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Just a guy who likes to write stories. The Changelings brought me here. :)


Forced to take a detour on they're way to Bridlewood, Sunny and her friends travel through a place known as the Dark Forest, a place where the sun barely reaches the ground and inhabited by dangerous creatures that even Hitch has no effect on. But besides the creatures, are Sunny and her friends alone? Or is someone in the forest waiting for them?

First Gen 5 Story so I will add, remove, and/or change tags if needed.

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A little On-shot to The Dragonfly Hive that starts around three years before the start of said story.

This one's a bit of a test for me writing something related to romance and the first time as well, so I hope at the very least it'll be a nice bit of reading.

The Winged Thestral named Dusk Storm was always something of a loner and was never really into romance unlike his twin sister, especially after a really bad break-up. But fate wasn't done with him yet, for it all started the day he was assigned to guard the Royal Greenhouse in the courtyards of the Royal Place. There he would lay his one eye on something that would forever change his life, an Earth Pony Mare named Graceful Petals.

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During the Great Winter almost all of the Nobles left many Ponies behind, only caring about themselves and not sparing a thought as they left there to the mercy of the cold and frozen wastes. All but one, a young Noble refused to leave the "lesser Ponies" behind, and was abandoned with them.

It was thought for over a thousand years that they had perished from the cold, lost to history never to be found again.

Until other counties, the Griffin Nations in particular, started talking about a small county inhabited by Ponies of not just the original three tribes but many other types of Ponies as well from hybrids to the unlucky ones changed by Chaos magic.

Princess Celestia had heard the stories for years but was never able to look into them herself because of multiple factors, like the return of her sister. Now that Princess Luna has returned and has been freed of Nightmare Celestia finally has the chance to look into these stories but because of her duties she is unable to do it herself so she sends her Student Twilight Sparkle and her friends to search for this "Lost Pony Country" and see if the stories are true.

Either Celestia nor Twilight and her friends where prepared for what they found.

So this little idea sort of started as just a thread post on a group I'm a member of (though the post was removed a few hours after, not that it's a problem. My guess was it was seen as self-promotion which I didn't intend at all.) and the ones who commented said it was a good base for a story and after thinking for a bit I agreed with them, so here it is.

There will be some references to Monster Hunter but not enough to be considered a crossover as none of the creatures or such will appear, just some ideas and concepts at the base level.

I will add a cover art when I can find a good enough picture.

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A short, non-canon (to The Dragonfly Hive) story that started out as a one-shot to hopefully bring me out of the dry spell I was having at the time and now its something I've been working on and off for a while.

After a massive storm from the Everfree Forest suddenly combines with one the Ponyville Weather Team was creating, the result was thankfully minor damage to the town but a very stressful four days for everypony. Princess Celestia, sympathetic to the frazzled Ponies, gives them an all expenses paid trip to a remote island for some fun under the sun and to relax and unwind.

My first attempt at both a One-shot story (which changed to a multi-chapter story) and an Anthro one as well.

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The Changelings are in rough shape, ArchQueen Chrysalis has been taking over the other Hives and purging their Royals, with the intention of becoming the sole ruler of the Changelings and eventually taking over the world.

While she has successfully wiped out most of the Royals, she doesn't know she missed one, a young Royal Stallion, hidden away by his mother and father to challenge Chrysalis for the right to rule the Changelings.

Now this young Royal, with the help of his trusted friends and allies, must build his own Hive for the eventual confrontation.

Story starts a few years before Nightmare Moon's return and goes from there.

Will add or change tags if needed and may change the cover art.

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On another Continent away from Equestria a young Kirin is born into a Royal Family as the third child, unwanted and an outcast. The only ones he has are his four fellow outcasts to turn to. When the Empire reaches the kingdom he lives in the Kirin is forced to flee as any caught will be killed without mercy or send to the Arena. When the Kirin and one of his friends escape they run into familiar imp-like creatures who have chosen the Kirin as their new Overlord.

With his friends and the minions by his side, the Kirin must bring down the Empire and take the continent as his own.

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A side story that delves into the lore of the Sea of Legends and the things in it, including the various factions and dangers. My first attempt at a Second-Person story/

You're a Pegasus Stallion that along side your Marefriend who fled from Equestria to escape the terrible life the two of you had there. The two of you soon find yourslves among a group of the newest members of the Outcasts of the Abyss wishing for a better life, after meeting with a Recruiter you board the Outcast's flagship and meet with their leader to learn more about your new home.

Not sure how much actual story this will have as it focuses more the the lore around the Sea of the Legends, might have spoilers for High Seas of Adventure.

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Made some edits do to some small changes

After an out of control storm from the Everfree Forest does serious damage to Ponyville, the townsfolk are given an all expenses paid cruise while the town is repaired. The cruise is attacked by pirates who by mistake unknowingly take the CMC with a small number of other foals, the student six and some School of Friendship students. The result is the Ponies going on an adventure in the famous Sea of Legends, an area known for great tales of riches, and of great dangers.

Takes place sometime after the School of Friendship was opened the second time.

Probably should have add this a long time ago but this has a side story called Lore of the Sea of Legends

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After the failed Canterlot invasion the Changeling hives are in complete and utter disarray. With the already on-edge "alliance" between the Royals gone, the hives entered a civil war. Now two mouths the smoke has cleared, leaving the changelings with no hives or Royals. But a single young Prince, imprisoned for being against the invasion, must now create his own hive and work to rebuild to give his kind any hope of a future. A difficult road awaits, with the Ponies on alert and his own inexperience, rebuilding will not be easy.

My First Story, feedback is welcome.

Note: I Might change the Genre(s) depending on how the story unfolds

Edit: Added a Slice of Life Tag.

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