Lore of the Sea of Legends

by Silver Dragon Blade Wing

Meeting with the Archduke

Sea of Legends

Imperator's Grave

You walk along one of the pathways on Imperator's Grave taking in the sights, the smell of the sea, and the warm sun on your coat, You have been living here about two weeks now. You felt something, or rather somepony, press against you, a warm smile spreads across you face as you look other. Next to you was your Marefriend currently rubbing her head against your neck affectionately.

Your Marefriend, Rose Fire, had been your best, and only, friend growing up. She had a beautiful red coat with long gold mane and tail which had two streaks of blue in them. Her eyes were a pretty emerald green and her cutie mark was a set of four red roses with green stems on a background of a gold flame and around her neck a small silver necklace studded with small emeralds, a gift you gave her a long time ago.

You had meet her in elementary school, were the two of you became very close very quickly. Both of you had been targets for bullies throughout almost all your school lives, which wasn't helped by the fact the schools you went to had a lot of rich brats, and that's putting it as kindly as you could. It finally came to ahead when one bully in high school threaten Rose that if she did not hoof over her necklace, that bad things would happen to her.

And he said that with a rather... unpleasant smile.

You're not sure what happen then but, you remember slamming into the bully and socking him hard enough to actually break his jaw. Then you and Rose got the hay out of there, as that bully's family had connections and either of you wanted to stick around. That was one of the reasons the two of you had fled to Imperator's Grave, they wouldn't come here as everyone on this island did not like rich, self-entitled idiots who thought they were untouchable here.

And those that did quickly learned that the ruling faction of the Sea of Legends did not welcome those kinds.

The second reason was to escape the so-called "home Life" you two had, Rose's parents were abusive, though thankfully had never hit her. She had lived in fear of them with you being the only one she could turn to.

Your own parents... you father had died when you were seven, while you mother more or less ignored you. She was a major model and didn't want you in her life, said to your face that the only reason she payed for your schooling was so she didn't have to look after you for most of the day.

Understandably, you had grown up resenting her.

You and Rose had manged to get transport to Imperator's Grave thanks to the bits the two of you had been saving for the pass several years, have felt something like this was going to happen. The two of you were just surprised it didn't happened earlier.

Since then you had arrived on Imperator's Grave, prices were very low so you two had no trouble with living arrangements, but both of you had been worried about that bully's family finding you so you both decided to get some jobs on a ship.

You lean over and nuzzle Rose's head, then gave a little nip to her ear, causing Rose to emit an adorable squeak as she pulled away with a playful glare.

"You jerk, you know I don't like that." You just smirk at her.

"But it makes you emit the most adorable squeaks."

Before she could make a retort or react, you spread you left wing and tickled her soft belly with the feather tips.

Rose didn't have a chance.

"S-st-o-ha-ha-ha-op! You know I'm very ticklish!"

"That's why it's so fun."

Unfortunately you were so focused on tickling her you didn't notice her horn light up with it's light green magic, you notice when she starts tickling you!

You wings shoot down to you belly in a vain attempt to shield it, much to Rose's amusement. After you both recovered you entered the Sea Oasis and walked up to the bar and ordered two regular ciders. After that the two of you began to discuss what came next.

"So... what do we do now?" Rose asked.

"I'm not sure Rose, we do have plenty of bits now but those wouldn't last forever."

"We were lucky we saved them up over the years, and that prices here are low."

"Got us out of that Tartarus pit, though I'm still worried they'll try to come after us."

"If they did they would have to watch their backs here."

"Yea they would, so you think we should try to get signed up?"

"Like you said, our bits would last forever. I would only sign up if you did, and only on the same ship."

"Well, were would we find a crew who hire both of us?"

"I might be able to help there."

You and Rose jumped at the third voice, turning you both see a somewhat tall Earth Pony Stallion with a gray coat and blue eyes wearing a dark red tricorne and matching uniform, pinned to the coat collar was a red badge with a black quadruped Dragon in flight above a maelstrom with a small chest clutched in it's claws on the face.

"Sorry I didn't mean to frighten you." He apologized.

Rose recover first.

"Its alright, were you listening in on us?"

"Not intentionally, I have pretty keen hearing, both a blessing and a curse. Anyway, I overheard you two are looking for work."

You answer next.

"Yes, we are. Would you happen to know any ship that would take us both?"

The Stallion smiled.

"Yes I would, name's Rook. I'm one of the Recruiters for the Outcasts of the Abyss." He tapped his collar badge. You and Rose introduce yourselves.

"So what brings you two here? I've lived on Imperator's Grave for a long while now and haven't seen you two before."

You tell Rook the story, after you finish Rook give you a sympathetic smile.

"I understand why you two left, I would have done the same thing myself." He then turned serious. "If you want to join the Outcasts meet me at the Blacksmith's shop, I have an errand to run there for Archduke Razor Tail, so meet me there when you're ready, I'll wait, it's going to take a bit for the Blacksmith to finish the order Razor gave me to give to him so you have time."

The two of you nod and shake hoofs with Rook and he turned and walks out. Rose looked at you with a smile.

"Seems we got lucky."

"Seems so."

You finish your drinks, pay the bartender, and leave the tavern. You head back to the inn where you two were staying. It didn't take long at all to pack as you and Rose didn't bring much with you to begin with, after finishing the two of you left to head to the Blacksmith.

You did sneak an ear nip to Rose who let out that little adorable squeak you loved so much.

You arrived at the massive Blacksmith shop built out of the hull of a Ship-of-the-line to find Rook walking out with a look that showed he was in thought. Rose calls out which gets his attention, he looks over, smiles, and walks over to you.

"Hey you two, you all packed?"

"Yes, the two of us always traveled light, and in our haste to get away we could only take what we had packed beforehoof." Rose answered.

"Not that we really had anything of value to begin with." You add.

"By the way Rook, what happened in there?" Rose asked.

"I just had a talk with the Blacksmith, it turns out the order is going to a few days. Thankfully the Archduke doesn't set sail for about six days."

He gestured for the two of you to follow him so you did, after walking for a bit and talking with Rook you arrive at where the Archduke's ship, the Dragon of the Depths, is docked and being loaded for a long voyage. You and Rose's jaws drop at the sheer size of the ship.

"Impressive isn't she?"

"Ya... I've never seen a ship like that." Rose said.

You just stood there with your jaw dropped, til Rose reached over and closed it for you. Rook lead you two onto the dock weaving between the various crewmates and onto the ship. He then lead you into the quarterdeck eventually reaching a set of double doors. Rook reached up to knock when a voice on the other side was heard.

"Come in Rook."

Said Earth Pony stood there for a second, then lowered his hoof saying,

"How does he do that."

Rook opened the door and the three of you entered a very large room with a series of bookshelves towards the door, display cases along the sides under the windows, and a massive pipe organ at the back. In the center of the room was a very large rectangle shaped table with many maps, charts, small chests, and other odds and ends spread over it.

Sitting at the table was a silver furred Pegasus-born Kirin with a red, gold-striped mane on his head, neck, and top length of his tail, and red eyes with slit pupil.

He looked up as the three of you entered.

"Hello Rook , what did the Blacksmith say?"

"Its going to take a few days to complete the order sir. Also, I have two Ponies who wish to signup." He gestured to you and Rose as the two of you stepped forward. The Kirin stood up and walked up looking you over, after a minute he asked your names and story. You and Rose introduce yourselves and tell how you ended up here. His face went from sympathy, to anger, to proud, and finally understanding. He turned to Rose.

"Lass, keep holding on to this one, he's a keeper."

Rose's answer was a big smile and using her magic to pull you into her forelegs where she wrapped you into a big hug, not that you minded.

"My name's Razor Tail," the Kirin said. "Those outside of the Outcasts know me as Archduke Razor Tail, but you can simply call me Razor or sir if you prefer."

He reached and grabbed a scroll of the table, opened it, and showed it to you and Rose.

"The crew roster and the conditions of signing up, just sign here to join."

Rose and you read over it, then take a quill and wright down you names, after you finish you feel a warmth travel up you body. Razor nods and turns back to Rook.

"Take them to the other recruits, I start lessons later today for them."

Rook saluted and lead you two out onto the deck, down two levels, and into a room where a Winged Thestral Stallion with a Horned Thestral Colt next to him, among other creatures, were sitting.

The Winged looked up as you two sat down.

"Hello, you two just signed up?" he asked.

"Yes," you and Rose introduce yourselves, the Winged held out a hoof which you and Rose shook.

"Nice to meet you, name's Shadow Lance. This little guy here is my younger brother Moon Sword." The colt gave a shy wave, Rose dawed, scooped the Colt up and gave a nuzzle, the Colt leaned into it almost purring. Lance laughed.

"Affectionate isn't she." he said.

"That's Rose Fire for you, if she likes you she will cuddle you. One of many reasons she's my Marefriend."

"Really, well I'd say your a lucky one alright. How did you two meet?"

You tell your's and Rose's story, with Lance getting a shocked look at what you said about the parents.

"Dang dude, you only had each other during your entire school years?"

You nod grimly.

"Well I don't blame you at all about breaking that bully's jaw, the Moon knows I'd do the same thing." He turned to Rose who was tickling Moon Sword, the Colt letting out a cute, squeaky laugh.

"I think we're going to get along just fine."

"What's your story?" You ask.

"Our parents were loving but couldn't take care of us due to money problems, so while their trying to get better jobs I'm looking after Moon. We encountered Rook who made us this offer and here we are."

The four of you pass the time taking about various things when Razor enters the room with a cart filled with books.

"Alright everyone, since your new to the Sea of legends I want you to study these books-" he gestured to the cart next to him, "-tonight so you get the basics. After that you will learn the basics of life on a ship and combat. Any questions?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Okay, if you have any later don't be afraid to ask me or any of the Officers. The Quartermasters will show you your rooms tonight, if any of you want to share rooms please speak up now."

You, Rose, and a few others do so.

"Okay, we don't set sail for a few days yet so you have plenty of time to study these books, please treat them well. I think that's all for now, welcome to the Outcasts of the Abyss."

After you and Rose grab a book you two are brought to your room, the Quartermaster asks if you two are Clot and Marefriends or siblings which you answer the former. The room was about ten feet by ten feet with a much smaller room to the right side coming in the door. Inside was four hooks in the ceiling with rolled up hammocks hanging from two of them, a descent sized desk with chair, and three lockers. The smaller room had a descent sized bed with nightstand and a locker.

According to the note on the bed said object was for... nightly activities.

The room was pretty empty but the two of you felt that would change over time. After setting your things on the desk Rose pulls you over to the bed and lays you on the bed on you back, followed by her climbing on top of you.

"You ready for a good night big boy." She asked with a sly smile.

"You know I am Rose, come here."

You reach up and pull her into a deep kiss.