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Aspiring novelist testing his characters in the MLP verse.


What if during 'Dragon Quest,' Spike met dragons different from Garble and his goons? What if they became close enough friends for Spike to form his own friend group? How would things be different? How much would things stay the same?

Kind of a re-telling of MLP from 'Dragon Quest' onward, with Spike having a group of five dragon OC friends. Twilight and the Mane Six will still have their usual adventures, but will have some additional backup along the way. Additionally, I'll have my OCs learn a couple lessons of their own.

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Being the daughter of Princess Luna isn't easy. Especially right after she became Nightmare Moon.

Hated for what she is, Princess Star Wing fled the life of a princess, and sought sanctuary elsewhere. In 'Survival of the Wolves,' she found refuge with a pack of wolves.

But what if she got blown off course. What if, instead of finding sanctuary with the wolves, she found sanctuary with pirates?

One particular, very bada$$ pirate archduke?

Crossover with Silver Dragon Blade Wing, featuring his characters from 'High Seas of Adventure.'

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This story is a sequel to Son of the Howlite Howler

Many years ago, The Guardians of Harmony kept the land of Equestria united and safe.

But they didn't do it alone. Aided by the Howlite Howler and her Diamond Dog pack, they brought peace and prosperity to the lands beyond Equestria.

Now, even though the Howlite Howler and Guardians have long since faded to myth, there are still some who remember their influence.

And as the earth pony Sunny Starscout seeks to reunite the fractured tribes of Equestria, she finds a diamond dog who remembers the Howlite Howler's teachings... and is more than ready to help.

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Inspired by the Friendship is Awesome Thread 'Survival of Your Pony Race' by Silver Dragon Blade Wing, and a character experiment with my OC, Star Wing.

Being the Daughter of Princess Luna is a difficult thing: ponies don't trust you or your mother, and respect can be hard to come by. But Star Wing is determined to beat the odds and become a hero.

When an engimatic magic wolf named Shiva and her equally strange pack become known to the lands of Equestria, Star Wing believes she's finally found her chance for glory. But when a conspiracy threatens to rip apart Star's family, she will discover that not all is as it seems, and that fear is the greatest enemy of all.

Huge thanks to Silver Dragon Blade Wing for coming up with this idea and helping me as a co-writer and editor.

Also, shout out to Twilight Wolf91 for the incredible cover art.

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This story is a sequel to Howlite Howler 3

It was so close to being over. Shiva, Alpha of the Diamond Dogs and protector of the Crystal Empire, had finally given her trust and friendship to Twilight.

But their troubles were far from over. Hidden in the mind of Shiva's son, Kodo, the dark lord Sombra dwelled, pondering, bidding his time. And now, with death close at hand, the time has come for him to strike.

Can the ponies rescue Kodo the way they rescued Princess Luna? Or will the diamond dogs be Sombra's second chance to take Equestria for himself?

Huge thanks to truenorth14 for all the help with the story, along with all my wonderful readers for keeping up with Shiva and her adventures in Equestria. You are the best, and I always appreciate your feedback. :twilightsmile:

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This story is a sequel to Howlite Howler Part 2: Trust Denied

After a brutal battle with Chrysalis, Shiva had every right to think her conflicts were done. With the Equestrians owing her their lives and forced by honor and a guilty Celestia to leave her alone, Shiva felt she was finally free to take her pack North. There, guarded by the heroic changelings of Vespin Hive, she could finally sit back, bask and enjoy her fledgling diamond dog kingdom of Outer Haven.

But, of course, the land of Equestria is not that kind and forgiving. And any creature not directly befriended by Celestia is going to be seen as a potential resource by those who call themselves enemies of the sun alicorn's rule.

In this partial slice of life and partial adventure, rejoin Shiva and the diamond dogs and changelings of Outer Haven as they find themselves in the middle of a frantic tug of war between Celestia and King Sombra, Tirek, Discord, the Storm King and the many other threats that seek to take Equestria from the sun alicorn's rule.

Can Shiva's mind handle the constant stress of ruling a country that attempts to remain stubbornly neutral in the battles for Equestria? And when pups are born inheriting her priceless power, what will it mean for her future rule?

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This story is a sequel to The Howlite Howler

After finding herself turned into a diamond dog and plopped in Equestria under very unpleasant circumstances, Shiva found a way out of Equestria, and has started a new life as leader of the Diamond Dogs.

But the reach of Equestria is long, and the events that brought her there and her treatment by ponies are not easily forgotten by the Princess of the Sun.

How can one say 'I don't want you around' to an immortal goddess and six national heroes? Shiva intends to find out. But with the enemies of Equestria looking for ways to undermine Celestia, the alicorn of the sun will be forced to choose between the safety of her nation and the atonement of her subjects.

Based on Drawn with the Night by Dan_S Comments. Specifically the second half.

Cover image can be found here. Fun fact; Shiva's design was inspired by Amaterasu from Okami. But, then her story took a bit of a different turn.

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Shiva wasn't a freedom fighter or a revolutionary. She was just a normal wolf-dog, happily living her life as a beloved pet. Then, forces beyond her threw her into a strange new world with a strange new body.

With cruel talking ponies out to get her.

Alone, confused, and with a magic she doesn't understand as her only defense, Shiva must wage a one-wolf battle to escape a land apparently out to enslave her, all while the forces that protect this new nation do all they can to catch her.

How far will these ponies push the wolf? And how far is she willing to go to maintain her freedom in a world that seems desperate to make her a beaten and broken slave?

Inspired by Misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf and Drawn with the Night by Dan_S Comments.

Both a character experiment involving my OC Shiva, and a plot experiment that borrows the plot beats from "Of Scales and Fur - Shiva," my (likely horrible) attempt at an upcoming original novel. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Shout out to Ang Auronheart for the cover art.

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This story is a sequel to Lone Wolf of Equestria: Back to the Pack

Logan did it. After a harrowing journey, he found his last pack mate, Carol, and even managed to bring her to Equestria. Finally at peace, the wolves have decided to settle in Ponyville, ready to live out their lives with the Mane Six in peace and harmony.

But just because Logan isn't going to go looking for trouble anymore doesn't mean trouble won't come looking for him. In this series of one-shots, comedic shorts and adventurous re-scripts, the Mane Six gain two brand new allies to help them take on the daily challenges of living in Equestria.

A partial character experiment for Carol, and a lead up to Logan's final story.

Special thanks to Patricia Gross for the cover image, which can be found here

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This story is a sequel to Lone Wolf of Equestria; Battle for the Crystal Empire

Long ago in the land of Equestria, I, Celestia, the alicorn of the sun, unlocked a portal to an alternate dimension.

And a bold wolf wielding a powerful magic within, was pulled into my world.

When I was unwilling to send him home, he tore away from my kingdom, and flung himself into the wild, where chaos and disharmony are law.

Now the wolf seeks to return to his pack, and undo the mistakes of Celestia.

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