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This story is a sequel to Howlite Howler Part 2: Trust Denied

After a brutal battle with Chrysalis, Shiva had every right to think her conflicts were done. With the Equestrians owing her their lives and forced by honor and a guilty Celestia to leave her alone, Shiva felt she was finally free to take her pack North. There, guarded by the heroic changelings of Vespin Hive, she could finally sit back, bask and enjoy her fledgling diamond dog kingdom of Outer Haven.

But, of course, the land of Equestria is not that kind and forgiving. And any creature not directly befriended by Celestia is going to be seen as a potential resource by those who call themselves enemies of the sun alicorn's rule.

In this partial slice of life and partial adventure, rejoin Shiva and the diamond dogs and changelings of Outer Haven as they find themselves in the middle of a frantic tug of war between Celestia and King Sombra, Tirek, Discord, the Storm King and the many other threats that seek to take Equestria from the sun alicorn's rule.

Can Shiva's mind handle the constant stress of ruling a country that attempts to remain stubbornly neutral in the battles for Equestria? And when pups are born inheriting her priceless power, what will it mean for her future rule?

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Outer Heaven... does this mean Shiva’s Big Boss? I also couldn’t help think of Metal Gear after reading the summary. Either way, I’m happy there’s a new installment of the Howlite Howler.


does this mean Shiva’s Big Boss?

Pretty much, yeah. :twilightsheepish: I couldn't help but make the references after realizing Big Boss's group were called the Diamond Dogs.

Though, while she's not going to make life easy for Celestia, making Metal Gears or a nation dedicated to the military isn't really on her agenda just yet.

Thanks again for reading. I'm really glad you guys are enjoying Shiva's adventures.

Is there going to be lewd comments or innuendoes in the future? I sincerely hope not and this is an awesome first look at on of the few groups who actually seem like they have brains and common tact. GO PEACEFUL ALLIANCES AND FRIENDLY CHANGELINGS!
Speaking on no common tact/brains how are the ponies going to take these new friends of theirs? and is the next few chapters going to be like a catch up on the past few (insert time here) with the ponies and diamond dogs?
Final question... How many books are you planning to make?


Is there going to be lewd comments or innuendoes in the future?

Nope; this is pretty much the only time Shiva and Luke get too frisky with each other. I'm not very comfortable with writing things like romance, so I tend to avoid those when I can.

how are the ponies going to take these new friends of theirs?

The ponies are going to need to get used to these new friends, as with Sombra on the horizon, they'll want all the help they can get.

is the next few chapters going to be like a catch up on the past few (insert time here) with the ponies and diamond dogs?

Sadly, not really, as not much time has passed since the Diamond Dogs left, and the diamond dogs didn't really interact with the ponies in that time; they most just spent time mining and clearing out their new home. This is where pony-diamond dog interactions really start to kick back in.

Final question... How many books are you planning to make?

For now, this is probably going to be the last one: it'll cover Shiva's influence on Equestria up until the end of Season 9, then hopefully wrap up in a satisfying way that'll leave people sad that Shiva's adventure is over, but satisfied all the same. Here's hoping I can deliver. :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsheepish:

Edit: as of 10/23/20, I am planning on making a fourth story. This is not the last one yet.

Thank you very much for your interest, and I hope these answered your questions.

Until next time,

in the show i can only assume that the crystal ponies allowed cadence and shining in due to their unstable state of mind as that they defended them but with what shiva just did with her both defendid and helping wake a few of the cryestal ponies up to what they can do its more likly that if shiva's pack both defends and helps the crystel ponies overcome their shaired pain then they are likly to have a greater desire for shiva to stay with them then cadence. At this point cadence's only notable actions could be to retern the heart but with the dogs and changlings already in the castel and having better experince with finding emotions and gems its more likly they will find or at lest being looking for it before the ponies arrive.
at the end of the day another royal comming in like cadence and saying they are the rightfull ruler wont end well in my opininon

All those who think's Twilight's test OCD and the misuse of it by Celestia is gonna blow up in their faces raise a paw or hoof.

Looking forward to this! 👍

These are really fantastic points that I'm hoping I display properly in the next few chapters.

While Cadence isn't going to just stroll in and try to take charge from Shiva, there is going to be some conflict regarding the Crystal Empire's standing as either a vassal of Equestria or a new home for Shiva's diamond dogs.

Thanks again for commenting.

10337352 Blow up? Nah it's going to be far more subtle, first twilight is going to figure out Celestia has an agenda here after all that happened in seasons one and two her innocence just has to be gone by now, then after all is said and done twilight is going to go looking for the last page and probably find something about Rabia, Then shiva goes and frees the Umbrum because she's a Paladin of Freedom. And that's when all hell actually breaks loose for Sunasstia. Why? Because Sombra, Shiva, Cadance, and Twilight all begin working together against a common problem.
Celly's inability to realize that there is in fact evil in all people, including her.

your going to have the crystal ponies speak out arent you
i like it when that happens

The Crystal Empire as a diamond dog enclave? I can see it as Outer Heaven... if Celestia didn’t use Cadence to place dibs. Besides, Cady has to work for it.

Comment posted by WhitewolfStormrunner deleted Jul 17th, 2020

Hoping for the diamond dogs to rule the crystal empire / outer haven instead of the ponies, they deserve this
Also wondering if twilight will be like
"My test matters more than the life of the crystal ponies living here, I have to succeed!"

Mmm, is Skippy staying in his diamond dog or changeling form usually?

I'm not sure how Shiva will be okay with letting Cadence and Shining Armor rule with her? I still think that the Crystal Empire should be renamed Outer Heaven because it's no smaller than a city-state now.

i believe and ruler of an empire is an empress or emporer so would that be the right tital because i think having princesses as the highest is a equestia thing

For now, he's staying in his diamond dog form, since that's the one Shiva's more comfortable with.

i believe you are correct on that i would like to see what she would do for the empire

Empress technically would be the right title. Though Shiva's more comfortable with the title of 'Alpha,' since that's the diamond dog's term for their leader.


Sorry to be a tease, but these will be answered in the next chapter. :twilightblush::raritywink:
However, know that the Diamond Dogs aren't going to walk out of this adventure empty-handed. They're already considered heroes by the Crystal Ponies, and though Cadence and Shining Armor do help a bit, the fact that Shiva's going to be the first one to get the Crystal Heart is going to net her big points by the crystal ponies.

I had that this fun little of what will happen to Shiva...Will she become something, else? Hmmm. Me thinks not. But, it is a fun thought no? Like can her power grow? Permeantly now this would be op as hell so...

No wings for Shiva...

Or how would her pups be affected by the crystal heart....

Curse you soft magic system....Lol

Love the chapter! You writing is great!

Oh and if you come out with your own novel one day post the link on fimfiction. I would love to read more of your stuff. BUT, DO NOT WORRY MY FAIR FRIEND I PAPYRUS WILL THROW MY MANY MONEYS AT YOU.... NOW I MUST MAKE SPAGHETTI!.


I hope she rule the Crystal empire and love this story keep up the great work

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I will certainly post the link to my novels here if I manage to publish them, and I really appreciate the support.

To answer your question, while the idea of Shiva as an alicorn is kinda cool, it also flies a bit in the face of what she's trying to prove. So, while wings are a little out of the question for Shiva, and she's already rather powerful with what she has, I will say that the magic of the Crystal Empire will have an effect on her pups.

Sorry to be a bit of a tease, but those effects will be seen as early as the next chapter, and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Thank you again for your support.

Shiva will definitely be a candidate for ruler of the Crystal Empire. How will hopefully be pretty entertaining to watch, but saving the Empire is definitely going to be brought up by the Crystal Ponies.

Thank you both again for all your support and feedback.

Only one word... AWSOME!

u already said in the story description that her pups would be born with her magic...that was clearly an effect of the Heart to those with a logical mindset (such as myself). going to have to pull something unexpected if ur trying to hide something...

Thanks for the advice.

I'll admit, I'm horrible at keeping secrets, especially concerning story spoilers. I just get so excited about the plot and characters, I want to tell everyone exactly what happens. :twilightsheepish:

But, let's see if I can still surprise you guys with something.

Thanks again for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

u should also keep a little consistency between books. Cadence knew of other Hives in book Two, even called Skippys mother by name, noting the family resemblance before he told her his actual name and place in his Hive. yet in Book Three, that goes out the window, Cadence doesnt seem to know of other Hives or recognize Scorpia...

:twilightoops: Sorry I didn't catch that earlier. Sorry about that.

Just fixed it. :twilightsheepish:

Thinking about it, it could be possible that instead of any-one party taking over the Crystal Empire, they could form a Triumvirate, with one representative for each group: Cadance for ponies, Shiva for the DDs, and Scorpia for the changelings.

I was hoping for queen shiva but i guest this is ok to

Interesting turn of events here, looking forward to what's gonna happend onwards

This is much better than canon. Would any ruler after Shiva and Scorpia be known as Alpha?

Any of Shiva's successors will be known as Alphas.

Scorpia herself is a successor to Queen Vespa, and her own successors would become Princesses. Though, once she takes the mantle of queen, she'll need to have a daughter that takes her role as princess.

Thanks again for reading. :twilightsmile:

This remains one of my favorite stories. I enjoy how Three Tails writes Celestia being a manipulative and distrustful putz and its fun watching her carefully planned stuff fizzle out. Its just a fun story to watch unfold and I have to admit that I spent this last chapter grinning like a loon and munching popcorn.

This really is entertaining and well done. Its also nice that I can empathize with the characters, and thats critically important.

So well done and Im looking forward to more.

The Monk
“Hundreds of years,” Reflection muttered, enjoying the scratching. “That’s a lot of porn.” - Dropbear

I really appreciate your support, Rikithemonk. I'm glad you enjoy how I characterize Celestia, and I hope to keep the characters empathetic and entertaining to watch.

Also, your quotes are really fun to read too.

Thanks for the support, and I look forward to sharing the next chapters with you.

Until then,

celestia has a problem and sends it to someone else?

Well, Twilight can't have all the fun of solving Celestia's problems. :raritywink:

at least shiva will call her out on the danger she could be put in

typical Tia...she makes a mess and expects someone else to clean it up for her...

Oh, most definitely.

Though, considering Shiva's originally from a human world, I'm wondering if there might be a potential story once Shiva finds out what's on the other side of the mirror.

Welp, twilight is never gonna stop bugging Shiva for info about her magic

Unless, Shiva threatened her to TAKE her Magic, if she DOESN'T SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

Shiva: 😡 😈
Twilight: :twilightoops: :twilightoops:

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