NOT to mess with Shiva and her Pack. 😈 😎 PLUS, I'M getting SICK of this STUPID and Xenophobic Pony Assholes, and I want for Karmic Justice and Retribution on them!!! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:

Nobles and politics, the worst combo. :facehoof:


I thought she was a Human Woman before she turn into a Diamond Dog.

Sorry for the confusion. I know there's a lot of Human in Equestria stories out there, and I was trying to make mine a little unique by having a dog instead of a human. Again, sorry for the confusion.

they think a Magic Diamond Dog is MORE dangerous than a Shapeshifting Changeling???!!!

You're right in that the changeling is way more dangerous; the changeling can turn into more dangerous beasts and is actively trying to over throw Equestria.
However, at that particular moment, everyone was already stressed and aggravated. If Celestia turned around and exposed Cadence, panic would erupt from the nobles. Shiva would try to attack the changeling, as the only reason she's there is to catch the bugger. And regardless on whether she hit it or not, the ponies would just see her attacking, and chaos would ensue. Chaos that - considering Discord is still stone at this point - could potentially wake the chaos spirit up.

By leaving Cadence in the care of the guards and taking Shiva away, Celestia is defusing the situation and letting the changeling believe her cover is sound, while also getting the chance to talk to Shiva one-on-one. Because while Twilight did send a message about Shiva's suspicions, Celestia's only experience with the dog is the reports about her fight with the xenophobic ponies and Shiva breaking out of Canterlot and running from Celestia when she tried to catch her. This isn't Tyrantlestia; she genuinely wants peace between her ponies and Shiva, and wants to know just how Shiva ticks.

I still HATE the stare!!!!! I get it, IT can work on animals, BUT it's NOT THAT SCARY!!

No argument here. In fact, a part of Shiva's character development is realizing that, in comparison to being whipped and tortured, Fluttershy's Stare is really minor in comparison. She's still not going to be happy about how it humiliated her, but, yeah, in comparison to some of the other things that could happen, a passive yellow pony glaring at you is really not something to get shaken up over.


This is an amazing speech. So... pardon me for sounding a little dumb :derpytongue2:, but you don't mind if I find a way to incorporate this into the dialogue that Luna and Shiva have in the next chapter (Don't worry, you'll get full credit just as truenorth14 gets credit for Skippy). Also, will diamond dogs suffice for the guys who go 'OOOOHHHH!' in the background?

I want for Karmic Justice and Retribution on them!!!

Ironically, I wrote this on the idea that oftentimes, people who were wronged by the ponies went too easy on them. I'll admit, my editors and friends had me tone Shiva down pretty drastically from my earlier drafts, but I assure you; the last thing Shiva wants is to let these ponies think that they can do whatever they want and get off scot-free because they're 'the good guys.' :rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway, thank you again for commenting and giving me some really great food for thought.
Until next time,

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