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This story is a sequel to Lone Wolf of Equestria; Battle for the Crystal Empire

Long ago in the land of Equestria, I, Celestia, the alicorn of the sun, unlocked a portal to an alternate dimension.

And a bold wolf wielding a powerful magic within, was pulled into my world.

When I was unwilling to send him home, he tore away from my kingdom, and flung himself into the wild, where chaos and disharmony are law.

Now the wolf seeks to return to his pack, and undo the mistakes of Celestia.

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Yas! He still isn't breaking. I can tell he's getting close, but I'm glad he stayed strong this long.

🎵Gotta get back, back to the pack, to Logan's Pack! Watch out!! Gotta get back, back to the pack, to Logan's pack. Watch out! Gotta get back, to Logan's pack!! Watch out!🎵

Mad respect to Logan for not breaking down so easily, it's gradually cracking but he's holding on nicely.

This story will tell what happened Logan during the 2-year interlude between the first story and the second, will it tell what happens after or both?

do not have logan forgive celestia. You can make him not attack her but he needs to still hate her.

In order for the girls to get along with Logan they have to understand that celestia is trying to get him to give the rest of his pack up for dead.
They have to know that celestia is possibly condeming the rest of his pack to suffer and not caring because she only cares about the ones she sees.

Both. Logan's going to be telling his story, but every once and a while, it's gonna show the others reactions to what he's telling em.

Others? Does that mean the other ponies will spy on Fluttershy and Logan???

Dammit! He's warming up to them! Nooooo!

Well, it WAS gonna happen at 1 point.....
Personally, I don't really mind.

Not only that, but he noticed Celestia watching.

He knows that these guys mean well, or at least try to be empathetic, and he's subtly trying to guilt trip them - or at least Celestia - by telling them about everything he went through. And even though it sounds like he got off to a good start, trust me, it's not all fun and games for him later on.

Sorry, Element of Power, but I was worried it would get kind of one note if Logan spent his entire time hating these guys. Celestia, he'll still hold a grudge against, but it's hard for him to stay mad at the Mane Six. Especially Fluttershy. :fluttershysad:

Eh, I don't mind as much as I seem to display. It's still a fun story.

Ain't that the truth about this story. Don't get me wrong, I love mlp fanfictions where the protagonist stays in Ponyville and befriends the mane 6, but a story where the protagonist wanders Equestria is a "Fresh" scenario.

3 stories, and his journey is just now beginning?
Shits about to go down.

Is the reference from"The Last Samurai" cause that's the only samurai film I can think of...


Not the Last Samurai. Good guess though. :twilightsmile:

The movie I referenced is one of Quentin Tarantino's works.

kill bill 2
Logan is Beatrix and the unicorn is Pai Mei

I'm quoting Rainbow Dash and Trixie here,

And twilight is not reacting to the news that all other dragon eggs except spike ran from celestia.

And logan does not worry that Twilight will run right to celstia and tell her where the unicorn and escaped dragon eggs are?

Um... why would he worry about that? He never said where they are specifically; he just said they were in some sort of forest in the mountains. Logan wasn't exactly sure where he ended up after Ocetorm knocked him out.

Celestia could look, sure, but not only would she not really know where to look, but even if she could find them, she'd be contending with dragons that already distrust and are ready to fight her and a unicorn with the magic to control said dragons already against her.

You know what I never saw coming(persona reference)? Celestia of all pony to place a bounty AT ALL.

Watch her say something along the lines of, "it's not a bounty, it's to help get more info on you're whereabouts" or something.

Is it also weird that I can imagine a fight with Logan and Celestia ending with Logan winning while screaming, "BODIED!"? No? Good.

Celestia: No, It's not a bounty!
Logan: The poster says, "Dead or Alive"

I know it may not go that route, but by god's if that isn't funny, I don't know what is.

.......ponies be trippin'.

I am suprised that no onr has commented that celestia is viewed as a monster by all other races and equestria is only protected by her image as invincible.

I mean, id be a bit hesitent on the fact that their ruler can control the fucking sun too.

I feel so miffed for what's gonna happen. Why do I feel so miffed!?

Not quite sure what was going on, I followed after them, though I didn’t sheath my blades. I didn’t know what was going on… but I was gonna find out soon enough.

At the end of this, I let out a laud and hearty, 'Ha!'.

I am going to take a wild guess that Tempest was out enforcing the King's will and upon her return, found her "only hope" to be gone...
Yeah, that's going to a be challenge for Logan later.

An entire movie with hardships and lessons in bravery and friendship.
Logan rips his throat out.


I hiked through the desert,
swam through the ocean,
ran through the forest,
then got on the train.

Yeah, sorry if it seems kind of lazy.

Logan's just feeling impatient and moody (what else is new about him, right? :raritywink:). None of his leads have gotten results he likes, and every time it's failed, it's usually been accompanied by advice to go back to Celestia.

And, like he mentioned, he's going to regret taking a train. Like, really regret it. :applecry:

NONONO!! It was perfect!!
I was just stupidly trying to be funny. As usual.

Oh, lol! :twilightsheepish: Gotcha.

Sorry about that. Humor tends to fly over my head sometimes.


You've just been reading about Logan's adventures since the beginning, and I really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for sticking with him throughout this journey. :twilight smile:

This story gets better and better each chapter.

I am honored for the mention. Thank you.

yeah tempest is a whiny little bitch.

Sure. Thank you for mentioning Tempest; I feel Logan battling her is a lot better than just Logan fighting off the changeling.

Ah, good ol' fighting pits!
That sounded kinda sus'

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