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Logan and Carol; The Wolves of Equestria - JNKing

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Date Night Pt 2

For a brief, scary moment, Apple Bloom was convinced that Logan was eating her brother. But when the dust cleared, they discovered it was worse. Far, far worse!

Logan had Big Mac in an iron grip, his eyes glassy and pink from the love potion. And all four females gaped in utter shock as his tongue slathered across the big stallion’s neck. Big Mac gagged and struggled to get away, but Logan was clinging to him too tightly.

Ah, mon Cherie,” Logan purred in a voice that wasn’t his own. “Tis love at first sight, is it not? No?”

“NOPE!” Big Mac yelped, squirming slowly from Logan’s grip, even as the wolf tried to tighten his hold.

“Logan, get off him!” Carol barked, while the mares attempted to pry him off the stallion.

Do not come with me to the Casbah; we shall make beautiful music together right here!” Logan declared, the mares’ hooves doing nothing to separate him.

However, when he tilted his head back to howl, Big Mac squirted free and shot away with a continuous “ENOPE-NOPE-NOPE-NOPE!” chant.

Logan cackled in the mare’s grip.

“My crimson cupid,” he mumbled. “Now he is seeking for us a trysting place.” He glanced at Sweetie Belle, who was clinging to his neck. “Touching, is it not?” He shot out of their grip, chasing after Big Mac. “Come, my fiery frisk of fertility! I will help you! Wait for me; wait!”

The mares raced on behind him, Carol whimpering in horror.

“Oh, moon above, what have I done?” she whimpered.


Back in Ponyville, Applejack was searching for her sister, only to nearly crash into Big Mac. The stallion was panting and looking around frantically, his neck wet with slobber.

“Big Mac,” Applejack demanded, keeping her brother from racing past her. “What in tarnation’s possessed ya.”

“Wolf… crazy… nope…” Big Mac panted, pointing behind him.

“Wolf?” Applejack asked. “Ya mean Logan?” Her ears briefly flattened. “But… he… wait, what did he do?”

“Found you!” a voice cried out with glee. Big Mac jumped a foot in the air as Logan practically teleported behind Applejack. Before the mare could turn around, the wolf pounced once again on Big Mac, who staggered away with the wolf on his face.

“Now mon Cherie magnifique,” Logan declared. “Let us make a-life anew!”

“NO!” Big Mac bellowed, bucking Logan off him before taking to the hills.

Just as Logan fell, the Crusaders and Carol fell upon him with rope and nets. They bound and strung him up as tight as they could.

“Girls!” Applejack stammered. “L-Logan, what’re…”

“There’s no time!” Apple Bloom insisted. “Sis, ya gotta help us out!”

“But… yer hog-tying… Girls, what in tarnation is going on here!” Applejack demanded.

“I was an idiot!” Carol sobbed. “I screwed up, and now Logan’s possessed by a love potion! We gotta stop him!”

Logan simply laughed again. He glanced at Applejack, who jumped back at the sight of his eyes, visible through the net. They were glimmering with different shades of pink, almost underlying the silver.

Silly mares,” He said with a smile. "You cannot hope to chain true love!"

He was right, in a way. Applejack’s jaw dropped as Logan busted out of the net and pranced after Big Mac like Pinkie Pie. Carol and Apple Bloom jumped the wolf, but he easily bounced away from them, eyes only on Big Mac’s retreating form.

“Missed him!” Carol growled.

“Come on,” Scootaloo yelled, racing up with her scooter attached to a wagon. “We gotta catch him before something really bad happens!”

But just as the group raced after him, Applejack managed to snag Carol, dragging her back while the other three raced after Logan.

“Alright, hang on,” Applejack insisted. “You made him a love potion?”

“I-I think I did,” Carol said. “I borrowed some books from Twilight. She said I could; it was a library, and…” She covered her face. “Oh, I knew this wasn’t going to work.”

“What books?” Applejack demanded.

“I, uh…” Carol glanced back towards where Logan had run off too before turning back to Applejack. “I’ll show you.”

She raced back for the library. The sun had long since gone down, but Applejack knew that there was little time for politeness. Noticing the locked door, Applejack reared back and bucked the door open. Carol raced inside the library, even as an owl flared at her with a protective hiss, and Twilight leaped from her bed.

“What the…” Twilight stammered, before her eyes focused. “C-Carol? Applejack? What’s…”

“Sorry, Twi,” Applejack said. “We got us another problem!”


Big Mac stampeded back to the barn. Whether the others were going to help him or not, he didn’t know or care. All he knew was that he had to get as far away from Logan as he could. Racing into the barn, he pushed the doors closed and barred them. The stallion backed up to a patch of hay, watching the barn door while gasping for breath. He may have been built for endurance, but this hunt had taxed even his limits.

And even then, it wasn’t enough.

“Hello, mon Cherie papi,” the voice of the possessed sang. Big Mac spun as Logan slinked down from one of the barn’s windows; pink, dreamy eyes set on him. “I am the locksmith of love, no?”

“NOPE!” Big Mac raced for the door, before remembering it was barred. With little other choice, he shot up into the rafters. Logan watched him dreamily from the barn floor before slowly making his way for the ladder. Big Mac tried to bring the ladder up with him, but his strength – taxed from the hunt – left him. Logan seized the ladder, pressing it against the rafters, and began to climb.

“Come, darling,” he said in that voice that wasn’t his. “We must be grown up about these things. Do not run away from your love…”

Big Mac stepped back, trembling as the wolf made it to the rafters. However, the wolf paused, tilting his head. Big Mac realized that he had walked right over to a window on the rafters. A two-story drop sat just behind him. At that moment, Big Mac wondered if the injuries he’d get from a fall like that were better than what this wolf had in mind for him.

Logan saw his thoughts on his face.

“Oh, what’s this?” he pondered, before grinning. “This scarlet sweetheart wishes to commit suicide to prove his love for me?” His tail wagged. “What a sweet gesture.” His gaze hardened. “Nevertheless, I must prevent it!”

He shot forward, and Big Mac stumbled away from him, pitching right out the window.

“EEENNOOOOPPEEE!” Big Mac cried in dismay… only for magic to flare around him and cushion his fall.

He spun around; Twilight, the Crusaders and his sister were all there. The purple mare had Spike on her back, and the dragon was holding a pail of what was hopefully water or something to snap Logan out of his madness.

“Don’t worry, Big Mac,” Applejack assured him. “I got Twilight to help us out.”

VIVA L’AMORE!” Logan declared. “WE DIE TOGETHER!”

Six pairs of heads whipped up as Logan pitched out the side, eyes shut and his paw in a salute as he plummeted towards Big Mac. Big Mac shrieked and held his hooves out in front of him.

“Now, Spike!” Twilight shrieked.

Spike hurled what was in the bucket. A glittery, sparkling liquid crashed into Logan just as he smashed into Big Mac. Dust billowed up everywhere, and Big Mac found himself cowering on the ground.

But no teeth came. No lathering tongue or rubbing fur. Instead, as the smoke cleared, Big Mac saw Logan’s eyes cleared of pink circles. And the expression of utter horror was a good contrast to the sickly lovesick expression he had before.

Logan stepped off Big Mac, a small choked gag of horror slipping from his quivering snout. He took another step back. Then another. Then another.

“Um… Logan?” Twilight asked. “Are you…?"


Logan spun and practically flew into the forest, his howl of horror and despair echoing off the trees long after he was gone. Twilight briefly raised a hoof after him, but lowered it when she realized he wasn’t coming back.

Big Mac regained his hooves, still panting from the exertion.

“What…?” he stammered, pointing after Logan with a look of utter confusion.

Twilight gave Carol a glare, as the she-wolf sheepishly looked away.

“Turns out one of our wolf friends here,” Twilight said. “Decided to try and make a love potion for her friend.”

“It wasn’t… the love poison, was it?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“It had to be,” Apple Bloom insisted. “Isn’t that why he was chasing Big Mac? Since Big Mac took the poison that one time? Like, if Ms. Cherilee was there, wouldn’t he have…”

Twilight sighed. “Well, no, that’s not how it worked,” she said. “And besides that… he didn’t drink the love poison.”

“Wolves don’t think of love in the same terms you do,” Carol said. “I was looking more for potions that…”

“Carol, I know what yer gonna say,” Applejack growled. “Not in front of my sister.”

“But wait; what did her love potion actually do?” Apple Bloom asked. “Why did Logan target Big Mac like that?”

Twilight glanced at Applejack, who gave Twilight a stern shake of her head.

“What’s important,” Applejack said. “Is that Twilight knew how to reverse it.”

“It went down to basic brain chemistry,” Twilight replied with a shrug. “I’m great with magic, but I also studied biology. The potion Carol made increased his testosterone, dopamine and oxytocin levels, so all I needed to do was bring those down.”

The wolf, farmers and fillies all stared at her.

“I have no earthly idea what you just said,” Applejack said. “And honestly, I don’t even wanna know.” She turned back to her sister. “Now c’mon, the lot of you,” she said. “It’s far too late fer you to be out right now.”

“But what about Logan?” Apple Bloom asked, glancing at where he had run off to. “Shouldn’t we help him?”

“I think,” Carol mumbled. “He needs to be alone right now.” She turned away from the others. “Probably for a long time.”

Twilight almost wanted to protest, but a yawn from Spike cut her off. She sighed.

“Let’s hope he’s okay, wherever he went,” Twilight said softly, heading back for the library.


However, two days went by, and Logan didn’t reappear. Carol stayed on the outskirts of the forest, looking absolutely miserable. At first, the Mane Six were willing to give Logan until the third morning, but the Crusaders had other plans.

“We gotta find him,” Apple Bloom had insisted, trying to get past Applejack to the Ever-Free.

“It’s our fault he’s like this,” Sweetie Belle admitted. “If we hadn’t pushed Carol…”

Applejack couldn’t argue with them, but she also couldn’t let them go alone into the Ever-Free.

“Then I’m coming with you,” she declared. “Me and Fluttershy.”

And so, after a small detour to find the yellow mare, the five ponies set out into the forest, searching for their lost friend.

At first, their search revealed nothing. But eventually, they noticed a spot of yellow fur among the shrubbery.

“Logan?” Scootaloo called.

The yellow fur shifted and vanished.

The mares glanced at each other before Fluttershy inched forward.

“Logan?” she called softly. “Logan, it’s Fluttershy. All your friends.”

The forest leaves shuffled, but he still didn’t come out.

The Apple sisters gave each other a nervous glance before Applejack stepped forward.

“Big Mac forgave ya,” she called out. “We told him how it was just a potion that made ya act all crazy. He’d understand if…”

“GO AWAY!” Logan’s voice bellowed at them, shrouded with the boom of thunder. But it held none of the fiery anger or passion that he had when he was angry at them before. His voice was cracking; threatening to break into sobs of utter misery and self-hatred.

Fluttershy motioned for Applejack to stay back and protect the fillies. Then slowly – cautiously – she edged forward.

A cave was set into a hillside on the mountain. Not far into the cave was Logan, his back to them and his head bent. Fluttershy’s ears flattened as she heard faint sobs forcing their way from his throat.

“Logan?” she said softly, reaching out for him. “What’s wrong?”
Logan’s ears twitched, flat against his skull. He looked up, but not at her.

“Me,” he whispered.

Fluttershy tilted her head in confusion.

“I hid it as best I could,” he whispered. “Acted like it wasn’t there.” He buried his head under his paws. “But I couldn’t stop it.”

“It was just a love potion,” Fluttershy told him. “We know you didn’t have any control.”

“I thought Applejack was the Element of Honesty,” Logan growled. He glared back at the orange mare. “Don’t tell me you didn’t realize what that was.” He chuckled humorlessly. “Oh, everyone can say it was a love potion, but you know the truth; don’t you, Applejack?”

Applejack bit her lip, her eyes darting away uncomfortably. Everyone’s eyes were on her. She shut them and sighed.

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I know why ya went after Big Mac after Carol itched you up on that love potion.” She looked straight at him. “But y’know what, Logan? I don’t know how that’s treated on your world, but here, it’s not a bad thing.”

The Crusaders glanced at each other, utterly confused. Fluttershy, however, gasped, covering her mouth, before glancing at Logan.

“How… is it treated on your world?” she asked.

Logan huffed. “Humans… well, they’d hate me even more than they already do, or they’d become AGGRAVATINGLY cautious around me. Constantly saying things like ‘I have friends like you;’ how ‘it’s a good thing,’ and that ‘they totally support me.’” He spat. “Bunch of secret keeping manipulators. At least the ones that would lynch me would be telling the truth about how they really felt.”

“But what about your kind?” Fluttershy insisted. “What do they think about… well… preferences such as that?”

Logan shut his eyes, and a whine permeated his words. “They see it as a problem,” he admitted.

Fluttershy’s ears flattened. “Oh, no.”

“But why?” Applejack insisted. “Ya can’t help it; it’s part of who you are.”

“It means I can’t breed,” Logan growled back. “My father wouldn’t exist if my grandmother liked other she-wolves. I wouldn’t exist if my father liked other males!” He sighed. “Being able to have pups? A true pack? That was something that humans controlled for so long; they took our ability to reproduce and turned it into another tool for their benefit. Getting that back was something that we paid for with blood! And I don’t know if it’s different for you or on some other world, but where I come from, females can’t impregnate other females, just as males can’t impregnate other males.”

Applejack winced, glancing back at the fillies, but they looked more confused than disgusted.

“Wait, so…” Apple Bloom muttered. “He’s sad because he can’t… impregnate?”

“What does that even mean?” Scootaloo asked.

Logan looked back, his depression briefly fading to be replaced by worry. He glanced at Applejack, who looked at a loss for words, before Logan sighed, and turned back to them.

“I’m sad,” he began. “Because I can’t give Carol what she deserves.” His head bowed and his eyes shut. “I can’t be her special somebody. And it’s not because I don’t like her… it’s because I can’t like her.”

“But…” Scootaloo protested. “You said the same thing back at the Crystal Empire. That you can’t care about us. And you found a way past that, right?”

Applejack took off her hat. “This is a lot more different from that, sugar cube,” Applejack replied solemnly.

“Believe me, if I could, I would,” Logan said. He shook his head. “But even I can’t change a part of myself.”

“You don’t have to.”

The mares and wolf looked up as Carol limped into the clearing. Logan backed up from her, his hackles briefly baring, before her absolutely piteous look caused him to hide his teeth.

Carol slunk forward like a kicked puppy awaiting a further beating. Her eyes were hidden behind her bangs, but when she looked up, her eyes were dull and lifeless.

“Carol?” Logan asked.

“Do you remember when we first met?” Carol asked.

Logan didn’t even hesitate. “That Summer near Central; you lost a deer for your pack, and so, I helped you rob a butcher’s store for the meat.”

“Robbed?” Applejack hissed, but a shush from Fluttershy kept her from pressing the matter.

Carol smiled. “I guess I was smitten from you from that first moment,” she said. “Someone kind and bold; coming to save the day? It was like what my uncle said my father should have been like. And then… you just kept on helping me.” Her head bowed. “I always wished that you’d look on me… the same way I looked on you. But I knew it was impossible.”

Logan looked away, his ears unable to flatten any further.

“I’m sorry, Carol,” he whispered. “I did mean it when I told you that you deserved a lot more than I could give. And…”

“No, it was never that,” Carol cut him off. She shivered where she stood, but she turned her flank to him. “It wasn’t impossible because of who you wanted. It was impossible because of what was done to me.”

She lifted her hind leg, and Scootaloo took a step back in disgust. However, whatever Logan saw made him gape in horror.

“What? What is...?” Fluttershy tried to ask, before she saw what Carol was indicating. She covered her mouth with a small gasp as well. Applejack, however, stared at Carol in confusion.

“What…?” Applejack tried to ask.

“She was spayed,” Fluttershy whispered.

Carol nodded, lowering her leg and turning back to Logan.

“I can’t give you pups,” she said. “Even if you did like me that way.” She shut her eyes. “That’s why I used the love potion. I couldn’t enter heat, but I let the fillies convince me that you liked me the way I wanted. And… some deranged part of me decided that you just needed the right mix of hormones to see me in that light.” Her head bowed. “Not that it matters now.”

“Carol…” Logan whispered, but she didn’t turn to him.

“We’re going to be the only wolves of Equestria,” she said sadly. “And I’m sorry you have to share that title with a manipulative, pathetic dog like myself.”

The way Logan flinched, Carol might as well have called herself something much more horrid than ‘dog.’ The she-wolf turned away, tail tucked, and started to wander off.

“You’re not a dog,” Logan said.

Carol paused, looking back at him as he strode past the mares.

“You’re not pathetic,” he said firmly. “And you’re not manipulative.”

Then, to Carol’s shock, he draped his head over her nape. From the way she blushed, it appeared Logan was doing the equivalent of kissing her full on the lips.

“You’re the wolf who traveled across dimensions with me,” he whispered. “The wolf who got me away from the humans.” His tail wagged as he and Carol locked eyes. “And more importantly; you’re someone I’m honored to be the last of my kind with.”

Carol’s lip quivered. “Even after the potion?” she asked. “Even with…”

“Who my body wants doesn’t matter,” Logan said fiercely. “I never let that define me before, and I won’t let it define me now!” He gripped her paws. “Whether we had no pups or ten thousand pups… you are the only other wolf in my pack, Carol.” He pressed her claws to his nose. “And I won’t let this tear us apart.” He half-sobbed.

Carol gasped, and flung herself forward, draping her own neck across his. And the wolves stood there, locked in their embrace.

The Crusaders all cooed, while Applejack and Fluttershy shared a soft smile. Applejack motioned for them to give the wolves some space, and the mares quietly left the clearing while Logan and Carol continued to embrace each other.

Author's Note:

Again, I really hope I handled this alright. :applecry: I really don't know if I gave Logan the respect he deserved, or if the transition from humorous to heartfelt was too sudden. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Either way, I hope you guys still enjoy. Thank you again for reading and I hope your days are going okay.