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This story is a sequel to Howlite Howler 3

It was so close to being over. Shiva, Alpha of the Diamond Dogs and protector of the Crystal Empire, had finally given her trust and friendship to Twilight.

But their troubles were far from over. Hidden in the mind of Shiva's son, Kodo, the dark lord Sombra dwelled, pondering, bidding his time. And now, with death close at hand, the time has come for him to strike.

Can the ponies rescue Kodo the way they rescued Princess Luna? Or will the diamond dogs be Sombra's second chance to take Equestria for himself?

Huge thanks to truenorth14 for all the help with the story, along with all my wonderful readers for keeping up with Shiva and her adventures in Equestria. You are the best, and I always appreciate your feedback. :twilightsmile:

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Sombra’s going to eat Friendship LaserTM

That finally scene man! That was so good! Your skill as writer only improves!

:pinkiehappy: Thank you so much. I really appreciate feedback like that. It really helps knowing that I'm improving.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. :raritystarry:

the problem is, Luke seems far too ready to be lead around by the nose...frankly, hes not much of an Alpha...

shiva was the alpha and he might be either under mind control or have been convinced from sombra or how the ponys are acting that either shiva would be a better ruler or that he disaproves of how celestia yelled at his son. in any case it will be interesting to see what happens when the dimond dogd find out their alphas son is being mind controled by a pony and when shiva find out about how they treatid her son in her absence

Hmm, Im cool with this if only because Celestia had one thousand years to unite the world and she didnt?

And in the case of twilight. I am GLAD and happy that she understands or is empathtic to shiva. I do believe they should get more? The diamond dogs! Mind.

Which is rather off and down right dastardly!

My point is that the old world that they had baring tiny things is great! They help the poor and downtrodden! And dont have the noble classes.

Another thing until they stop using everypony they really really cant be equal but different. Thats just speciest.

Will twilight for all her benevolence usurper the cruel selfish greedy unicorns that sit in canterlot?

To be honest, I doubt it.

She. Had magic. Yet if its the MAGIC of friendship isnt that universal? You dont actually need magic to have the magic of friendship. Only you know friendship?

This may come out of left field. Im curious on your opnion genuinely. Do you think Twilight is specist i.e thinks earth ponys are for manual labor and pegasus are for what have you?

Unicorns are smart etc?

This could be a broader question if only because its probably not applicable to this story. Yet, who does she get as a apprentice?

Whom are her servants?

Whom is in the military?

Whom gets alicorn hood? Not a earth pony?


This may come out of left field. Im curious on your opnion genuinely. Do you think Twilight is specist

Honestly, I think Twilight is good-hearted, but misguided. Twilight's got a good head on her shoulders and wants to do the right thing. But she was still raised in Canterlot, and is often manipulated by Celestia. Thus, she's pretty much indoctrinated to think that Celestia knows best and that ponies must be naturally superior to others. But, judging by her fast friendships with the Mane Five, I believe that she has potential to develop, which is best shown in how she interacts with Shiva.

Shiva opens Twilight's eyes to how, even though she has good intentions, she hasn't truly considered how ponykind can help the other species. And with Shiva's aid, Twilight can actually achieve a world where the species are able to get along - at least as well as all the different species can. It wasn't easy for Shiva, and it won't be easy for Twilight. It's something they'll have to work hard on.

As hard as it might be to believe, Twilight's actually one of my favorite ponies in the show, second only to Fluttershy. I just feel that she needs someone that can guide her to a path that's good for everyone. And as benevolent as Celestia is, she's ultimately going to put ponies first, and will train Twilight to have that same mindset.

So while I don't think Twilight wants to be speciesist, she can unintentionally come across as it due to her upbringing and the way Celestia and the ponies of Canterlot taught her.

Hope this helps. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. :pinkiehappy:

so well said! To be HONEST. Twilight is a favorite as well. When she makes her own GOOD decisions or with help mind, and DOESNT abuse spike.

Because hes her kid.

And your welcome! Thank you! For your gracious words and gift of such a lovely story!

well, it was inevitable that Sombra would pull a stupid...


and DOESNT abuse spike.

Because hes her kid.

Almost forgot about that part :twilightoops:. Yeah, the times where she doesn't consider that he's more than just her assistant have been incredibly frustrating for me.

Still, I hold onto the hope that, again, it's due to her genuinely not knowing any better. Like, other ponies treated him as her pet more than her younger brother/son, and enough ponies acted that way that Twilight subconsiously started copying them, despite her attempt to make sure that Spike knew he was valued by her.

But that's just my headcanon. Glad my answers helped. :pinkiehappy:

im guessing the ponies that invaded the empire when sombra was young were allies of celestia and that is why he doesnt like her.
hopeing when shiva is back in action she comes for sombra and tears him out of her son

Technically, the ponies were mostly just bandits, but due to them being ponies, the Crystal Heart decided they weren't a threat.

And yeah, Shiva coming back is pretty much when the story ends. I'd make a 'wait for Goku' reference, but unlike Goku, Shiva wouldn't drag the conflict out. She'd go right for the throat.

Looking forward to sharing when that happens. :pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile:

Until then, thank you as always for reading.

you know I would like to have Kodo shown how the world would have gone without his mother and shown the actual canon timeline and him realising that ponies are more than what his mother thinks or what Sombra has told him and also half truths don't show the whole story and whatever the whole story is it doesn't make mind control and slavery fine and OK, Kodo is definitely being deceived by Sombra

Well, this seems to be surprising.

You know? I dont think I have ever seen such perfect comeback. Family beats friends!

The thing that always set mlp back even as I like among its flaws. How is their isnt multiple friendship beams.

Its like war the other country thinks their right too?

What of a God that both countrys pray to?

Who does the God help? Both neither?

Just some musings. Great chappie, mate!

Have a kind day!

Ironic thing is, if Kodo cares about his mother, why can't he use his 'magic of family/pack' to find her?


why can't he use his 'magic of family/pack' to find her?

Because Sombra still has control of part of his mind, and is blocking that ability. Sombra doesn't have full control of Kodo, but he has control of enough of his powers that Kodo at least feels he has to work with Sombra to get her back. He's wrong, of course, which Celine is quick to point out. But he's going to need to get Sombra out of his head before he can make any real progress towards finding her.


I dont think I have ever seen such perfect comeback. Family beats friends!

Agreed. I'm glad you enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading.

I was always bothered by the same thing: why couldn't others aside from ponies use friendship. Of course, they say that the others don't really believe in friendship the same way, but at the very least I was hoping for Grogar's alliance of villains to be able to develop their own version of friendship to use against them.

Sadly, that never came to full fruition. But, that's what fanfiction's for. To explore the ideas that didn't quite come around.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to sharing the next chapter.


at the end of this would it be hipocritical for them to want kodo arrestid as while he has done terrible stuff in the end he has been in a worse situation then luna was in. shiva stopping his power as a prince and having him have to work off what he did seems like a good idea

Luna flinched. “An unfortunate side effect from our battle at the Castle of Two Sisters,” she muttered, not meeting Celestia’s eye.

Im curious. I dont recall weither or not your version of Luna was responsible for NIghtmare or not?

Did people die in this battle? In your version?

And all that happened?

Onto the rest of the show!:moustache:

I like this. It was clean and sparse. You knew what you wanted to say and you said it. I would say baring other chapters this was one of your best. All the tension. Use of verbs was good, too!

Thank you for this chapter!

Is Spike right about what he is saying? Could the mirror portal be in the everfree forest?


Im curious. I dont recall weither or not your version of Luna was responsible for NIghtmare or not?

She was. In Howlite Howler 2, Shiva calls out Luna for doing far worse to the world than what she had done. While no one died in Luna's battle, they nearly suffered a slow, more torturous death of cold and starvation due to her taking out the sun.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I'm really enjoying sharing it with you guys. :twilightsmile:


at the end of this would it be hipocritical for them to want kodo arrestid as while he has done terrible stuff in the end he has been in a worse situation then luna was in.

I agree with you that Shiva taking away his position as a prince and having him work off his debt would be a bit more suitable. I'm a little worried that would be a bit repetitive, considering that's what she wanted him to do before Sombra made his move, but at the same time, it's a good neutral option where Kodo doesn't get off scot-free for what he's done, but at the same time isn't given all of the blame for what happened.

I also like the idea of him and Luna working together, since wolves and moons are often associated with each other, and they have something to bond over with Luna being controlled by Nightmare and Kodo being controlled by Sombra.

Just my thoughts. Please let me know what you think. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you again for commenting.

I look forward to revealing that in the next chapter. :raritywink:

Sorry to be coy, but I don't want to spoil what happens.

:) It's fine, I like playing the waiting game.

Heh, looks like I was right.

Yep. :eeyup: :pinkiehappy:

Nice job guessing where the mirror was by the way. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile, in the dimension hidden by the mirror portal, a human Fluttershy stood with a canine Spike.

“No…” Fluttershy whimpered.

“No, this can’t be happening,” Spike whispered alongside her.

Canterlot High; the place where Spike had claimed the human versions of the ponies lived, was now as dark as an abandoned house. A sign was plastered across the door. A sign that chilled both of them to their bones.

Closed for Summer Vacation.’

“Spike…” Fluttershy whimpered. “If our human counterparts aren’t here… then where could Shiva be?”

Spike gazed around helplessly. “I… don’t know,” he admitted.

Suddenly, his nose twitched. His eyes widened as he noticed something that he never had before in his dog form. A small white trail, in the form of Shiva. Arcing away from Canterlot High.

“But I think we can find out,” he said, squirming from Fluttershy’s arms, and racing after her scent.

I wonder what happened there.

I mean what just happened in the Equestria girls world.

Summer vacation, they are in school you know

10608891 I think the sign on the door was pretty plain about what's happened.
CHS is closed for summer break, so the school year is obviously over until it takes up again in the fall.

So it sounds like there might be diffrence in the times of the year between human Canterlot and Equestria.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that if Shiva is anything like normal diamond dog then she should be human on the other side of the mirror which would mean she wouldn't be living the way that she used to which means the only way Sombra would be keeping her there would be mind control because the only reason she was tempted to go there was because she thought she could get her old life back.


if Shiva is anything like normal diamond dog then she should be human on the other side of the mirror

Very good point. But that's the thing: 'if Shiva is anything like a 'normal' diamond dog.'

In Chapter 6 of Howlite Howler 3, Shiva did go through the mirror, and briefly spent some time in Equestria Girls. And she was returned to the state of a normal dog. Granted, Luke went through and took the form of a human, but that's because he's full Diamond Dog, whereas Shiva has always been a regular dog being heavily influenced by Equestrian magic.

As for Sombra keeping her there through mind control... you're right on the money there :twilightsmile:. Sombra essentially used a memory wipe spell on her so she would forget about her time in Equestria. She's pretty much wandering through the Equestria Girls universe with amnesia, at best trying to find her old master and learn if she really did come from the Equestria Girls universe. And I liked the idea of human Fluttershy helping her, so that animal control or someone worse didn't try to hurt her too badly, maybe even jogging her memory so she's starting to remember where she came from, but just needs a big push from someone from Equestria to help her overcome the memory spell.

It's going to be pretty interesting when pony Fluttershy and Spike manage to find her. :raritywink:

Thank you again for reading. I really enjoy getting to talk with you guys about stories like this, and I look forward to sharing the next chapter soon.

Until then, thanks as always for reading and commenting. :pinkiehappy:

cant say it comes as a surprise to me. Kodo is young and sees only one reality, that his mother was taken from him and that his sister must be in danger...while his actions r logical up to a point, its going to turn around and bite him in the tail...

Kodo comes across as a perfect example of a NOW, NOW, NOW type, even when they know it takes time, they still want it now ... ⏱

Don't underestimate Luke. What he is doing? Not what it seems.

There was a fanon that Flurry Heart was the result of Shining Armor and Chrysalis, what with her being a royal changeling. I guess it came true in a way.

:raritystarry: Good catch with that. I just realized that myself. :twilightsheepish: 👍

Uh oh. Daybreaker found Celestia's breaking point.

Yep. And in terms of the diamond dogs... well...

one way or another this will end poorly

shiva gonna beat the evil out of celestia


But they will STILL be Alive Xenophobic/Racist Bad Ponies. So, Not all Ponies are "good", and "nice". :ajbemused: :facehoof:


Seriously? It's NOT technically the Poor Diamond Dogs Fault! It's just Celestia is now being Psychotic, and Sombra push the wrong buttons. 😡


Yeah. Plus, I doubt Celestia will get away with FRICKIN Murder, and Attempted GENOCIDE/XENOCIDE against the Diamond Dogs!!!!! I don't care she is "corrupt". She still KILLS, and will have to face the Consequences for It. :twilightangry2:

yea they kinda have both the defence that they were just following orders aswell as the defence that they didnt have a choice as their leaders son was possessed and they wouldnet leave him to be killed

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