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A person who was givin an unfair hand in life now gets another chance in the land of Equestria. Now givin the name Spiracle, he's put into an unfortunate situation at first, and must escape the clutches of Chrysalis with his best friend and pseudo brother, Thorax. With the help and advice of a Zebra named Zecora, he manages to create a disguise and name to fit, Fifth Wisdom.

He gains a spell that allows him to go into the Everfree dissonance, a place where the blinded minds of creatures reside, where through recovering the eyes that allow them to see the world for what it is, he changes their minds for the better. He then meets a strange being that offers to help him in saving the world from chaos, along with a group of unlikely allies. Join Fifth Wisdom as he makes friends with the ponies of the world while he attempts to improve it through his adventures of dubious moral efficacy.

you don't need to have played any of the persona games to understand what happens in this story, but it may help in understanding the main character's past, who's a reincarnation of Goro Akechi. As long as you didn't reveal that spoiler, this fanfiction should be spoiler free for Persona 5.

Made with some help from Driftwood! Cover image by @GalaXxY03a on twitter!

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Interesting story. Intrigued in where it will go…


Also, i think it would be funny if you made the prologue 2 named “Prologue Two, Changeling Birdaloo.”

Or not. Could just be me being random. Dont have to change it.

Perhaps. I'll think about it ^^.

I love the posters-images that say the days of the week and the time of day! It's a very good addition. I like it.

Wake up and break the shadows down :raritywink:


the color scheme of the cover pic reminds me of Persona 5
will this be like that?

Uhh… kinda? It’ll definitely share elements with it, but it’ll also have its fair share of unique elements. So in short: yesn’t

This is good. Mah boi Goro lives on as a bug horse XD. Can't wait for more

Awesome story so far- they were lucky to meet Zecora first, and I'm looking forward to where things go from here!

Look like we have our first confidant

Waitwaitwaitaait, 5 ranks?? Is this like Yoshizawa, but Bridle Gossip instead of all that?

Sweet! First Social Link!! ..but why is it only 1-5 and not ten?

Each social link event in the future will have 2500 words. Each chapter is 5000 words. There are ~19 normal social links. Meaning, even with there only being 5 scenes per link, its still 47.5 chapters. Which is a lot. I dunno if I'll even do all of them, seeing as how long making even 1 chapter takes right now. If I'm lucky, I'll get all of them in. I would like to do 10, but I dont have the time.

That's perfectly fine then. It will still be enjoyable no matter what. Can't wait for more...but I will

Fuck it, 10 ranks for each confidant. I'm in this for the long haul.

Awesome! Let's go! That just made me more excited for more~

So is Angel going to be like a more foul mouthed version of Morgana?

If so then
(1) that would be fitting considering Spiracle/Akechi is also a Wild Card and sort of the reverse of Joker
(2) it would funny and awesome to see unfold!

AYO!!! This was dope!!

Funny thing is Akechi was supposed to be a wild card in P5 but since he did not have and genuine bonds with others. He could only muster up the two Personas in him. So I guess he is one but not a full one

Wait this is before the start of the show then I am curious if they will be in Canterlot during the wedding.

Oh, tell me about it. But, there is a curtain charm to it once you get used to it.

Typo, about halfway down, when Spiracle's first speaking to Rarity

I just realized something where did spiracle get that new persona from because last time i checked hi true persona was named loki

Get Akechis confidant to rank 10 in p5r.

First thoughts when seeing Angel's awakening:
The blue fire in his hand is a nice reference to Narukami's awakening in P4. Then the baseball bat, cap and Agi skill made my brain go "Junpei, is that you?" This story has been really good so far, and now i'm wondering if any references to P3's awakenings will show up. I hope you enjoy writing this for many chapters to come.

Don't worry, a normal chapter is coming monday. The new prelude hasn't thrown off the schedule.

Now that just ruins part of the story for me. Too much spoilers.
Plus the fact that is was poster AFTER some chapters are already out

Too many spoilers for the story? Dude, that’s just called foreshadowing. There’s still so much shit that you don’t know about, man.

won't argue that, but still feels wrong to me, as again it was posted after multiple chapters and stands before them, without adding to them anything more that "It's what he is telling his interrogator" and not the usual flow.

Take into consideration what you learned in the prelude, and apply it to what you’re learning in the flashback. (Btw once he finishes telling shining everything the story’s not gonna end)

Also I wanted to do something like this from the beginning, but the story itself wasn’t built up enough in my head. Now that I’ve got a better grasp on events that are going to happen, I’ve made it in order to pique interest, and to make the reader ask questions.

Well, as i said many times to different people - "You do you". Story it still interesting for me, and as I'm sure for many others.

I posted chapter 6 early... I might start posting chapters on sunday instead of monday.

It's not too big of a deal, but the leader of a town is spelled "Mayor". "Mayer" is the spelling of a name (though Mayor Mare's name comes from her title, not the actual name spelling).

Why do those emojis link to a linkedin profile called 'yabby casino casino reviews'? What in the actual fuck?

Part of me wants to highlight important text because that's exactly what a videogame would do. It's a surprising source of amusement. Maybe don't go around highlighting text though. It might end up being more distracting than funny. For example...

“Here’s how this works; If you have a mystery or crime that needs solving, you can place it into the deposit box, along with a bounty. Once Fifth solves the mystery, you will then pay him the necessary bits. If you, for whatever reason, cannot afford his services, feel free to put in a request with no bounty. I will try to pay him according to the work he does if that happens. I would very much appreciate it if you paid the bounty yourself, however… I’m not made of money!”

Kindness, Laughter.....

Is somebody (Butterfly boy or Harmony or Faust) grooming our ex-murderer to become an alicorn? Or at least in-tune with Magic?

2 new social links~ Noice! Justice and The Fool!

This chapter was excellent. Nice art pieces, good story and 3 new social links. I love it~

Wait... Is Lockpick Derpy? I believe so

Huh i don't remember that small bit with shining when i read this before you released the prelude.

What does a hyperkinetic rabbity thing even look like (aka i'm asking if there is a reference for angel in the E.D.) (Evergreen Disodence)

Sam and max. That’s all I’ll say.

“You think they’ll be all right?” he asked.

No, I don't. She doesn't know what she's looking for this time.


Twilight is following Nightmare Moon because she knows where the elements are, not just cause Fifth Wisdom told her too.

Yeah, but she doesn't really know anything about the elements themselves beyond the fact that they exist. The scene where she has a talk with the girls about Nightmare Moon didn't happen- that's where she finds the book on the Elements of Harmony. As great as Twilight is at magic, I'm not entirely sure if it's all going to click without a hint or two.

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