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Just a guy who likes to write stories. The Changelings brought me here. :)


A side story that delves into the lore of the Sea of Legends and the things in it, including the various factions and dangers. My first attempt at a Second-Person story/

You're a Pegasus Stallion that along side your Marefriend who fled from Equestria to escape the terrible life the two of you had there. The two of you soon find yourslves among a group of the newest members of the Outcasts of the Abyss wishing for a better life, after meeting with a Recruiter you board the Outcast's flagship and meet with their leader to learn more about your new home.

Not sure how much actual story this will have as it focuses more the the lore around the Sea of the Legends, might have spoilers for High Seas of Adventure.

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Can't wait to see more of this.

Glad you like it, more is coming but as I said, this sort of thing takes time so I don't know when the next chapter will be up.

Hopefully soon.

Also, Rose Fire had a small cameo in one of the chapters before Blackcap Peaks.

Love the amount of detail you put into the Outcasts for their Armies and Navies.

Thanks, I would like to expand some of the descriptions of certain units like the Duelists but I'm not sure what else to say.

So what were you favorite Land And Naval units, and what chapter would you like to see next?

For my favourite land and naval units. for land, it has to be the Marines because they are former soldiers of the Northen Trade Union, mainly because of the fact there are not only deserters of them, but there is a faction that reminds me of the Grand Maritime Union from Sea of Thieves. For naval, it will have to be the Titans for their sere size and firepower and being a more powerful ship than the Juggernauts that nations like Equestria and the NTU are able to build and deploy.

As for what to cover next, I would like to read the history of the Sea of Thie... sorry Legends :trollestia:

Yea the Northern Trade Union has a veerryy long history of poor treatment towards the rank-and-file, seeing them only as fodder so it's no surprise that so many desert and join the Outcasts, I know for I would once even half a chance showed up. All the Higher Ups in the NTU feel is greed and they only care about power, which is actually damaging them as much if not more so than their enemies.

Well Titans were designed to counter Juggernauts, so their size and firepower would make sense. But thanks to the Caribou's... detachment form real life, they keep the Titans in their own waters, rather then send them out and use them. Their lost and the Outcast's gain.

As for what to cover next, I would like to read the history of the Sea of Thie... sorry Legends :trollestia:

I did chuckle a bit reading this line, funny enough Sea of Thieves did serve as the foundation for the Sea of Legends, though I'm adding my own things and making stuff up as I go along, so thing are quite different in a number of areas. I did take some ideas like the Skeletons, but somethings that sort of thing can't be avoided.

Also Regal, I want to thank you for reading and commenting on my stories, I really appreciate that. :ajsmug: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

there is not that many MLP Pirate Fanasty FanFic out there, so your's is a great one that more Bronies need to read, to be honest as Applejack. I'm trying to write my own fanfic where my O.C from the human world, who is not only a fan of MLP but also a fan of Sea of Thieves. He goes to Equestria after accepting Friendship is Magic is over, he not only discovers that he is at the beginning of the show but it also has the Sea of Thieves in it as well. trying to make it sound unlike most over fanfic's out there.

and it's because of you mate I can at least try to do it. :yay:

Definitely an interesting concept, would quite like to see it if or when it comes up.

and it's because of you mate I can at least try to do it. :yay:

Thank you Regal very much, I would be happy to help you out if you need it. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, mate and I will message you if I need help with the story.

Wow that was quick, I was just about to log off. :pinkiegasp:

Looking forward to it.

Out of curiosity, would your OC stay as a human or would he turn into a Pony? I have nothing against either, just curious. Also what's the name of your OC?

It will stay a human and his name is William Hunter.

Loving the lore in this mini-story. It's nice to some of your influences being Sea of Thieves, League of Legends, among others.

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