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Just a guy who likes to write stories. The Changelings brought me here. :)


After the failed Canterlot invasion the Changeling hives are in complete and utter disarray. With the already on-edge "alliance" between the Royals gone, the hives entered a civil war. Now two mouths the smoke has cleared, leaving the changelings with no hives or Royals. But a single young Prince, imprisoned for being against the invasion, must now create his own hive and work to rebuild to give his kind any hope of a future. A difficult road awaits, with the Ponies on alert and his own inexperience, rebuilding will not be easy.

My First Story, feedback is welcome.

Note: I Might change the Genre(s) depending on how the story unfolds

Edit: Added a Slice of Life Tag.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 15 )

Alright, an good start. Better then most first stories starts. I haven't seen an grammar mistakes, then again,I wasn't looking for them. If you feel your grammar is bad or just meh, look for an editor, someone well say yes.
Ok, for the numbers, one to one hundred, spelled it out, any larger than that, normal numbers. If an number starts the sentence, spell it out, no matter how long it is. Then again, that how I learn how to do. English is a weird language.
Now, that is all I have for this chapter, till next one.
-Captain Absolution


Thanks, I've always had trouble starting stories but once I get going its no problem.

Good to know with the numbers, I'll keep that in mind and yea, English is a weird language.

The next chapter should be out either today or tomorrow if all goes well.

What Will Be The Next Move Of Prince Dragonfly And His Hive?
Let's see where this story goes.

Welp, that was a twist. An big twist of twist.

Whew, caught with this story, and I'll have to wait. Sad changeling is sad.

And I have to say, good job! I'll try to leave something more 'better' comment on later chapters.

Love the Germa-Germane references. Tried pulling a sneaky on us, didn't you?

Ah, Moonpies. My favorite as well. Got plenty here in the South! But hey, cool storyand keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Plot twist of the other kind. Spoopy.

Jesus, MILLIONS?!?! Welp, only one way to put it. "It's game over man, GAME OVER!"

Funny enough, I at first misread 'Spoopy' as 'Sloppy', then saw the spelling. I looked it up and found out it meant funny and spooky at the same time. Silly me. :twilightsheepish:

I wouldn't say game over just yet. Sure a million Timber Wolves is overwhelming but the Ponies and Changeling have a few tricks of their own. :rainbowdetermined2:

Eeeh millions may be a bit unbelievable to go against, especially for a small group of fighters. I’ve read a manga with similar number of attackers but the defenders were a city that suffered between a couple tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the defense. And they had a non ruined wall.

I've been rethinking the numbers since posting this chapter and am going to lower the numbers, your comment did give some insight through, thanks.

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