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Just a guy who likes to write stories. The Changelings brought me here. :)


Made some edits do to some small changes

After an out of control storm from the Everfree Forest does serious damage to Ponyville, the townsfolk are given an all expenses paid cruise while the town is repaired. The cruise is attacked by pirates who by mistake unknowingly take the CMC with a small number of other foals, the student six and some School of Friendship students. The result is the Ponies going on an adventure in the famous Sea of Legends, an area known for great tales of riches, and of great dangers.

Takes place sometime after the School of Friendship was opened the second time.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 14 )

did you take inspiration from Sea of Thieves, only more darker?

I did take a bit from Sea of Thieves, as well as other pirate theme stories and such. As for more darker, I think this chapter is the darkest but we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for the fav by the way.

Can't what for the next chapter. and please, have the crew sing "We Shall Sail Together" PLEASE.

It's in the works now, and I'll definitely have them sing it at some point, there'll be some edits to it but they will sing it.

Liking this story. and i got some Blackbeard vibes off of the last scene and i love it a lot.

Happy to know. :twilightsmile:

I'm very curious, what sort of Blackbeard vibes did you get off the last scene?

the whole fear and scare tactics Archduke Razor Tail used.

Yea he does love doing that to those who think they are high and mighty, Nobles in particular, which I'm sure many would find ironic as Razor is technically a Noble himself by blood.

To be far though, he isn't like what most would expect of a Noble and he ain't scared to get his hands dirty, as he will gladly pick a shovel up and dig with his crew. When asked, he puts it as; "And let them have all the fun in finding treasure? Yea right."

Funny thing, Razor does tie burning cannon fuses into his hair like Blackbeard and he also likes to mix black power with his rum, light it and then drink it while it's burning, said it adds flavor.

"And Chancellor Neighsay believes that other races threaten Ponies when one is building an empire of pirates and other sailors." She said to herself with a roll of her eyes.

That is my Favourite line as of now. It looks like Celestia is going to the Sea of Legends and i think Razor Tail is going to have a hard time with her. Also if i was given the chance to join these pirates, i would do so in a snap.

Edit: i also love that you put in a song from a pirate music band, that is awesome.

Of all the card games they could have been playing, you just HAD to pick Uno. I'm not complaining, I legitimately laughed when I read that, I'm just a little confused.

It's going to be quite the face-off though it won't be for awhile yet, and Razor might have a hard time but he does have a few tricks up his armored sleeves. But we'll have to wait and see.

Glad you liked the song, I was originally going to use this tune but decided to save it for later.

And if you joined the Outcasts and at some point commanded a ship of your own, what would it be and how would you customise it?


Uno is the card game I'm most familiar with, other games, and not just card games, will make an appearance in future chapters.

A heavily armed and armoured galleon from Skull and Bones and full trained crew in both gunnery and combat to their fullest potency. and my flag would be the same flag used by the skeleton crew from Mega Bloks Pyrates sets and my ship's name will be "The Dawn of Piracy."

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