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World's Worst Brony. Enjoys a wide variety of writing, from crackfics to smuts to serious novel(la)s. Always up for some chatter.

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    Hey everyone; this is my first time making a blog post here since I haven't really thought of any decent reason to make one before today.

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Hello, everyone.

I'm a hobbyist writer with no formal education; largely a roleplayer by past experience, but open to solo works as well. I'm one of those people who likes to bound around between different fixations, so I'll probably be super active here for a few weeks and then disappear for months. Feel free to private message me if you'd like to inquire about anything, or even if you just want to have chin wag here or there.

My primary "series" at the moment is Cauldron Valley, a series following my original characters and locales within Equestria. I'm not the strongest lorekeeper, having never watched the show firsthand (hence, "World's Worst Brony").

In addition to Cauldron Valley, I have a lot for all sorts of writing, usually erring on the lighthearted side. I do hope you'll find something you like around here, and if not I at least hope I'm not in the way.

~ Zoura3025

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Thank you! ^^

you the goat forreal forreal

Welcome to FIMfiction

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