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We all have our own personal rituals. Cadance does too; however, hers is a ritual she prays that no one will find out about.

Content Warnings: Some light horror elements, and a little bit of classism.

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:facehoof: Take your damn fav.

Third time's the charm, I suppose. ;)

I'd say I'm glad you liked it, but I have a feeling "liked" doesn't begin to describe it. XD

I love it. Just so insane 😵‍💫.

I don't spend a lot of time on short random fics like this (most of my time has been going into Cauldron Valley plus a few longer term projects I'll be posting in the coming days), but it is a nice break to write about silly things like this. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes these silly sorts of stories. ^u^


I'll have you know that rice is PRIZED by kings and emperors!

Why, the finest sake can only be made with rice polished to 60% of its original weight! JUNMAI GINJO!!!

For this SCANDALOUS libel against the imperial majesty of rice, I SHALL NUKE THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!! :fluttershbad:


It's not the fact that it's rice, my friend.
It's that it's plain, white rice.

(Though I understand completely; I love rice.)

Sometimes you just want something plain. Lately, I've been indulging in soft tortilla shells.

See, this guy gets it! Sometimes you want something unchallenging.

somehow I expected her to be doing cannibalism lol. But no, it's not plain white rice if you add butter and salt

You had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

At least where I'm from, a little bit of salted butter is traditional in white rice preparation (keeps the rice from sticking to itself).

If Cadence thinks that eating plain rice is a horrible secret, then the story begs a spiritual sequel where she discovers instant ramen noodles.

11701077 Alondro takes a ball of plain white rice, puts it in his mouth and chews menacingly, while staring at Cadance... :pinkiecrazy:

This... Isn't a bad idea. I have some projects I need to bang out before I do something silly, but... Keep your eyes peeled in the coming week(s).

Those last two lines got a genuine laugh out of me, so I guess you win.

I consider this a more "socially acceptable" version of "Princess Luna Eats a 10-Gallon Bucket of Mayonnaise", which had a similar last-line punchline.

I'm glad I got you, though! ^^

I'm imagining a deadpan stare combined with a scowl whenever you close your mouth, and gnashing of teeth for chewing. I don't think I've described it well, but I vaguely remember watching something where someone did exactly this. I just wish I could remember where it was from. I seem to recall a piece of meat being snapped up, and maybe chopsticks. Though at the same time it could have been a fork which is no help because how else would a piece of meat be eaten?

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