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Aspiring novelist testing his characters in the MLP verse.


This story is a sequel to Lone Wolf of Equestria: Back to the Pack

Logan did it. After a harrowing journey, he found his last pack mate, Carol, and even managed to bring her to Equestria. Finally at peace, the wolves have decided to settle in Ponyville, ready to live out their lives with the Mane Six in peace and harmony.

But just because Logan isn't going to go looking for trouble anymore doesn't mean trouble won't come looking for him. In this series of one-shots, comedic shorts and adventurous re-scripts, the Mane Six gain two brand new allies to help them take on the daily challenges of living in Equestria.

A partial character experiment for Carol, and a lead up to Logan's final story.

Special thanks to Patricia Gross for the cover image, which can be found here

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I saw that smile while you were waging war on White Tail Wood

The horror...

Logan was so consumed with rage, he didn’t even notice the worried look Carol shot someone from the forest, who ducked away into the shadows before Logan could hope to recover.

Someone be watching the wolfs.

Also, let's see what goes on. Has the leash been put on or is he a free bud?
We shall see

I like the talk that those twords had. About being tamed.
In a way he sort of is (ish) but he's sticking to his beliefs and morals.
I see many other characters in stories just fallow hoe Celestial does things and basically because a "pawn".
Mad respects for these wolves.
Still want Logan to Russian back break Celestia then scream "BODIED!"

Logan's still got some time and one more story, and a final confrontation between him and Celestia is ultimately inevitable.

I like your idea about Logan screaming, "BODIED!" while he's fighting Celestia. I'll keep it in mind when they eventually fight.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Twilight at the end tho!!!!!

Twilight got played.
She tried to tame the Carol, Carol tames back.

I was wondering when u might come out of hiding good to see u again


“Renegade for life,” he replied, before striding back for the forest.

He'll F*****G yeah!

What you be thinking about Sweetieverything Belle?

Do I smell a posible date night?

Comment posted by Foxbrony deleted Oct 23rd, 2019

I smelled that date a mile away. Hehe
And poor Logan, it's just not his day any day.

Oh god, this is so good for us but so bad for Logan. HA

For some reason, I got Looney Tunes vibes from this...........

Sorry for the late reply.

I did watch that Bugs Bunny and Road Runner video before writing this. Although, looking back, I'm not sure if the comedy vibe mixed well with the second, more dramatic part.

Is it too sudden a shift? :applejackunsure:

Me, personally, I'm ok with this. Boi, it was funny, like, Pinkie Pie level funny. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Awesome :yay:

Glad you enjoyed it.

That plot twist broke my ankles!

This is what friendship does to you!

Great job by the way.

Now I'm wondering how the wolves are going to react, mostly Logan. He sort of knew that Celestia was having some deeper motives for Twilight when he pointed some stuff about Celestia and the Empire.
To me I see him going after Celestia in a way of asking if she even gave Twilight a choice to chose.
The wolf sees outside the box, he's going to see a lot more soon.
... I feel like this story keeps adding to the vendetta that I have against Celestia.

I'll be uploading the next chapter today, so you'll see their reactions sooner rather than later.

Also, in a way, you nailed what not just Logan, but my wolf characters are all about. They all want the freedom to choose, and hate when people like Celestia or humanity take that away from them. No matter how well intentioned Celestia may be, a wolf ultimately wants to be free.

Mance Rayder from Game of Thrones put it best: "The freedom to make my own mistakes. That's all I really wanted."

Just curious....any chance of Equestria Girls occurring in any upcoming volumes? Be interesting to see how Logan and Carol would deal with human versions of their "friends" and Sunset Shimmer.

I will end up doing this. I don't have a set plan yet for what will happen, but I do like the idea of Logan not only interacting with Sunset and the human versions of his 'friends,' but also how he'd react to the Sirens, since he spent a short amount of time in Back to the Pack looking for them, wondering if they ever tried to get back home.

So yeah, the chapters involving Equestria girls might come out later rather than sooner, but I would like to cover those events.

Thanks for the suggestion. :twilightsmile:

Well these answered my questions. Sweet

Welp, s#@t is gonna hit Logan's fan

It's like he touched poison joke; he is now what he hates!

Oh shiz! That's right, EG was next. Frik, now I know what I'm reading in a bit.

Hope the this human world can calm a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Luckily for the human world, human Fluttershy is there. Pony or human, Fluttershy's easily the one person Logan trusts outside of Carol.

Except... :pinkiegasp: Logan's not a wolf now!

And human Fluttershy doesn't know him!

How will this alter Logan's first meeting with an Equestria Girl? :trixieshiftright: We'll find out soon enough.

2 chapters today, you spoil us.

Can this get any fudging better?
I mean I swear.

Logan is a fucking baller and I love him. The wolf knows when to take command.
Logan for Princess 2020 anyone?

I wonder if Logan will take a page the playbook of TD Powell and punch Principal Celestia in the face?

Sic Carol on her, grab the crown, and run for the portal; biting anything in their way while Logan drags Twilight.

Ending's definitely canon; Logan's gonna have a rematch with Tempest Shadow before long.

:rainbowlaugh: I love that series.

While Logan does take a lot of inspiration from TD, his approach to Principal Celestia will be a little more... creative. :raritywink:

Celestia nearly leaped a foot into the air as the door was kicked open, and Luna was catapulted into the opposite wall. While Luna was pancaked to the wall, Logan charged in and lunged for Celestia.


“BODIED!” He roared, bashing into Celestia like the wolf he secretly was.


Celestia got one chance to shriek like a little girl, before Logan’s head crashed into hers with the force of a wrecking ball. With an oddly goofy sounding THUNK, Celestia’s head struck the drawer behind her, and she slid to the ground, knocked out. A second later, Luna peeled off from the wall and crumpled to the floor as well.

I want you to know this. This put the biggest smile on my face ever.
The most perfectly executed bodied if I ever did see one. Just thank you. Fuck :rainbowlaugh:

Before Sunset could shatter the mirror, he grabbed Carol, who slung the backpack to Twilight. With one spin, Logan threw the she-hound at Sunset before lunging himself.

Not only was the beat down of the century happened to the (/royal/) sisters, a beat down that will be passed down and shared for generations, but the badassery of this right here. It's like they just did the combo to a Fatality here.

I love this perspective on the EG with Logan thus far.
Logan in a sense is the added realism to the movie.
Plus he points out many, well, points to Twilight and to others. Lives are basically on the line and she's proven herself time and time again that she can accomplish many things.
Basically what he's telling Twilight is, "So plant your feet, grit your teeth and. Eat. That. Horse!"

I don't think there are enough pony emojis for the amount of joy your comment brought me.

I was hoping that moment would work; I got so frustrated because my work kept dragging me away from this story, and I wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect. I'm so happy you enjoyed it; I absolutely love getting to show Logan and Carol doing badass stuff like that.

Of course, he couldn't actually tell her to eat the horse... since she's a horse... and it would be kinda awkward considering wolves do eat horses on occasion.... :rainbowderp::twilightsheepish:

But yeah, that was a point that I noticed in the movie, and I liked the idea of Logan pointing it out.

Thank you again for your unwavering support. I always look forward to what you have to say, and am so happy you've been enjoying Logan and Carol's adventures.
I'll try to get Logan's final battle with Sunset out by tomorrow, and from there, I'll start on what I like to call the Tirek arc before handling Logan's confrontation with the Dazzlings.

Thanks again. :pinkiehappy:

Yo! And perfected it you did, mate! Keep plowing through, we're great full for all that you've done for us so far! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Thank you!

The Tirek arc is going to be really interesting with the wolfs and your take on it he'll yeah!

I have to sit down for this one. The dudder, is quite possibly going back to the 'human world'?
I'm grinning ear to ear, and I fucking love it.

I actulike the way Logan took care of Sunset.

Basically you've put the Friendship Canon to rest.

This god damn wolf better run for 2020 or so help me. So help me!
Also ...
Hentai vines.

It seems Carol has been slinking around the erotic section of the library...

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