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Lore of the Sea of Legends - Silver Dragon Blade Wing

You are a new member of the Outcasts of the Abyss who meets with Archduke Razor tail to learn about your new home

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Imperator's Grave

Day 2

You, Rose, Lance, and Moon met the next morning in the Main Tavern for breakfast. After that the four of you headed to the library again and sat at a table with the book in the center.

"So What's next?" Rose asks.

You rubbed your jaw while Lance tapped his chin.

"How about Imperator's Grave, the place where we are now." You say.

"Sounds good." Shadow said, Moon agreed.

You open the book to the marked section, finding several subsections, and started reading.

Imperator's Grave is a haven for pirates, privateers, smugglers, and all manner of sailors that the tides seem to sweep up. For those fleeing corrupt justice, debt, or persecution, it is a place of new beginnings, a place where one can start anew without the baggage of their past. It's a melting pot of cultures, races, and creeds, alive with activity at all hours. If one have the coin, almost anything can be purchased in Imperator's Grave, from items outlawed anywhere else to the favor of local pirate lords. The only trade that is forbidden here is slavery, for good reason as many of the individuals that call this place home were former slaves, and slavers are unwelcome here.


Imperator's Grave is a port city like no other - home to monster hunters, pirate crews, smuggler gangs, indigenous peoples, and traders from all across the known world. Over time becoming anchor of all trade routes traveling around the world. Almost anything can be purchased here, from items outlawed anywhere else to the favor of local pirates lords. There is no better place to seek fame and fortune, though one must be careful not to anger the locals, as they do not like those who think they own the place.

Short History

While no one knows the exact date and time, it is know that long ago, long before the first Hearts Warming at around a thousand years, an individual know simply as the "Imperator" traveled the than uncharted Sea of Legends with his crew, seeking fame and fortune. One dark, still night, the Imperator had a dream, one of a place where where he would find what he sought. He searched for weeks before he found that place: a massive archipelago of towering cliffs, rock formations of all types, shapes and sizes, several inlets, many long abandoned structures of a lost civilization, and vast cave networks with many islands both large and small. The Imperator realized that this place could become something grand so he and his crew began to build what would be the very first port in the Sea of Legends peacefully co-exiting with the native Zebra Tribe after he freed them from the leviathan that had enslaved them. As the years pasted the Imperator would eventually past on, with a proud and happy smile on his face and surround by the vast wealth he had gathered over his long life, the archipelago, which would become known as "Imperator's Grave", would grow into what it is today; a towering and sprawling city built of rock, shipwrecks, and bones of sea creatures where those swept up by the tides would find a safe haven and a place to start over.

Many years would would pass as Imperator's Grave would become the most important port in the Sea of Legends as the place were all trade routes around the seas of the world started and ended, it would see many rulers rise and fall as many outside empires tried to take the place for their own only to be beaten back every time as each ruler wold add more and more to the archipelago to secure their own hold and as every single independent merchant and sailor would fight to their very last breath and shot to keep their haven free.

The current ruler of Imperator's Grave is the Western Kirin Archduke Razor Tail, Pirate Lord of the Sea of Legends and the leader of the pirate faction named "The Outcasts of the Abyss".

A common saying by the inhabitants in current times is "If the Imperator could see the place now."


The Maw

The entrance into Imperator's Grave, The Maw is a giant inlet and natural harbor surrounded by treacherous straits and towering cliffs. It is here where ships enter port, load/unload their cargo, and sail back out into open waters. The numerous, twisting and sprawling rows of docks that line the bottom of the cliffs holding ships of all sizes with cargo and passengers flowing through every hour of the day. Visitors are often seduced by the seemingly limitless opportunity Imperator's Grave offers, and become permanent residents - realizing that the longer they stay, the greater the chance they can gain power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. It is through this that Imperator's Grave went from an uninhabited archipelago to the city it is today.

Market Grottoes

Situated in the lowest parts of Imperator's Grave and separated from The Maw by fortress walls made of rock, shipwrecks, and bones like ribs that reach up to at least twenty stories in height and are forty feet thick, with an incredible amount of cannons, rockets and other weapons to protect those within, these locations are the primary location of Imperator's Grave's vast market. Imperator's Grave's lowliest inhabitants dwell in a labyrinth of meandering canals and hidden inlets, with no separation between the homes they build and the sea where they ply their trade. It is here where one can find many items for sail, they just need the coin and they can buy almost anything for everyday items like tools to bedding to even things like weapons.

At each entrance through the walls is a giant reptilian-esque skull easily big enough to swallow a ship-of-the-line whole with many giant rib bones, some reaching as high as a ten story building, dotting about all over the docks with many smaller but still large skulls of leviathans forming a sort of town of huts closer to the wall.

The Quarters

Market Grottoes is the main entrance to the largest settlement of Imperator's Grave, The Quarters, where the inhabitants of Imperator's Grace live. Because of the cities' mixed cultural heritage, the area boasts a wide variety of architectural designs, from inverted Frozen Reach logships against the carved cliff-faces to Eastern Reaches Junks to the structures and carvings of the indigenous Zebra population to the temples of the long lost civilization. Admiral Street has various pubs and taverns and boasts the island's finest rum. (They say that patrons of the Sea Oasis can be heard all the way to the Airships that hover far above the archipelago!)

Besides housing The Quarters holds everything one would expect a city to have from taverns to hospitals and everything in between.

Bridge of Bones

Looming over the entrance of the main harbor is the Bridge of Bones, an ancient stone archway that between the two cliffs on either side of the entrance to The Maw, connecting the two towering rocks clusters known as "The Fangs" and their city sections the Bridge of Bones acts as a large and imposing gate to The Maw of Imperator's Grave as well as the bridge to the Temple of the Matriarch of the Gem Leviathans, one of the largest and most important structures of Imperator's Graves native Zebra Tribe. The Bridge of Bones gets its name from the series of leviathan bones ranging from small to massive that cover the arch to the point were the rock is hard to see even up close and the various sized skulls that hang via chains with lanterns of various colors both in the mouths and hanging from the teeth. Along the outer edge facing the sea is a wall made of the strongest bones reinforced with steel supports armed with various sizes of cannons both along the wall and in turret mounts on the underside of the arch to fire at any enemy ship that gets too close.

Temple of The Matriarch of the Gem Leviathans

Imperator's Grave's temple for the deity known as Edelsteine, the mother of all Gem Leviathans. It is here where the native Zebra Tribe tell the tale of the union of land and sea that was formed when the Imperator made a pact with Edelsteine, where if her offspring protected the waters where the free sailors roamed from those that sought to enslave them, her offspring would be gifted a place where they would be able to breed and hatch their young in safety from the predators of the Sea of Legends.

The Jaw

Named as such because when seen at a certain angle it resembles a giant jaw bone, The Jaw is a massive Military Fortress and the primary base of Imperator's Grave Guard Force. Located close to the left Fang, this fort's most eye-catching feature is the set of five lighthouses of various heights that help guide ships into The Maw.

Kraken's Pits

A series of nine large open-air pits that reach below sea level, some up to a mile deep, surrounded by roaring waterfalls along the edges of each pit. These are where those with little to no coin live in small homes made of the Captain's Quarters from small ships like Sloops, Pinnaces and Cutters and medium-sized skulls of various sea creatures suspended above the white waters at the bottom of the pits by thick chains and ropes which are checked and maintained by dedicated Maintenance Crews. Despite being essentially the "Slums and Shanty Towns" of Imperator's Grave those who live here find that the housing is free-of-charge, large enough for one creature to a small family of five to live comfortably, and thanks to special sound blocking spells and enchantments, rather peaceful. The white waters below, despite the churning, also makes for excellent fishing as thousands of fish of many types fall into the pits where they are gathered by large nets allowing those who live in the Kraken's Pits to make a decent living.

Built into the walls behind the waterfalls are massive waterwheels which help to provide Imperator's Grave with power.

The Coves

The heart of Imperator's Grave and the "middle class" area were the vast majority of the inhabitants live, this area of twisting waterways, docks and buildings is filled to the brim with homes and business ranging from small family owned shops to the large pubs and taverns and everything in between with winding streets traveling all over the place.

The most well known place here is the tavern known as the "Sea Oasis", a place large enough to be a hotel or beached cruise ship in its own right. This place has been the favorite hangout for every ruler of Imperator's Grave all the from The Imperator himself to Archduke Razor Tail during the times he is at the archipelago in between his adventures. The interior of the structure is rather open with only a small amount of walls with pillars of wood, bone, and metal everywhere holding the fifteen-story building up, giving the Sea Oasis a Library sort of feel only with the shelves of books replaced with rows of platforms where the customers sit, eat and drink, one of these customers being none other than the retired Pirate Lord Blackmane himself. The Sea Oasis is also quite famous for its rum, see the Rum section under Culture for more details.

The Underdepths

The gigantic network of natural and artificial caves, tunnels, mines, and waterways below The Coves known for being the breeding grounds of otherwise hard to find creatures of the SOL including the ever famous and tasty though dangerous Salt Lobsters, every day creatures take weapons alongside various fishing equipment done to the deep water-logged areas to hunt these dangerous sea creatures for their armored carapace and delicious meat.

Upper Royals

Named after the Royal Sail used on square rigged sailing ships, this area consists of buildings close to or on top of the rock formations and cliffs around Imperator's Grave and where the rich folk, highly successful pirates and "Nobles" live. Besides the highly decorated housing there are several businesses created to... "liberate" that same wealth, businesses such as casinos, resorts, and other such places made for the wealth to spend their coin on.

Spire of Lore

Located close to the area where The Coves and the Upper Royals met, the Spire of Lore is a massive 154 story Library with more underground tower easily visible everywhere in Imperator's Grave and up to a few miles away on the open waters. This tower is built similar to the Sea Oasis Tavern in that it is a rather open structure only in the case it consists of three closed sections and the open Library in the center. The three closed sections hold hallways, staff areas, class rooms, and other areas a normal Library would hold while the heart of the structure is the Knowledge Core. Seen from above the Knowledge Core looks like a giant spider web (Orb web) with the center pillar, three lines one each of the eight sides, and eight walkways/bridges. Each of the lines are wide enough for two walls of bookshelves to fit with walkways wide enough for four fully grown Yaks to pass side-by-side with a few inches between them and sets of small tables and chairs next to the railing, the lines have a twenty foot gap in between them filled with ropes and chains holding banners, lanterns and other hanging objects. This places holds hundreds of thousands of books on its towering shelves, being everything from child's books all the way up to still untranslated tomes and absolutely everything in between, it is commonly said that if it is a book that was ever written throughout history, it can be found here, one just needs to know where to look.

At the very top of the spire is a glass dome and walls each a meter thick supported by steel braces that cover three stories known as "Lookout Point", this place is a popular reading area as it gives a truly breath-taking view of Imperator's Grave and during attacks lookouts take position here as being one of the tallest points of Impertor's Grave it gives them a perfect of the surrounding sea for miles. The glass of Lookout Point is specially made and enchanted to protect those within from the glare of the sun.

The Spire of Lore is the home and workplace of the Cult of Lore, a faction dedicated to keeping all knowledge within from ever being forgotten. (See Imperator's Grave Factions for more details.)

Guard Fleet Docks

In addition to the deadly currents, hidden reefs and the constant threat of sea monsters of all sizes that call Imperator's Grave home, there is the massive armada that protects the waters around Imperator's Grave. Ships patrol the waters every hour of the day from sunset to sundown, keeping watch for any threats that dare to attack. The Guard Fleet Docks are located in a shadowy corner of The Maw inside a large inlet cavern easily large enough to fit the entire fleet of two hundred ships with several craved out docks for those ships to repair and resupply.

Sub-Locations include;

Shipwright Bays

Located towards the back of the area the Guard Fleet Docks are, the Shipwright Bays are a series of inlet caves holding drydocks used to build, refit, and upgrade the various ships used by Imperator's Grave's Guard Fleet. Ships that have been "acquired" from other factions are brought here to be converted for Outcast use.

Loot Warehouses

A warehouse as large as a shopping mall and situated at the end of a pier, guarded on three sides by sharks and razoreel-infested waters, and on the fourth by large and loyal Guards. Whenever the Outcasts' Raider Fleets bring in treasure from their voyages the loot and spoils are stored here, here the treasure is sorted into various crates, barrels and other containers by type and value.

Arms' Dump

The Arms' Dump is a large area above the Guard Fleet Docks and hold what could be called a small city of blacksmiths and other weapon and armor builders and the depots used to store their various items for both Imperator's Grave's Military and to sell in The Coves.

The Sub Dens

The last Sub-Location of the Guard Fleet Docks and the newest addition, while the Submarines haven't (at the time of this writing) been field tested yet the crews of the Guard Fleet ships hope that if successful the subs will add a new layer of defense to Imperator's Grave. Should the subs fail than at least the space can be used as extra docking but the crews think the subs will be successful.

The Dragon's Rest

Located in a cluster of three large, connecting inlets on the back right of Imperator's Grave from The Maw, underneath an open ceiling that shows the sky above, is the exclusive docking area of the Dragon of the Depths, when Razor is not out sailing the Sea of Legends with his crew this is where his ship is kept. The dock itself, due to the size of the Dragon, could be considered a small town in its own right filled with warehouses, cargo terminals, crew terminals, military structures, a large shipyard, and small craft facilities. Directly above the site rests a series of winches and cranes hanging over the ledges.

The Dead's Rest

Located near the Guard Docks, the Dead's Rest earned its name thanks to the Large rock formation shaped like that of a Pony skull that faces the open sea and the unnerving rooms of morgues and furnaces. On Imperator's Grave, the dead are not buried, but are cremated and the ashes are given back to the ocean and the Abyss, and this is where it all happens. A grave of the sunken urns filled with the ashes of the dead hangs suspended in the cold depths, marked by hundreds of bobbing grave-buoys. The graves of the normal residents have name posts and their specially treated metal burial urns tied en masse to old anchors beneath waterlogged barrels. The wealthy have lavish bobbing tombstones with carvings resembling rearing Krakens and Sea Dragons or beautiful Merponies, and are interred within expensive urns below the surface. The Caretakers that work this grim area ferry the cremated ashes of the departed to the various graveyards scattered about the straits surrounding this area. Flowers and gifts left by the still living friends and family of the departed litter the top of this floating graveyard, these are also silently tended to by the Caretakers who do it without any complaining what-so-ever.

The Lair

The name for Imperator's Grave's "Royal Palace", The Lair started out as the humble home of the Imperator as a simple four-wall shack. Over the years after his passing each ruler of Imperator's Grave has added new sections causing the building to grow bigger and bigger to what it is today; a palace of shipwrecks, rock and sea creature bones that some would stay puts the Royal Palace of Canterlot to shame and a heavily-armed fortress in its own right. The current ruler, Archduke Razor Tail, is the latest to add his own addition: a steam-powered Pipe Organ of absolutely gigantic size containing seven manuals, 1347 ranks, 1011 registers, and 99,342 pipes weighing approximately 450 tons* spread throughout the building. The Console seat for the Pipe Organ also doubles as the throne, to play the organ one would only have to sit on the throne and turn it around so the back was facing the Throne Room.

*(A/N: This would make it three times size as the real-life Boardwalk Hall Auditorium Organ in Atlantic City, New Jersey. the largest pipe organ ever built based on number of pipes.)

Outer Areas

Surrounding Imperator's Grave are many islands both large and small, small archipelagos, and islet dotted all over the place. These serve as outposts for the Military of Imperator's Grave and each one has fortresses, weapon towers, and other defense throughout the clusters. Under the water are many Keg Mines ready to blow an invader's ship from right under them, though the mines are attached to chains and pulleys that lower the mine down so non-invader ships can safety travel to and from the place.

This area is always patrolled by the Guard Fleet with the smaller ships like Gunboats and Sloops weaving around the land and larger ships like ants around trees while the large ships generally stay in place until they are needed.


Imperator's Grave is home to a small amount of wildlife but each is unique in its own right.


The "Rabbits" of the Sea of Legends, Shallowfins are around the size of a Rainbow Trout and can be anywhere between one or five pounds and sixteen-twenty four inches to forty eight pounds and 42 inches is size. These fish makeup the bulk of the food not just in Imperator's Grave but throughout the Sea of Legends as well, and considered very tasty. There are many ways Shallowfins can be made into a meal, from boiled, deep fried, smoked, and even raw just to name a few.

Diver Bag

A unique creature only seen in the Sea of Legends, they resemble a long and very thin jellyfish-like creature without any tentacles and are white in color with a brown stripe at one end. What makes these creatures is that they feed off of carbon dioxide though they cal still draw in oxygen through gills on the brown band if none of the former is available, if a creature was to enter the water and let a Diver Bag come to them, it would expand and move over the head like a helmet, latching onto the neck. Diver Bags do not harm their "host" however, rather they drain water from "inside" the formerly white now transparent "bubble" and out through the gills. Once the Diver Bag is over the creature's neck they would find that they could now breath underwater, the Diver Bag draws in oxygen like before which is then pumped into the bubble allowing the host to breath, while the Diver Bag get its food from the carbon dioxide when the host exhales.

Essentially Diver Bags are living re-breathers and as long as the host wears one they can stay underwater for as long as they want, they can't go too deep though. To remove a Diver Bag the host simply grabs hold of the brown band and gently pull, the Diver Bag releases its grip and the host takes it off and puts it back in the water.

Blue-Water Chicken

Essentially just regular Chickens with blue feathers, larger size and the ability to lay eggs like it's going out of style.

Salt Hog

Very large Pigs weighing up to 2,552 pounds, these hogs are breed on Imperator's Grave for their meat and their incredible truffle-sniffing noses. Salt Hogs are especially useful for finding the otherwise rare truffle species used in medicine.

Sea Snake

Not to be confused with another species of the same name, Imperator's Grave Sea Snakes are large snakes as long as a Python with a large hood like a Cobra and tail rattle of Rattlesnake prized for their dangerous venom. While the venom is fatal of not treated (thankfully since the anti-venom was created the death rates from these snakes have dropped to zero) it is highly valued for its uses in medicine.


Common pets, the Birds found around Imperator's Grave include the large and bright Macaws (A sharp-clawed parrot with an equally sharp mind.), the small and vivid Parakeets (A cheeky, nimble parrot that likes to preen), and the proud Cockatoos (A large, proud breed of parrot that really stands out, even from afar.). Besides these common pets other birds including Seagulls (no surprise there), Hawks, Owls, Ravens, Falcons, and Eagles to name a few can be found all over the place.


Found climbing around the ropes and beams of ships and buildings, common Monkeys include the short-haired Capuchins (A small and nimble monkey that has a deceptively cute face.), the agile Marmosets (Light and agile monkeys that are full of surprises and charm.), and the long-haired Barbarys (Proud, strong monkeys said eat more than a Sloop's crew combined.). These domesticated Monkeys have long been companions to sailors and island dwellers alike and are often trained to help their owners and crews with various tasks, from carrying powder during battle to simply grooming their owners hair, fur, feathers and the like.


Well liked for their hunting abilities when it comes to rats and mice, many a sailor in the Sea of Legends consider Cats to be good luck and it is common to find them aboard ships. Common breeds include the rugged Wildcats (A rugged cat that adapts well to both island and Outpost life on the Sea of Legends.), the lean Maus (Nimble, lean cats that take well to life aboard a ship.), and the long-haired Ragamuffins (This stocky breed is well known for its soft fur and make warm cuddling on cold nights.). Larger cats like Tigers, Leopards, and and lions can also be found.


Named a Creature's best friend, Dogs are loyal companions and excellent trackers prefect for snuffing out prey and finding buried loot. Common breeds include The shepherd Alsatians (Alsatians bred for the Sea of Legends are loyal, clever and barely get seasick at all.), the skinny Whippets (This quick and playful breed is perfect for a pirate who never stops.), and the fluffy Inus (Inus are big, bouncy bundles of fun, but take days to dry out after a swim.). Other breeds like Pit Bulls and huskies are also found thorughout the Sea of Legends.


A nasty combination of a Moray Eel and a Barracuda with fins sharp enough to cut clean through oak wood, Razoreels are ferocious and fearsome Eels that lurk in the darker areas of water around Imperator's Grave with maws hull of razor-sharp teeth and tempers as foul as a storm these sea creatures are rightly feared by those who live in the Sea of Legends.

Silver Phoenix

Considered extinct outside of the Sea of Legends, this rare breed of Phoenix is named for their gorgeous plume of metallic silver feathers complemented by red and black feathers. Silver Phoenixes were known for their tears which had much more powerful healing powers than their common counterparts, unfortunately this is way they were almost hunted to extinction, that and their beautiful feathers. The story for Silver Phoenixes around is that the Imperator had a pet Silver Phoenix which brought the surviving ones to Imperator's Grave where they could live in safety from those who had hunted them.


Traditionally a type of kobold, called a Klabautermann, lives aboard ships and helps sailors and fishermen on the Sea of Legends in their duties. Merry and diligent creatures of the Sea of Legends which resemble bipedal fish with Pony-like faces, with an expert understanding of most watercraft and an irrepressible musical talent. They also rescues sailors washed overboard. The name comes from the Low Germane verb klabastern meaning "rumble" or "make a noise". An etymology deriving the name from the verb kalfatern ("to caulk") has also been suggested. SOL Klabautermann, unlike their sprite counterparts, are living creatures and not spirits. Klabautermann are often hired by crews for their knowledge of ships, their music talent which helps morale on long voyages, and as extra help for every job on board which the Klabautermann preform with their well known and loved diligence. Klabautermann are also believed to bring good luck to the ship their are employed on.

Giant Crab

Giant Crabs are native to the seas around Imperator's Grave. One of their key characteristics is their rough outer shell with many spikes as well as their large oval eyes. Domesticated giant crabs are used by merchants to carry heavy goods on their backs and by the Outcasts as Beasts of War.

Salt Lobster

A creature resembling a large hybrid of lobster and shrimp with grey plates covering their six eyed heads and backs and large crab claws with really bad attitudes, Salt Lobsters are often called "Ugly as sin, but very good eating, especially with rum." These large and aggressive creatures are as dangerous as they are delicious and while their chitin hides are as tough as hardened steel hunters have found that a spear or harpoon in the right spots will take one down quickly. The meat of Salt Lobsters is in high demand around the Sea of Legends but hunting them is a dangerous job and more than a few would-be hunters have met their end at the claws of a Salt Lobster. Their durable chitin is often used as personal and ship armor.

Sea Serpents

One of the more nasty predators in the Sea of Legends with mouths full of teeth, nasty tempers, and really bad attitudes, Sea Serpents travel in packs to bring down larger prey. Sea Serpents are light blue in color, dark yellow eyes, ten feet long from nose to tail tip, as thick as a 68-pounder cannon, and has several small fins traveling down it's body. Sea Serpent packs are led by a larger variant called a "Crested Sea Serpent" which is at least twenty feet long and as thick as one of Sweet Apple Acres apple tree trunks, is light dark blue in color, has a large five-arm head crest with red stripes on the arms, and thick scales and plates covering it's body, which the smaller ones lack. Crested Sea Serpents are known for having even worse tempers and attitudes the their normal brethren. In battle these serpents are just as likely to attack from behind as they are from the front and have a bite that is far worse then their bark will ever be.

Sea Wyvern

Another dangerous predator, Sea Wyverns live in deep waters hunting large masses of fish and large crabs and lobsters. These super predators attack their prey with their razor sharp teeth and claws, their sheer body mass, powerful tails, and their feared poison breath attack. When not hunting they are surprisingly peaceful if not attacked and can be found sleeping perched on the towering rooftops of Imperator's Grave. Sea Wyverns mate for life and raise their young until they are young adults, at which point the young leave the nest and go out on their own. The Sea Wyverns around Imperator's Grave consider it their nesting grounds and are fiercely protective of it, so any invaders not only find themselves fighting the regular inhabitants but also swarms of enraged Sea Wyverns.

Sea Dragon

One of the apex predators of the SOL, these twenty story tall Dragon-like beasts are highly feared for their rampages able to destroy large areas and ability to tear even the largest ships to splinters. Armed with powerful crushing jaws, thick limbs able to help it move on land as well as through water, a terrifying breath attack of scaling water and blazing steam, and its long tail able to crush even small islets with ease. Sea Dragons are completely solitary and while they are fine with other creatures, such as Sea Wyverns, roaming and hunting in their territory, should another Sea Dragon enter all bets are off and the two will immediately fight each other, often to the death. During mating season Sea Dragons move to deeper waters to find a mate and lay their eggs, during this time their territorial aggression is lowered to the point where they wouldn't attack each other but if anything else gets to close it will be attack by several angry males and protective females at once.

The Sea Dragons found roaming the waters around Imperator's Grave are ones taken as eggs and raised by the Outcasts as guards against enemy fleets and keeping other wild predators away, while these are not as powerful as their wild counterparts they are far safer to be around. Most notably, these Sea Dragons are not territorial towards each other and work very well in small packs to make up for their weakened power, arguably making them actually more dangerous than their wild counterparts. Getting the eggs however is very dangerous as mentioned above, the eggs only appear during egg-laying season and Sea Dragons do not like company, even worst then usual.

Gem Leviathan Juvenile

The largest of the creatures found around Imperator's Grave, these beautiful Leviathan-Class creatures are the offspring of Edelsteine, the mother of all Gem Leviathans. Resembling the Imperator Leviathan in appearance it was once thought that Gem Leviathans were the female of the species thought this was later proven false, these creatures use Imperator's Grave as their only known safe breeding ground thanks to the deal made between the Imperator and Edelsteine. Gem Leviathans are sapient and are capable of telepathic speech, which it uses to communicate with others. According to those who have communicated with one, the edges of their vision becomes distorted while a distorted picture of the Gem Leviathan's face appears in the middle. In Appearance they share the Imperator Leviathan's body but are white in color and are covered in scales that resemble various gems, hence their name.

Once a Gem Leviathan reaches a certain size they leave Imperator's Grave and later return as adults to lay their eggs, swimming with the young Gem Leviathans is a popular past-time on Imperator's Grave as the young are very playful but gentle.

Plant Life

Besides standard fruits like blood oranges, coconuts, Pomegranates, Mangoes (keep hidden from the Thestrals, they go crazy for them), and Pineapples, Imperator's Grave is home to a select few but special plants only found in the Sea of Legends.

Cannon Orange

The largest oranges ever found, around the size of 68-pounder cannonballs. These massive citrus fruit have a very hard outer shell and fibrous insides, while the fiber makes the red flesh very hard to eat these fruits are extremely juicy and that juice is very rich as a source of several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and potassium.

Sea Salt Banana

The Sea of Legends' counterpart to Equestria's Zap Apples, Sea Salt Bananas are massive fruits reaching a length of one meter with a perfect blend of salt and sweet taste. Sea Salt Bananas are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals and easily keep for a long time when stored properly in barrels, some even say the longer the bananas are stored and aged, the better they taste.

All-Flavor Tree

A very rare tree found only on Imperator's Grave, All-Flavor Trees get their name from their sap which is as clear as crystal and has a nice shine to it, every taste one take of the sap is a flavor that the taster likes, which makes this sap very popular and kept in high demand. The trees leak the sap once a year for a day, which the inhabitants of Imperator's Grave collect. The sap is most commonly eaten out of a jar with thin breadsticks, as demonstrated by Archduke Razor Tail below;

"First take a thin breadstick, open the jar, stick the very tip of the breadstick in and and let it soak for a few seconds, you don't want too much as this stuff is extremely sticky. Just me, I've glued my jaw shut a few times though unsticking is easy, just splash some warm water on your teeth. Once the breadstick fully changes color to a dark brown you take the stick out and enjoy!"


Imperator's Grave is well known for its wide variety of inhabitants of virtually every known sapient species on the planet, as a result the culture of each one can be found all over the place. Imperator's Grave is a stable and relatively safe nation of its own, though there are still dangers from Salt Lobsters and other wildlife plus the possibly of invasion from hostile powers. The majority of the island's denizens carry a variety of weapons, which range from cutlasses to pistols, in order to protect themselves at all times, the only ones not to carry a weapon of some sort are those that are too young. The native Zebra inhabitants of Imperator's Grave are rugged seafaring folk and many, naturally, are also pirates. While vessels are kept protected within safe waters, they has little jurisdiction over what occurs in the open seas. Sailors intrepid enough to venture out there are free to decide their own fate and fortune. Many pirates also sail to other nations and are known for their raids on enemy settlements, especially one belonging to the Northern Trade Union.

Speaking of the NTU, inhabitants who were at one time slaves to the faction often chose to wear the outfits they wore as slaves as a show of defiance to their ,often dead. former masters. Most commonly these outfits are leotard-like garment that leave only the head and limbs, including the tail, exposed with a belt around the waist.


Imperator's Grave for the most part lacks natural building resources, forcing its inhabitants to adapt. Much of Imperator's Grave has been built up with whatever creatures over the years could bring, find, or steal—be it re-purposed masonry, or even the broken hulls of the ships they traveled in. It's common to see remnants of ships from as far as Equestria, Mount Aris, and even the Frost Reaches incorporated into the architecture. Various settlements within the greater city have been built upon the remains of a far older civilization. Long abandoned temples have been converted into homes and places of business, with scaffold walkways leading from one establishment to another.


Due to the vast variety of creatures that call Imperator's Grave home, it is general accepted that if its an article of clothing, it can be found on Imperator's Grave, even things like swimsuits and thin gowns. In the wider world clothing is only really worn in certain situations like formal settings, in the Sea of Legends creatures wear clothes to protect themselves from the cold and salt and carry items around with them. Using a Pony for example, when one moves to Imperator's Grave they only have their saddle bags, first their own starts with a vest and belt, then a long coat, than a hat, and it just keeps growing from there.


A Common type of body marking found on Imperator's Grave. Due to the melding pot nature of Imperator's Grave, there are slew of different tattoo designs that can be obtained from the shops found throughout The Coves. However the most common designs are those of sea monsters, where sailors and pirates make their bodies with the images of these powerful creatures as a sign of respect as well as pride. Most commonly these tattoos are found on the face.


Wile the nation takes and uses all kinds of currency from all corners of the world, it also mints its own currency. Two known currencies on Imperator's Grave are called Golden Imperator Leviathans and Silver Gems. The former coinage is favored by mercenaries.


The relative peace that has kept over the Sea of Legends after the Outcasts of the Abyss took over has led to an increase in trade and the desire for worldly imports. The demand for Imperator's Grave's famous rums is especially high. Former Pirate Lord Blackmane gives a few samples;

Ghost Rum: If you've got a bit of jink to spare and don't mind paying for a bit of celebrity, you can buy the exotic Ghost Rum. Ghost Rum is named as it is as clear as diamonds, with a pleasantly clean aroma of cut cane. To shake things up, a hint of pepper and hot cinnamon is added to the drink to keep you warm on deck during stormy days at sea. To be enjoyed with your favorite tropical fruit on the side!

Dark Rum: A rum dark in color with the aroma of woody molasses, this infamous spirit is a veritable staple of Imperator's Grave sailors on the high seas. Richer than its lighter relatives, this dark beauty finishes with an uncanny sweetness that's just perfect for taking the edge off. Enjoy with hot water, or even straight from the bottle. Either way, Dark Rum will keep you warmer than a pea coat on a blustery day.

Eclipse Rum: This rum is light amber in color and will assail your senses with the aroma of sweet grass, molasses, nutmeg, and just a hint of citrus. A bit dry on its own, your typical dose comes served with tonic and a lime, so after a glass or two you're well on your way to warding off both scurvy and malaria.

Black Pearl Rum: Let me ask you a question, sailor. Have you ever chewed rum? No?! Well then you've probably never run afoul of Imperator's Grave fabled Black Pearl Rum. Created by the Imperator himself, aged in charred oak casks and infused with some of the richest spices that the Sea of Legends has to offer, this rum comes out blacker than pitch and about as thick. The Imperator's Black Pearl Rum is for the true rum enthusiast, only. The rest of you blokes are just going to wind up feeling barmy and running for the deck rails. So be careful! I've seen a bit of the black stuff lay out even the roughest blighter with nary a hint of warning.

Apple Supreme Rum: For the apple lover among us, this rum is light brown in color and is like an apple pie in a bottle. Apple juice mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of lemon juice, and apple pulp filling. This sweet rum will send your sweet tooth a'run, just be sure you catch them.

Iceberg Rum: The coldest rum in the world, this ice blue drink comes in a bottle covered with frost and the fog of dry ice coming out of the top. This rum is perfect for those hot days when you are to overheated to move and risin' the sea levels with sweat. Just be careful, or you might get your tongue stuck to the bottle.

The Devil's Rum: A rum for those days when you're freezing your tail off, this red/orange colored drink boils like lava and has an faint glow to it. Its hot enough that you need blacksmith tongs to pick it up, but one sip and I guarantee you well be nice and toasty for a good while. Just don't drink too much at once, or the lanterns wouldn't be the only things lighting up the Poop Deck.

Flamin' Dragon Rum: The rum created by Archduke Razor Tail himself, this drink is red and black in color and comes with a burning piece of mint candy cane. Drop the piece in through the top and watch as a jet of purple fire shoot out of it like a flamethrower, after which the top turns into a torch. With a pleasant scent of mint chocolate and a hint of the richest grounded down sweets to add flavor, your typical dose comes served with a bottle of soda of your choice and a side of ice cream of your choice along with the option of having a saucer of chocolate-covered beacon and/or a large milkshake of your choice. Drink up me hearties, just remember to drink the fire-resistant potion it comes with if you don't have a fireproof inside before drinking the rum.


Imperator's Grave has a rather simple power structure: The current Pirate Lord, Archduke Razor Tail, rules the place with a Unicorn named Regal Stance doing the same while the former is away. Below the two is the "Inner Circle" of Captains that oversee the various areas of Imperator's Grave with the different Officers of each Captain watching over their own sections.


Imperator's Grave is home to several factions besides the Outcasts of the Abyss.


The Caretakers are a small group of grim sailors that ferry the ash-filled urns of the dead out to their final resting place, they are identified by their Plague Doctor-like outfits and skull masks.

Native Zebra Tribe

Zebras that have lived on Imperator's Grave since long before the Imperator even came, these Zebras' knowledge of the ocean and its denizens is second to none; no ship is able to navigate the perilous straits around Imperator's Grave without their guidance. Those of indigenous descent often hold key roles in Imperator's Grave fleets and are regarded with almost mystical reverence, as are the rare few embraced by their community. Their ancient culture is highly respected by the inhabitants of Imperator's Grave and aspects of it have been incorporated into daily life—including traditional medicine, and hunting techniques.

The attire of the Zebras' include the neck and leg rings worn by all Zebras but also include long dreadlocked manes and tails that sway long the floors of their home like waves on the water, long brown robes adorned with scales, teeth and gems, and a pendent in the shape of Edelsteine, the mother of all Gem Leviathans.

Cult of Lore

A faction that makes its home in the Spire of Lore, they are tasked with keeping the knowledge within from ever being forgotten, constantly and very carefully making copies of each and every book held within. While described as a cult they are not a religious group at all, rather just focused on the task the Imperator gave the first members long ago. Their attire consists of rich red robes with hoods that cover all but their faces, tails, and the tips of their limbs. The robes are adorned with gold, silver, and blue threading and studded with gems.

While heavily focused on their task, they do have a sense of humor; they nicknamed Twilight Sparkle as the "Princess of Books".

Imperator's Guard

Said to be the descendants of the Imperator's personal guard, these military creatures are tasked with protecting Imperator's Grave from all threats both without and within. Their skills on war and battle are among the best and they are often found on Outcast ships serving as both fighters and advisors. Their attire consists of uniforms similar to the soldiers of NTU and the Four Empires with the addition of armor like that of the Equestrain Royal Guard.


Imperator's Grave is a sailor haven, a home to a wide variety of denizens seeking adventure, fortune or freedom. While the pirate-friendly town only respects their own laws and not the laws of other nations, they have their ports open for creatures from all the world's corners.

Most of their relations are limited to those within the Sea of Legends to to most thinking the SOL is just myth and Archduke Razor Tail's "Staying Hidden" policy, though that might change in the future.

Frozen Reaches

An area to the north of the Sea of Legends, the hardened inhabitants of those harsh lands, known as "Frozen Fangs", often come to Imperator's Grave to trade in their giant, metal plated longships, bringing with them tons of furs, meat and weapons from their home islands. At least some inhabitants Imperator's Grave are of Frozen Fang descent, and occasionally one finds inverted Frozen Fang longships against the carved cliff faces.

Northern Trade Union

One of the most hated factions in the Sea of Legends, the NTU held many of the SOL inhabitants in slavery and ruled with a pure iron hoof, until the Outcasts came and freed them from that iron hoof. As the only free area during those dark times, Imperator's Grave has a long standing and deeply burning hatred of the NTU and for years after the Outcasts took power the pirates of Imperator's Grave have ruthlessly pillaged the NTUs settlements and fought naval battles with NTU vessels when engaged. It should be noted that a number of inhabitants on Imperator's Grave are in fact former NTU who hate the faction just as much and want to see it burn.

The Four Empires

The Four Empires are hostile towards Imperator's Grave but know full well that they don't have the power to actually threaten it, that and the facts that if one makes a move the other three will capitalize on it and if Imperator's Grave is attack they would face an armada that would outnumber and outgun their own.

Independent Merchants

Independent Merchants have long been coming to Imperator's Grave ever since it was first formed long ago, making their profit through fair trade and without the taxes other ports charge. Items from all over the world are brought here by these Merchants and should Imperator's Grave be attacked the invaders should expect every single Merchant in range to rush to the place's defense.

The Outcasts of the Abyss

Since the Outcasts of the Abyss had freed the Sea of Legends from the iron rule of the NTU, Imperator's Grave has served as their main base and home alongside Ironclad's Rest. The native inhabitants welcomed the Outcasts with open arms and the two factions get along like wings on a Griffin, there is a rumor that the native Zebra Tribe have seen Arcduke Razor Tail and the Outcasts in a vision for the future but little is known on this front.

You, Rose, Lance, and Moon looked up from the book, amazed at the sheer about of information on Imperator's Grave. After taking it all in the four of you had a break and a snack before going back to it.

Author's Note:

My first posted chapter of 2021, I think this came out quite well, we dig into the lore around Imperator's Grave learning much about it.

Please tell me that if you were the Imperator and could, even if only for a short time, look from beyond the afterlife and see what the place you had started was now, how would you feel?

While Imperator's Grave is something of my own creation it takes a fair bit of inspiration from the various locations in Sea of Thieves and from Bilgewater in League of Legends. The only thing carried over from the latter is the types of rum, or at least the ideas, everything else is original content though the Frozen Reaches was inspired by the "Frozen Fangs" Fan concept for Sea of Thieves and the inhabitants are called Frozen Fangs as a shout-out to it. The three types of Parrots, Monkeys, Cats, and Dogs are also from Sea of Thieves though they are not the only types to be found on Imperator's Grave, just the most common.

Please tell me what you think. :pinkiehappy:

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Loving the lore in this mini-story. It's nice to some of your influences being Sea of Thieves, League of Legends, among others.

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