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Love to write original stories along with possible crossovers from well known series.


The Main Six have just defeated The Storm King, thus saving Equestria. They celebrate their latest achievement with their friends and loved ones. However, during said celebrations an eldritch horror of unknown origins rips a hole into the very fabric of reality using the moon as a doorway to another world. This being proclaims dominance over all of Equus, all shall bow before the might of The Moon Lord. All hope seems lost for all of the Equestrians until yet another phenomenon enters Equus and manages to pull The Moon Lord back to whence he came. The Main Six, Zecora, and Starlight Glimmer are unfortunately dragged into the portal as well which lands them into a whole new world: Terraria.


Thank you all so very much!, it's all because of you! :pinkiehappy:

DISCLAIMER: Terraria, MLP: FIM, and some of the art presented in this story belongs to their respective owners.

Foreknowledge of "Terraria", isn't entirely necessary but it does help nonetheless. :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 1071 )

Instant track. Terraria is a great game.

Oh yes it is, I love it to death and was surprised at the lack of a MLP and Terraria xover so you know what? imma do us a favor and make one ;)

Finally an interesting terraria crossover

Yes indeed, I'll definitely and hopefully make the Terra community proud. I don't ever intend to quit this story until it's completion.

Ok, I’m always down for a good terraria crossover. One question. Will the calamity mod be featured in this story? I know it’s lore is much different from vanilla Terraria, but it’d be cool if someone like yharim or calamitas made an appearance.

This story is based on Vanilla Terraria, with some changes here and there of course due to the crossover. However, don't lose hope my friend because I fully intend to introduce famous vanilla bosses not to mention the console exclusive boss Ocram and yes that includes famous mod bosses like the ones you mentioned. :pinkiehappy:

Ok cool. My friend got me into terraria a couple years ago, and it quickly became one of, if not my favorite pc game. It’s a real shame that there are so few fics about it.

Yeah, there are a ton actually. My personal opinion is that you’re not getting the full terraria experience if you don’t play calamity. Incredible bosses, lore, and a near perfect soundtrack.

Well, there are a fair number of Terraria x MLP crossovers on this site, if you know where to look. The problem is that most are meh at best (at least in my opinion), and that's not counting the ones that follow the "Displaced" gimmick.

Aww ok, I'm blind haha. I'm not too fond of displaced stories much but I respect those that make them. In crossovers I personally prefer the actual characters themselves to interact with the character of whatever crossover they're in not a "real life" human who took on the form of another character from one series and thrown into the MLP universe. For instance, if Master Chief was thrown into the MLP universe I want Master Chief not, say, a kid named Kevin who was at comicon who somehow got pulled into the MLP universe looking like chief.

I know a mod that kinda did this as well. It was a texture pack.

Oh yes indeed, they’ll need all the help they can get when they get sent to the wold of Terraria. Terraria is many times more dangerous then Equus could ever be.

OOOOH! The Terra Blade!

It's on now, Moon Lord!

Now I wonder if you're also going to feature Zenith, and some of the Blades from the Mods?

Either way, I can't wait to see just what we get in this. It's looking fun already.

TYVM, I appreciate it. Oh trust me, I've got some plans for the modded bosses and famous modded weapons. I'm not gonna spoil anything of course but I will say this, and everyone can quote me on this:

"If it's incredibly famous among the Terraria community there's a 90% chance it'll appear in the story."

Not exactly the biggest fan of major character death, but I can certainly live with it. I’m pretty exited to see where this goes.

Yeah, ironically I too am not too fond of the death of a main character however I do except it when it's necessary. Celestia's death is indeed very necessary here to show how great of a threat The Moon Lord is. Will this be the last we see of her? that's for me to know and for all of you to find out. :pinkiehappy:

Seems promising so far. You have my interest.

Uh oh, corruption time! I don’t know if the crimson will be included as well, but it’d be interesting to see the ponies reaction to a biome made of living flesh and blood.

Funny you should mention, Crimson will indeed have a role to play in the story. Don't worry this isn't a spoiler because as you know, when creating a world in Terraria the player must choose between crimson or corruption. Now, I personally believe that Crimson is more dangerous then The Corruption which is why I've decided for Equus to have Corruption, that way it makes a bit more sense for them to be able to fight against it and for it to not be so one sided, while the world our main cast will be dropped into will have the Crimson since they will be supported by the NPC's of Terraria who knows how to deal with it not to mention the help they'll get with all the weapons and items there. This might sound funny, but Equus is lucky to have The Corruption and NOT The Crimson.

...Really? I only come out for the corruption sequence?

I am NOT one of those things...

Strange though, I can't tell if Terraria is being brought into Equestria or if Equestria is being brought into Terraria.

Not to sound rude, my favorite pony serial killer, but you're bold to assume THAT will be your only appearance. :raritywink:

Both actually, the corruption is being brought to Equus due to The Moon Lords actions and as I'm sure everyone knows The Main Six, Zecora, and Starlight will be thrown into the world of Terraria. You could say a piece of each world is going into the other but they will effect those worlds in their own, yet massive, way.

I'll trust you on this one... Vampire knives would be my favorite weapon to use by the way. They sound lovely. And painful.

This world is corruption, however, not crimson. So no vampire knives, sadly. :raritydespair:

Oh I wouldn't be soo sure about that. :raritywink: Equus has corruption, that's true, but more shall be revealed.

Wait, are you going to dump them into Hardmode off the bat?:twilightoops:

Oh no, that would end them instantly haha. I do however plan to have Equus be infected by corruption while Terraria, the world our main cast will be thrusted into, will be Crimson and there is a reason for this which will be revealed later. This way both biomes gets the chance to shine, oh and don't worry about the Hallowed. I've got that covered too. :raritywink:

All right, I trust you.
And I suddenly have images of Zecora and Fluttershy fishing together, though for different reasons.

Ah, but you stated the terraria world would be crimson in another comment.

I did not state such a thing, the author did, and it was my fault for not looking at his comments. So I apologize for that. Still, I wonder if they will want to use anything that comes from either biome, given that both evils affect them.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. :raritywink: I can safely say without spoiling anything that, yes, our favorite ponies will indeed be wielding familiar weapons even those they see to be... less desirable.

You predicted my plan quite well in the other chapter lol. This was my plan all along haha.

Oh look. He finally decided to show up after watching the chaos a bit.

Pretty much lol, the chaos caused by Razeem and The Corruption must feel amazing to him. Celestia got killed? Meh, Canterlot consumed by corruption? Yawn, Moon Lord about to kill flutters? Now he shows up...

Now that we’re 5 chapters in, I can say that this is the only well written terraria story I’ve seen on any site. I’ve actually been thinking about starting a terraria story myself, but there’s the facts that a) the site I write on gets absolutely no views for terraria, and b) I’m having trouble keeping up with my other two stories as is.

I appreciate that very much!. :raritystarry:
Go for it my friend, the more terraria xover stories we can get the better I'd say.

Try to sell me, Merchant. I DARE you.

Ah. Those guys. I gotta play terraria again soon.

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